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33. I think both sides are bluffing, though Putin is better placed to be doing that.
Sat May 3, 2014, 11:03 AM
May 2014

I'm still not inclined to think I know what Putin thinks. But I do think a lot of this is theatrical in nature, on both sides, and the danger is that it gets out of control, and I'd say we are just about there.

Since most of them are actually Russian, they should try ordering them back to their base. 7962 May 2014 #1
To quote Dick Cheney: DetlefK May 2014 #2
Well said. NT Adrahil May 2014 #5
Yep, he's thinking like the past all right. But until someone stops him, it doesnt matter 7962 May 2014 #52
The problem is the hot air in Putin's head davidpdx May 2014 #55
"Shooting back "Never said that." at a journalist isn't going to save you." awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #57
More word salad from the Russians blackspade May 2014 #3
Finally, Turbineguy May 2014 #4
Kremlin says it is weighing response to ‘thousands’ of pleas for help from Ukraine muriel_volestrangler May 2014 #6
There were elections scheduled for 5/11. Igel May 2014 #37
One thing I would agree with Russia about is that elections in the next month can't mean anything muriel_volestrangler May 2014 #40
Russia should tell them "You're Ukrainian, and we're not going to annex you, so TwilightGardener May 2014 #7
No, that won't work anymore. Never was going to work, or it actually was ballyhoo May 2014 #13
Wow. OilemFirchen May 2014 #19
Not near as impressive as ballyhoo May 2014 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author Adrahil May 2014 #54
I agree, Peskov himself couldn't do as well at pro-Russian propaganda. stevenleser May 2014 #60
Dozens killed in Ukraine street battles and building fire bemildred May 2014 #8
NATO could sulphurdunn May 2014 #9
No, that's exactly what would bring on the ballyhoo May 2014 #10
Russia is one of the largest sulphurdunn May 2014 #42
Yes, but it appears hedging is within our DNA. No ballyhoo May 2014 #46
Unless you go all in. sulphurdunn May 2014 #49
Unfortunately, the egg has been scrambled. laurent May 2014 #11
I am beginning to ballyhoo May 2014 #14
Well, that's the interesting question: to what extent has the unrest in E. Ukraine been spontaneous? bemildred May 2014 #12
Agree 100 per cent. You're the third person ballyhoo May 2014 #15
My current guesses: bemildred May 2014 #20
Those are my conclusions also. I just wonder if this ballyhoo May 2014 #24
I don't think it's scripted. bemildred May 2014 #30
Not So Sure About The Second, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #26
I think both sides are bluffing, though Putin is better placed to be doing that. bemildred May 2014 #33
Crossing the Border, Sir, Remains a Bigger Thing Than Deploying Troops Within One's Country The Magistrate May 2014 #58
Well, if you remember, Sir, that's what I said should happen after the Geneva agreement. bemildred May 2014 #59
What regulars? King_Rat May 2014 #43
Whoa! Great post. You get it. ballyhoo May 2014 #50
What nonsense. You also insult the 8.7 million Red Army dead and their families. stevenleser May 2014 #61
Not my intention. King_Rat May 2014 #70
"will run away just as their Nazi ally forebearers did when they encountered the Red Army." EX500rider May 2014 #62
Even Stalin's post war propaganda of the time didn't describe things that way stevenleser May 2014 #63
Even If He Thinks He Is Referencing Bandera's People, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #65
Bandit level resistance... King_Rat May 2014 #72
You Do Not Even Rise To 'History Channel' Level, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #73
That's not what I said. King_Rat May 2014 #74
Actually, Sir, It Is A More Than Fair Summary Of What You Said The Magistrate May 2014 #75
You are grossly mistaken. King_Rat May 2014 #77
Everyone Knows Assistance Was Given, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #79
Keeping Bandera and other fascists leadership out of Soviet hands was not essential? King_Rat May 2014 #80
Not Really, Sir: Is The Figurehead The Ship? The Magistrate May 2014 #81
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #82
Nice To See You Googling Away, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #83
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #84
I Can Always Provide Links, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #86
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #87
No, Sir, You Are Not A Graduate Student The Magistrate May 2014 #88
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #89
Thank You For The Laugh, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #91
By 44-45 there was a lot of running away... King_Rat May 2014 #71
About As Spontaneous As Any Reality TV Production, Sir The Magistrate May 2014 #16
If people claim Maidan was a Western-orchestrated coup NuclearDem May 2014 #17
Issues in the east dipsydoodle May 2014 #22
So are the people who think Maidan was a wholly internal affair. SolutionisSolidarity May 2014 #41
Did any of the responders to the OP actually read it, in the context of Ukrainian mobs burning Fred Sanders May 2014 #18
You selectively edit out inconvenient facts. Tommy_Carcetti May 2014 #28
Thereby justifying killing and burning them.....got it. Fred Sanders May 2014 #29
No but Duckhunter935 May 2014 #35
Did you read my post? I didn't justify anything. Tommy_Carcetti May 2014 #53
There is plenty of proof to show that both sides were violent and both sides lost people davidpdx May 2014 #56
I think the conversation went down something like this: Tommy_Carcetti May 2014 #21
I think that also. ballyhoo May 2014 #25
Very telling statement: OilemFirchen May 2014 #27
I don't think they were surprised ballyhoo May 2014 #31
The West? OilemFirchen May 2014 #32
After the buring tires in Kiev. Or are you one that ballyhoo May 2014 #34
those special Duckhunter935 May 2014 #36
The Euromaidan? OilemFirchen May 2014 #38
Your first answer disagrees so much ballyhoo May 2014 #39
It's pretty sad how blinded even so called liberals are by state propaganda. SolutionisSolidarity May 2014 #44
Putin did what he had to do ballyhoo May 2014 #45
"Putin did what he had to do after the assault by the West" EX500rider May 2014 #64
Indeed, Sir; It Is Like Reading Old Issues Of 'Workers' Advocate'.... The Magistrate May 2014 #66
I thought it was funny. I think it's funny how all these folks showed up or reappeared at DU okaawhatever May 2014 #76
This is why deep and wide (cultural) Revolution Ghost Dog May 2014 #47
+1000000000 PoliticalPothead May 2014 #48
Nope. Advising and encouraging is not equivalent to armed invasion & annexation stevenleser May 2014 #67
Ukraine's government isn't fighting back, it is mob justice. joshcryer May 2014 #69
"Russia admits it's powerless in its own region" truthisfreedom May 2014 #51
Right, and after invading and annexing 3-5 territories in the last 15 years, if you believe that stevenleser May 2014 #68
Russia powerless, defenseless... truthisfreedom May 2014 #78
And yet in the state your imagination describes.. RedFury May 2014 #85
So you admit that Russia is behind the insurgency movement? nt EmilyAnne May 2014 #90
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