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Jake Stern

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27. Ahhh yet another foreign deployment.
Wed Apr 23, 2014, 09:50 PM
Apr 2014

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Why not? It's not like we have shit to take care of here at home with the billions we'll drop to militarily demonstrate the size of our proverbial manhood to Putin.

Looks like we've painted ourselves into a corner again.

Yes it has moved closer to midnight newfie11 Apr 2014 #1
It is insane. 840high Apr 2014 #3
I agree there has been a total failure to prepare better non-military solutions to open aggression uhnope Apr 2014 #7
Are there any troops being sent other than US troops newfie11 Apr 2014 #12
Exactly. LiberalEsto Apr 2014 #24
Some think Putin thinks as they ... they don't get it, putin is IMO an ego maniac intent on RKP5637 Apr 2014 #54
So it's really happening. Bobbi5 Apr 2014 #2
Should Putin be given free reign to take over every country he thinks is Greater Russia? uhnope Apr 2014 #4
Is NATO sending troops from other countries or just the US? Nt newfie11 Apr 2014 #5
You ask a lot of questions. Why dont you tell us what you think? Should the lower class that rhett o rick Apr 2014 #9
Post removed Post removed Apr 2014 #13
Ukraine has a fascist dictatorship. Do you want the US to defend it? bob27 Apr 2014 #16
What else does Putin want us to think? uhnope Apr 2014 #17
My ignorance aside, WE CAN NOT AFFORD ANOTHER WAR. The drain on the wealth of the lower rhett o rick Apr 2014 #32
+1. nt newfie11 Apr 2014 #14
Is the new fascist Ukraine more gay-friendly than Russia? Bobbi5 Apr 2014 #11
I wouldn't call Ukraine fascist. That's Russian propaganda-speak. LiberalEsto Apr 2014 #15
Not fascist? bob27 Apr 2014 #18
And Putin isn't fascist? LiberalEsto Apr 2014 #20
No. :) bob27 Apr 2014 #21
Your train of logic just went off track. Just because Putin is fascist doesnt preclude rhett o rick Apr 2014 #34
Your comments make no sense. richard3 Apr 2014 #42
I'll try. In post #18 bob27 intimates that the Ukraine is a fascist state. rhett o rick Apr 2014 #43
Sorry, I don't get your point, either. athelbert Apr 2014 #48
To start with the last President was ousted by their Parliament William769 Apr 2014 #49
You got the facts completely wrong. athelbert Apr 2014 #51
You responded to the wrong post. nm rhett o rick Apr 2014 #55
Yep, the gays were the beginning, typical scenario in preparation for the next move. I said it RKP5637 Apr 2014 #56
There could be a ground war in Europe between Russia and the US richard3 Apr 2014 #8
Do you seriously believe the USA would nuke Europe to make Russia go away? uppityperson Apr 2014 #19
There would be a strong motive to use nukes. bob27 Apr 2014 #22
No, not at all. And the Nuclear Club doesn't go for that, either. freshwest Apr 2014 #33
Any country that thinks it is losing a war will be tempted to use nukes. richard3 Apr 2014 #41
History refutes that. Last nuke dropped on Japan. Lots of wars lost since then. No nuking. n/t freshwest Apr 2014 #45
No it doesn't. richard3 Apr 2014 #50
The US did not win in Vietnam -- nor did we use a nuclear weapon karynnj Apr 2014 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author freshwest Apr 2014 #53
USA did not win in Viet Nam yet did not nuke them uppityperson Apr 2014 #60
Ummmm Ok AnalystInParadise Apr 2014 #57
Maybe among some younger Republicans CatholicEdHead Apr 2014 #46
Why on earth AnalystInParadise Apr 2014 #58
You're wasting your good mind on this one. nt Democracyinkind Apr 2014 #59
This is a real world Risk setup CatholicEdHead Apr 2014 #47
Why is anybody shocked or surprised NATO holds NATO exercises in NATO countries? EX500rider Apr 2014 #6
+1 nt LiberalEsto Apr 2014 #23
This isn't "NATO" and they are not NATO exercises. bob27 Apr 2014 #25
+1 newfie11 Apr 2014 #26
US and Poland ARE both in NATO so par for the course to have some military exercises EX500rider Apr 2014 #36
No. This is not "par for the course" Bobbi5 Apr 2014 #38
LOL and 600 Airborne Infantry AnalystInParadise Apr 2014 #39
.. Strelnikov_ Apr 2014 #10
That movie gave me nightmares maryellen99 Apr 2014 #29
Thats a good one, haven't seen it for years Strelnikov_ Apr 2014 #31
I agree nt maryellen99 Apr 2014 #35
Ahhh yet another foreign deployment. Jake Stern Apr 2014 #27
Gotta send some legions to Dacia. bob27 Apr 2014 #28
I'm too old for this shit. rug Apr 2014 #30
Ike said it long ago: elias49 Apr 2014 #37
We have always been at war in Urasia. Supersedeas Apr 2014 #40
Yes BelgianMadCow Apr 2014 #61
Someone needs to sit both Obama and Putin down and make them watch "Threads" maryellen99 Apr 2014 #44
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