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Typical Florida story. Everyone is bad and some poor consumers pay the price Bucky Jun 22 #1
It was at a dealer lot. SunSeeker Jun 23 #23
From what I understand, all you need to do is to spray water on them. erronis Jun 22 #2
You can get the rust lasered off, it's pretty cool to watch ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 22 #14
Wait... Tree-Hugger Jun 23 #27
fElon said: Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers... Caribbeans Jun 23 #33
Nope. Can't wash them in the sun, or in a car wash. sir pball Jun 23 #34
well, good. The Wandering Harper Jun 22 #3
The thing looks like somebody tried to salvage some bad duct work and stuck wheels on it. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 22 #4
Was it really vandalism? LiberalFighter Jun 22 #5
ha ha good question The Wandering Harper Jun 22 #7
A hurricane hit the markodochartaigh Jun 23 #28
While Musk is beyond improvement LiberalFighter Jun 23 #32
All the curb appeal of a sand-blasted Coke can . . . SarcasticSatyr Jun 22 #6
Spray paint was overkill Warpy Jun 22 #8
Hahahaha!!! Lunabell Jun 22 #9
They could have dipped their fingers in salt water solution and written messages or drawn dicks on them ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 22 #15
LOL Hassin Bin Sober Jun 22 #19
This is vile, and I hope the vandals are caught and punished DavidDvorkin Jun 22 #10
Um, yes. I pointed that out in my post. Lunabell Jun 22 #11
They are sexy af Polybius Jun 22 #17
I totally agree sellitman Jun 22 #18
It's at a dealer lot, so Musk is kinda the owner. SunSeeker Jun 23 #24
No, the dealer paid for and owns the trucks. DavidDvorkin Jun 23 #25
No, Tesla sells direct, the dealer does not buy the trucks. SunSeeker Jun 23 #26
it makes me sad..the cars arent to blame..its musk samnsara Jun 23 #31
I don't give a cyberfuck about a cybertruck Blue Owl Jun 22 #12
lol Lunabell Jun 22 #13
Disgusting Polybius Jun 22 #16
I think Musk is a menace, and the cybertruck is a fashion statement, but vandalism like this is always vile. Martin68 Jun 22 #20
I don't get the hate for the cybertruck. Aussie105 Jun 22 #21
Same, I think it's a beautiful truck Polybius Jun 23 #36
It sure is ornotna Jun 23 #37
I guess you're not a Nintendo 64 fan Polybius Jun 23 #38
Not right. JohnnyRingo Jun 22 #22
New lot so maybe no cameras? truthisfreedom Jun 23 #29
The truck is ugly and Musk is an ass. Woodwizard Jun 23 #30
I learned something new today forthemiddle Jun 23 #35
I've finally seen one "in the wild" Conjuay Jun 23 #39
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