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Wow DENVERPOPS May 22 #1
It's not government doing it. So, not sure if it's a first amendment thing XorXor May 23 #9
How so? Ontheboundry May 23 #12
Could be..........NC DENVERPOPS May 23 #13
Because this is a "private" school Zilli May 23 #16
That's correct Ontheboundry May 23 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author emulatorloo May 23 #29
Don't know about that. If they otherwise completed requirements, deserve a degree. Silent Type May 22 #2
Harvard Corporation, sharing Elon Musk's interpretation of freedom of speech. Bad look, but not surprising. Comfortably_Numb May 22 #3
Maybe the board members need a course on the Bill.of Rights. sinkingfeeling May 22 #4
"at this time" Prairie Gates May 22 #5
Scholastic Merit is meaningless here Zilli May 23 #17
I'm Not Saying I Agree... GB_RN May 22 #6
So far, yours is the only post in this thread with facts. yardwork May 23 #21
They happened not to be facts about this case, but whatever Prairie Gates May 23 #25
Probably to make their donors happy. This looks fishy tornado34jh May 23 #7
Actions have consequences. This much they should learn question everything May 23 #8
Yes, especially that small despots will generally bend a knee before the golden calf. Magoo48 May 23 #15
What were the "actions"? All the article says is being "pro-Palestine". muriel_volestrangler May 23 #20
Good! I'm glad to know that they're standing firm on this. If consequences are threatened * Oopsie Daisy May 23 #10
Welcome to reality kids! Actions have consequences. oldsoftie May 23 #11
- hundreds walking out during graduation in solidarity womanofthehills May 24 #32
"Solidarity will bring down Zionism".Sure, kids. I'm sure their parents are so proud. oldsoftie May 24 #33
The overwhelming number of students who protested face no punishment. The ones affected by this action are the ones who 24601 May 23 #14
This Is Performative RobinA May 23 #18
It may be wrong and it may be performative, but diplomas aren't guaranteed. yardwork May 23 #22
They're going to get the diplomas anyway...they just have to wait until the "sanction period" ends Prairie Gates May 23 #24
Did you read that or just your opinion? If so, it's not that big a deal. walkingman May 23 #28
From the article itself Prairie Gates May 23 #30
Cool, thank you! walkingman May 24 #31
Oh, so its just a show with no consequences. I hope donors pull their millions oldsoftie May 24 #35
Most universits also have a Code of Conduct. I imagine Harvard is no different. oldsoftie May 24 #34
I doubt Harvard graduate and degree holder Ted Kaczynski would agree with this harun May 23 #23
The lesson today kids, is... Think. Again. May 23 #26
That is just wrong...by any measure. walkingman May 23 #27
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