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35. Another reason to grow your own if you have a small plot of land....
Sat Nov 8, 2014, 11:52 AM
Nov 2014

I started years ago to avoid the insecticide heavily used by the vegetable growers, and now even more reason to keep my garden active. Let the Repukes be be the subject of experiments!

Yup. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #1
+1. GMOs can be both good and bad, and need to be heavily regulated. chrisa Nov 2014 #4
The same can be said for all seed development technologies. HuckleB Nov 2014 #7
this is too much- Tumbulu Nov 2014 #20
There is a system of regulation. Pretending otherwise is just too much, indeed. HuckleB Nov 2014 #36
No there is not, and your misrepresentations just illustrate Tumbulu Nov 2014 #45
Prove your assertions. HuckleB Nov 2014 #51
Claiming it's healthier is anti-science woo-woo. bananas Nov 2014 #22
It's funny to see you calling out such matters. HuckleB Nov 2014 #60
"The new potato also resists bruising" - FrankenPotatoes with unproven health claims. bananas Nov 2014 #25
We have tomatoes you can put on your window upaloopa Nov 2014 #55
A healthier potato? Lenomsky Nov 2014 #33
That would not be good for a diabetic at all yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #56
Why do you say that? HuckleB Nov 2014 #5
Because it's not a use that has, as it's goal, Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #43
OK. So, are you saying most GMOs are different? HuckleB Nov 2014 #61
'Most'? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #63
So you would rather farmers use older, more toxic herbicides? HuckleB Nov 2014 #66
More on this issue.. HuckleB Nov 2014 #80
don't trust it. They keep making claims that end up not being true. Sundome Nov 2014 #24
Speaking of advertising as news bucolic_frolic Nov 2014 #32
The anti-GMO movement does make baseless claims on a daily basis. HuckleB Nov 2014 #62
Modified potato last seen destroying Boise. christx30 Nov 2014 #2
Somewhere there are tears in the eyes AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #3
Cool. drm604 Nov 2014 #6
+1 Yes, it does! HuckleB Nov 2014 #8
I recall reading somewhere that someone is trying to engineer a tomato drm604 Nov 2014 #9
Indeed. Still, yeah, there is nothing like picking a tomato and chomping on it. HuckleB Nov 2014 #11
Looks delicious! Kablooie Nov 2014 #10
That's fucking great! Scootaloo Nov 2014 #14
Simplot, you're living in your own Private Idaho, not underground like a wild potato. kwassa Nov 2014 #12
Yeah, but can Dan Quayle spell it? n/t RufusTFirefly Nov 2014 #13
Is the rest of the potato identical? bucolic_frolic Nov 2014 #15
*yawn* AtheistCrusader Nov 2014 #16
Scientists and the GOP are in cahoots? Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2014 #17
Yes, at least! Tumbulu Nov 2014 #21
Interesting fact about these GMO potatoes: Orrex Nov 2014 #18
Bwhahaha! babylonsister Nov 2014 #76
+1,000,000 ... 000 HuckleB Nov 2014 #78
I won't be buying any potatoes. Good for the roody Nov 2014 #19
I'm much more amenable to this than herbicide resistance (nt) Recursion Nov 2014 #23
Do you have any idea how much herbicides are used on organic produce? HuckleB Nov 2014 #54
"Organic" in general? No, I have no idea Recursion Nov 2014 #58
Do you live on the farm? HuckleB Nov 2014 #67
Where are the thc / cbd potatoes? NBachers Nov 2014 #26
I suspect the resistence to bruising was the primary aim Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #27
You say potato; I say topato... damyank913 Nov 2014 #28
In the past, food tasted like survival. True Blue Door Nov 2014 #39
I was referring to eating processed and genetically engineered food... damyank913 Nov 2014 #47
All things change. All things. That is the salvation of life. True Blue Door Nov 2014 #48
Yes. And Soylent Green is made from people. damyank913 Nov 2014 #49
I for one welcome our New God Old Nick Nov 2014 #29
The potato is designed to reduce a harmful ingredient in French fries. candelista Nov 2014 #30
"...a major supplier of frozen French fries to McDonald’s." KansDem Nov 2014 #31
The Myth of the Non-Decomposing McDonald’s Hamburger HuckleB Nov 2014 #37
I selected the video to make a point about the french fries... KansDem Nov 2014 #46
So reading about why is too much? HuckleB Nov 2014 #50
What's NOT in them is the real answer jmowreader Nov 2014 #57
They won't be supplying any of these to Mickey D's KamaAina Nov 2014 #71
I thought they were already GMO'd CountAllVotes Nov 2014 #34
Depends where the potatoes are from happyslug Nov 2014 #42
Another reason to grow your own if you have a small plot of land.... dmosh42 Nov 2014 #35
Trust science. Don't trust the people who profit from its specific applications. True Blue Door Nov 2014 #38
And don't trust "organic" companies pushing baseless fear about GMOs. HuckleB Nov 2014 #53
There are a large number of heirloom potatos and a very rich gene pool. hunter Nov 2014 #40
thank you niyad Nov 2014 #41
+1 BuddhaGirl Nov 2014 #44
So why aren't farmers jumping at those seeds? HuckleB Nov 2014 #52
Worship of the almight dollar. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #64
So, you think farmers should not make a living. HuckleB Nov 2014 #65
That's a very bizarre interpretation of what I wrote. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #68
Ah, so you have no response. HuckleB Nov 2014 #69
No response to what? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #70
Ah, you think I'm dumber than I look. HuckleB Nov 2014 #73
No, I just don't know what you're talking about. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #74
I'd like to trust you, but I can't. HuckleB Nov 2014 #75
Actually I didn't respond because the data in the link you provided doesn't support your claims. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #77
LOL! Prove it. HuckleB Nov 2014 #79
DUer magical thyme grows several of them. :-) KamaAina Nov 2014 #72
Image of the Genetically Modified Potato Yavin4 Nov 2014 #59
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