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Yeah.................... Lovie777 Jun 21 #1
I love how he says this: MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #5
Ukraine punched me in the fist with its eye! Turbineguy Jun 21 #19
War? I thought it was a "special military operation" JoseBalow Jun 21 #50
Recently, Russia has abandoned the phrase "Special Military Operation" and have now referred MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #52
Well, that's some progress I suppose JoseBalow Jun 21 #53
Maybe he really doesn't want to screw around with the RoKs. He's spouting off for little Kim. marble falls Jun 21 #2
I remember meeting some of the RoK in Vietnam, they were fierce fighters whom the VC and NVA MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #6
My father-in-law is a Vietnam Veteran Marine........................ Lovie777 Jun 21 #9
Tell your FIL Welcome Home Brother and thank him for his service from one Marine to another Marine. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #45
We trained a lot of countries while I was in the Navy at 'A' schools and submarine school in Groton ... marble falls Jun 21 #11
There are a whole lot of people who had no idea the there were RoK, Aussie and New Zealand troops MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #13
There's a lot of it nobody wants to know, too. It wasn't all nightmare. Other countries sent their best, too. marble falls Jun 21 #14
I knew about the Aussie and NZ troops but didn't know abut RoK. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #27
Yeah, the RoK Marines scared the hell out of the VC, NVA because they didn't play MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #34
Geez Irish_Dem Jun 21 #42
Yes, same camo, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #44
I don't remember seeing them. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #46
Here is a great source on the participation of the RoK military's involvment in Vietnam. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #47
Thanks MCE, great article. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #48
At the out break of the Russian/Ukrainian war, I would say that they were not up to par with MarineCombatEngineer Jun 21 #49
I thought Ukraine had a WWII reputation as being badasses? Irish_Dem Jun 21 #54
Think Hapkido orangecrush Jun 21 #15
Agree!!! Grins Jun 21 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author ColinC Jun 21 #3
Make Dictators Bad Again Evolve Dammit Jun 21 #4
How dare South Korea do what I have North Korea doing for me. Ray Bruns Jun 21 #7
He's so 'tough' JustAnotherGen Jun 21 #8
"You are not the 'boss' of them Vlad." BComplex Jun 21 #33
How many times is putin going to make this hollow threat? ExciteBike66 Jun 21 #10
I have a hard time believing South Korea is in a position to arm Ukraine Raven123 Jun 21 #12
Well they could send stuff by ship to Europe then by truck to Ukraine..or by cargo plane EX500rider Jun 21 #40
Dear Vlad Botany Jun 21 #16
Go home Pooty Poot Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 21 #18
If Russia had any weapons left to share with the world CanonRay Jun 21 #20
"Putin ... is willing to arm Pyongyang if the US and its allies continue supplying Ukraine" Grins Jun 21 #21
Don't forget Saint Javelin Botany Jun 21 #31
I think Putin is threatening nukes? Irish_Dem Jun 21 #43
Now we understand the "alliance" move with Kim Jong-Un. louis-t Jun 21 #22
Putin is losing weapons and ammo faster than he can manufacture them KS Toronado Jun 21 #23
What's Putin going to do about it? Martin68 Jun 21 #24
Fuck you Putin! Initech Jun 21 #25
"Willing to arm Pyongyang" orange jar Jun 21 #26
ah, Russia is begging Kim for arms. Traurigkeit Jun 21 #36
Kim has arms but can't feed his people. Priorities Deuxcents Jun 21 #57
He seems to know a lot about big mistakes. C_U_L8R Jun 21 #28
So, it appears that blue-wave Jun 21 #29
Or what? quakerboy Jun 21 #30
Hey, Putin! How about a nice cup of STFU! -misanthroptimist Jun 21 #32
Oooooo South Korea is so scared. (sarcasm) Traurigkeit Jun 21 #35
Putin looks and sounds weak. He has to align with the little fat boy to boost his image. patphil Jun 21 #37
What are you gonna do Comrade Vlad? pwb Jun 21 #38
You're going to open another front with help from the little DPRK toad, Vlad? LudwigPastorius Jun 21 #39
Hey Vlad, Pillsbury's looking for a real life mascot ;) n/t Cheezoholic Jun 21 #41
I wonder what Putin will do with my house and money when he takes over. Eliot Rosewater Jun 21 #51
When is Putin gonna fall out a 13th story window? KPN Jun 21 #55
Hey Putin..............pound fucking sand............ turbinetree Jun 21 #56
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