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35. She was institutionalized because doctors cut out part of her brain
Sun Jan 28, 2024, 02:03 PM
Jan 2024

Because the doctors consensus at the time said that lobotomies were a legitimate treatment, and if Joe and his wife Rose wanted to help their daughter they should let doctors chop up her brain. If CPS existed at the time they would have probably threatened to take away their daughter if this accepted treatment wasn't performed. She could kill herself, the social workers counseled.

Unfortunately the quack treatment didn't work out too well, she couldn't speak or walk properly after her frontal lobes were separated from the rest of her brain, so she had to be put in an institution because she couldn't take care of herself.

It is hard to get onto the ballot without being the nominee of a party who has qualified in the past LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #1
Trump VP? He's probably assessing the fastest way to ascend to the presidency, knowing Trump won't last four years. TheBlackAdder Jan 2024 #31
What a slap in the face to his father and uncle. Lunabell Jan 2024 #2
His grandfather was no slouch bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #3
Also quite simply a gangster. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #11
What would you say about Ted's 1980 primary challenge to President Carter? SouthBayDem Jan 2024 #24
Apples and oranges. Lunabell Jan 2024 #41
He would've been a walking opposition research dossier in the '80 general SouthBayDem Jan 2024 #45
So, you know Ted Kennedy's mind. Lunabell Jan 2024 #47
Rose his fathers sister homegirl Jan 2024 #28
She was institutionalized because doctors cut out part of her brain Mosby Jan 2024 #35
Caroline Kennedy Schollsberg doesn't like him either. ificandream Jan 2024 #4
I saw the pics long after the fact, but her and John Jr. DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #15
My dad's cousin was her tutor in the WH. DFW Jan 2024 #19
LOL, I had to reread BlueMTexpat Jan 2024 #21
I never met JFK DFW Jan 2024 #22
I lived in Massachusetts and had a chance to see JFK in a parade when he was Senator. ificandream Jan 2024 #27
I saw JFK speak at the opening of Dulles Airport in Reston, VA in 1963 DFW Jan 2024 #29
My college roommate was in Caroline's nursery school class at the WH. And Caroline was at her Raftergirl Jan 2024 #30
Who knows? My dad's cousin might have interacted with your roommate as well! DFW Jan 2024 #32
It's quite likely, actually. IIRC, there were only about 5-6 kids in the nursery school and Caroline was still in Raftergirl Jan 2024 #37
I met Rocky" a few times, too DFW Jan 2024 #46
My Dad met then-Governor Rockefeller, too. Rhiannon12866 Jan 2024 #48
I went to the baths once about 30 years ago. Raftergirl Jan 2024 #49
Caroline still number one on my list of people I would like to meet. twodogsbarking Jan 2024 #23
The Libertarian Party has a long and storied history BumRushDaShow Jan 2024 #5
Gotta love how heckles65 Jan 2024 #6
Why would someone posing as an ENVIRONMENTALIST ever run as a Libertarian? pnwmom Jan 2024 #7
It would probably be better for us if he did, DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #14
No, it wouldn't, and here is the reason why. pnwmom Jan 2024 #17
Delusional and self-important, like Ralph Nader. keithbvadu2 Jan 2024 #8
Go for it! People think he's a Democrat LeftInTX Jan 2024 #9
Democrats won't vote for a Libertarian. I see some in Freeper land suggesting that Kennedy Demsrule86 Jan 2024 #12
That's why he should do it! Kennedy has got 15% in the last poll. Trump has 45% LeftInTX Jan 2024 #13
He's just as likely to take votes from some misinformed Democrats pnwmom Jan 2024 #18
I think he would likely take votes from the Republican side. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #34
All those Republicans who loved Ted and John Kennedy or care about the environment? pnwmom Jan 2024 #36
Yes. But were those nutty progressives going to vote Biden? Did they vote for him in 2020? LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #38
The only thing RFK, Jr should be looking at Randomthought Jan 2024 #10
I think it's greed. Someone is paying him. mucifer Jan 2024 #26
He's looking for highest bidder -- byronius Jan 2024 #16
Money looking for relevance DFW Jan 2024 #20
a 'roid-rager is a perfect choice to lead the Party of No Regulation Bucky Jan 2024 #25
Have to wonder who he has as friends. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #33
He has 8 kids - including Cheryl's daughter womanofthehills Jan 2024 #43
The Librarian Party. I don't think they would want him an anti-vaxxer on their ticket. madinmaryland Jan 2024 #39
A lot of them are anti-vax and anti-mask Jose Garcia Jan 2024 #42
Oh sorry. I thought this was about librarians. I need to wear my glasses more often. madinmaryland Jan 2024 #44
how fun for him prodigitalson Jan 2024 #40
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