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12. Well, with them taking TFG's appeal on immunity, we all pretty much KNOW what this will be.
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 06:34 PM
Mar 3

Kinda like DUH! Why would they decide to remove him from the ballots, when one corner of their mouth they say we,ll decide immunity in APRIL?? They WILL alow his name on the ballots. No doubt in my mind.

So the SC can get off its ass when it HELPS Trump. 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 3 #1
They've had that case way longer than the immunity jimfields33 Mar 3 #6
And the Colorado Supreme Court stayed their ruling onenote Mar 3 #8
No shit. 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 3 #10
Sophistry is the last resort of judicial scoundrels. barbaraann Mar 3 #2
They don't dawdle when it helps Donald, do they? CousinIT Mar 3 #3
So the extreme court wants to declare a 160 year old Constitutional amendment null and void. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 3 #4
That's what the founders would have wanted, you see Orrex Mar 3 #24
Oh, Oh, I know... mysteryowl Mar 3 #5
Supreme Court to release decisions on Monday, with Trump Colorado ruling a strong possibility LetMyPeopleVote Mar 3 #7
I think it can be good news. EndlessWire Mar 3 #9
just a question please bdamomma Mar 4 #38
That is correct Zeitghost Mar 4 #43
It's *really* unusual for the Court to give such little notice--or to not take the bench LetMyPeopleVote Mar 3 #11
Well, with them taking TFG's appeal on immunity, we all pretty much KNOW what this will be. bluestarone Mar 3 #12
What if they scheduled immunity johnnyfins Mar 4 #28
WIN/WIN Scenario SomewhereInTheMiddle Mar 4 #34
Never mind ... SomewhereInTheMiddle Mar 4 #37
Gee, I wonder how the Scummy Six will rule? wolfie001 Mar 3 #13
It won't be just the six, trust me Polybius Mar 3 #23
I would love to see protests at the supreme court that Thomas is not recusing himself from these cases. Novara Mar 3 #14
You got that right!! bluestarone Mar 3 #15
Well said. c-rational Mar 3 #18
I am so pissed off bdamomma Mar 4 #39
Democracy can withstand a lot of things but Blue Idaho Mar 3 #16
They are going to vote in his favor kimbutgar Mar 3 #17
I don't care what the Subversive Corrupt Court of the U.S. decides. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 3 #19
We need 6 more liberal justices. Bluethroughu Mar 3 #22
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Mar 3 #20
Every layman has read it, and what it clearly states and Bluethroughu Mar 3 #21
If they find some reason why Colorado can't keep him off the primary ballot... William Seger Mar 3 #25
Surprise us. Rule that 14th Amendment is moot because trump is unfit for office and Silent Type Mar 3 #26
3 options AncientOfDays Mar 4 #27
Gee...what do we think will happen? Nothing. I'm sure the rw bastards were paid off long ago for this. C Moon Mar 4 #29
The day before Super Tuesday, of course. Kablooie Mar 4 #30
Except that Biden is Current POTUS & can throw the Con's ass in jail onetexan Mar 4 #31
Highly doubt he would throw Biden in jail. The Grand Illuminist Mar 4 #32
The only consolation here is that Trump is probably the most beatable Republican candidate Bucky Mar 4 #33
We will beat bdamomma Mar 4 #40
As if we didn't already know what these hypocrites'decision will be. n/t msfiddlestix Mar 4 #35
SCOTUS is corrupt if they don't rule Trump ineligible. Kid Berwyn Mar 4 #36
It has with no surprise. republianmushroom Mar 4 #41
So, if the US Supreme Court (a joke in my mind) declares the Colorado tRUMP can't run void, then when does the SWBTATTReg Mar 4 #42
After a federal conviction of insurrection Zeitghost Mar 4 #44
According to the verbiage, no conviction is required. And I also am wondering about a morals clause, don't SWBTATTReg Mar 4 #45
Meeting a congressionally established determination is required Zeitghost Mar 4 #46
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