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40. Could this apply to other things that require ID
Tue Apr 29, 2014, 09:20 PM
Apr 2014

Like boarding an airliner, buying alcohol, getting a fishing license, etc?

If if disproportionally affects the poor and minorities in voting doesn't it affect them in many other areas as well?

Excellent news, with national implications. The RW is gonna fight hard this time around. NYC_SKP Apr 2014 #1
NICE! calimary Apr 2014 #2
Great. One step ahead. jwirr Apr 2014 #3
Finally!!! We've waited so long for a ruling on this!! hue Apr 2014 #4
Wisconsin Robbins Apr 2014 #5
BOOM! benld74 Apr 2014 #6
Judge Lynn Adelman Plucketeer Apr 2014 #7
Today is turning out to be a pretty damn good news day. K&R Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #8
Especially great news! Right on U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman! nt chknltl Apr 2014 #9
Really important. Hopefully sets a precedent. /nt Ash_F Apr 2014 #10
The Texas voter id law is very similar to the Wisconsin voter id law Gothmog Apr 2014 #14
Thank you, Lynn Adelman. =) AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #11
This is great news Gothmog Apr 2014 #12
Here is a link to the actual opinion Gothmog Apr 2014 #13
Excellent. postulater Apr 2014 #15
Hooray! We need some good news in WI! Lifelong Protester Apr 2014 #16
Outstanding! H2O Man Apr 2014 #17
The real voter fraud mwyn8 Apr 2014 #18
Election fraud (like you describe) is a serious problem. riqster Apr 2014 #27
hence Election Fraud PatrynXX Apr 2014 #42
Here is a good explanation of this opinion from Professor Hasen Gothmog Apr 2014 #19
Thanks again Gothmog! I am anxious to see what happens here in Texas as well. Dustlawyer Apr 2014 #28
Your ex-wife should be able to correct this with voter registrar Gothmog Apr 2014 #30
She got it corrected already, it's just the fact that they had it correct, then changed it back Dustlawyer Apr 2014 #37
the registration cards we recieved in 2012 are almost all worn off. PatrynXX Apr 2014 #43
I'm confused... HuskyOffset Apr 2014 #47
Prof Hasen has updated article Gothmog Apr 2014 #51
Thank you! HuskyOffset May 2014 #53
Key Finding: Virtually No Evidence of Past Voter Fraud Stallion Apr 2014 #20
Excellent. 3catwoman3 Apr 2014 #21
The legislatures make 'em, the Courts break 'em. malthaussen Apr 2014 #22
Suck it Focker Blue Owl Apr 2014 #23
Wonderful! K&R myrna minx Apr 2014 #24
take that walker unionthug777 Apr 2014 #25
Unexpected! Thank you, so much. We all needed that. n/t Judi Lynn Apr 2014 #26
bada bing bada boom SummerSnow Apr 2014 #29
Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scuba Apr 2014 #31
YES! Cha Apr 2014 #32
As predicted the WI AG has announced his appeal... hue Apr 2014 #33
Excellent news! eom sheshe2 Apr 2014 #34
Huzzah! BumRushDaShow Apr 2014 #35
My dad greeted me with this news Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2014 #36
We are doing the happy dance! AllyCat Apr 2014 #38
Proud of My Home State! RedRoses323 Apr 2014 #39
Could this apply to other things that require ID madville Apr 2014 #40
Americans have a constitutional right to vote. They don't have a constitutional right to fly fishing Princess Turandot Apr 2014 #45
The right to buy a firearm is constitutionally protected madville Apr 2014 #50
What specifically would lead this to apply to other things? LanternWaste May 2014 #54
If they don't have a state issued ID to vote madville May 2014 #55
There's quite a leap between air travel and participating in democracy RandySF Sep 2018 #56
k&r n/t RainDog Apr 2014 #41
Sad that I am conditioned to be surprised by such common sense these days, with Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 2014 #44
Good sakabatou Apr 2014 #46
How come the new laws get struck down madville Apr 2014 #49
Adelman was nominated by Gov Tommy Thompson Jimbo S Apr 2014 #52
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