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44. Law apparently required him to produce an heir for brother
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 03:43 PM
Feb 23

I vaguely remember that this was in part to the need to retain the dowery, but I could be wrong. A long time since I went down this rabbit hole.

If we don't stop these morons it's going to be like Prohibition 2 around here bucolic_frolic Feb 23 #1
He needs to be removed from the bench. madaboutharry Feb 23 #2
Yes. "should be rooted" is not the same as "is rooted". He ruled as if former was the latter. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 23 #5
Should be. maxsolomon Feb 23 #25
"Alabama justice Tom Parker--- Photo.......... People like him have no business being justices on any court." riversedge Feb 23 #3
Which shows he knows nothing of the Bible, which comes from the Hebrew Bible, that ancianita Feb 23 #4
Molly was 27 years old at birth, having been conceived (made human)... sanatanadharma Feb 23 #7
I wonder... jmowreader Feb 23 #6
Can Parker be voted out? PuraVidaDreamin Feb 23 #8
that shit is really popular in Alabama prodigitalson Feb 23 #13
The dissenting opinion limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #16
Every justice on the AL SC is a Republican. maxsolomon Feb 23 #26
Work on the sabbath? Death. sakabatou Feb 23 #9
Unwilling to impregnate your brother's widow? Death. unc70 Feb 23 #31
Was that story about the guy who pulled out or...? sakabatou Feb 23 #33
Yes. He spilled his seed upon the ground unc70 Feb 23 #36
And God killed him. sakabatou Feb 23 #38
Law apparently required him to produce an heir for brother unc70 Feb 23 #44
So gods created government but not medical advancement Farmer-Rick Feb 23 #10
Further news out of Alabama after the embryos are now considered to be human beings.... RicROC Feb 23 #11
he literally cited Genesis in his legal opinion? prodigitalson Feb 23 #12
The 1st Amendment according to the founders Johnny2X2X Feb 23 #14
I haven't always honored my father and my mother. Aristus Feb 23 #15
When that judge disrobes completely he'll be less of a hypocrite dickthegrouch Feb 23 #17
If God is the ruler why would he need others to rule for him? LiberalFighter Feb 23 #18
His opinion encourages violence. LiberalFighter Feb 23 #19
The U.S. is a Secular Country tonekat Feb 23 #20
"apparently one can't delete these." BumRushDaShow Feb 23 #24
The U.S. is a Secular Country, period. tonekat Feb 23 #21
Sue him liberalgunwilltravel Feb 23 #22
Sue him for what? Where? maxsolomon Feb 23 #29
Christian Taliban Novara Feb 23 #23
The judge sounds like a candidate for the happy hotel. Even the slightest knowledge of the Vinca Feb 23 #27
So adulterers should be stoned to death? thucythucy Feb 23 #28
Then I guess get the red out Feb 23 #30
He doesn't read it very well, then Jilly_in_VA Feb 23 #32
"Seven Mountain Mandate," which calls on Christians to impose fundamentalist values on all aspects of American life LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #34
Holy Moses Dear_Prudence Feb 23 #35
As a Christian, he's a disgrace hamsterjill Feb 23 #37
Welcome to Sharia Law 2.0 Blue Idaho Feb 23 #39
Which Bible? There are quite a few. keithbvadu2 Feb 23 #40
The Mormon Bible! BumRushDaShow Feb 23 #41
They even have a book beyond the Bible. keithbvadu2 Feb 23 #42
"They even have a book beyond the Bible." BumRushDaShow Feb 23 #43
Alabamians are like Floridians, with fewer teeth. Chainfire Feb 23 #45
Fuck you. SamKnause Feb 23 #46
I must have missed the part in the Bible about frozen embryos and IVF. What book is that in? appleannie1 Feb 23 #47
If you have frozen embryos and they are children, you should be able to claim them on your income tax returns. appleannie1 Feb 23 #48
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