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captain queeg

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8. I'd asked them about something to relax
Sat Jun 24, 2023, 01:46 PM
Jun 2023

They said I had to get it from the Dr who ordered the MRI and he’s in a different city. I decided I’d just go ahead and if it was too painful I’d just stop them but this time wasn’t too bad. That was thurs and I got a call from my Dr’s office on Friday they wanted me to come in next week to see my doc. That has me a little concerned, I figured it would be a month or more before I got an appt. Makes me think they saw something bad.

I got a new mailbox. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Jun 2023 #1
Good,we need one too, but ours is attached to the neighbor's mailbox which we would have to replace. debm55 Jun 2023 #3
❤️ littlemissmartypants Jun 2023 #41
Vacation Tree-Hugger Jun 2023 #2
That sounds very relaxing. I hope it was for you, debm55 Jun 2023 #5
Had an MRI on my back captain queeg Jun 2023 #4
They can be a pain. I had were they came me a pill to relax me. I never had one on my back. captain, debm55 Jun 2023 #6
I'd asked them about something to relax captain queeg Jun 2023 #8
I will wrap you in my heart, and offer you good news. debm55 Jun 2023 #16
I finally got to schedule my hysterectomy 🙂 Luciferous Jun 2023 #7
Sending good vibes your way Luciferous. debm55 Jun 2023 #10
Thanks Deb Luciferous Jun 2023 #31
Good vibes from me too! 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2023 #11
Thanks! I've had issues for so long that it's Luciferous Jun 2023 #32
Good for you! leftieNanner Jun 2023 #18
I've been spending lots of time on there Luciferous Jun 2023 #30
I got the results of my colonoscopy biopsy and it wasn't even a polyp, just raised skin that 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2023 #9
Great news 50 Shades. I need to get one as the last one showed polyps. Covid came and with my debm55 Jun 2023 #12
I'm SO sorry about your sister, debm55! I missed your post about that, but I just read it. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2023 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Jun 2023 #22
Again, I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine how painful that must be for you. I hope you 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2023 #26
Thank you 50 Shades. debm55 Jun 2023 #33
I got a long overdue haircut. dameatball Jun 2023 #13
Good for you! We thought our appointment was today, it's next Saturday. debm55 Jun 2023 #14
My husband's blood platelets were up to 57,000. PittBlue Jun 2023 #15
Wonderful! Simply wonderful! Keeping you both in my heart for continue good news. debm55 Jun 2023 #20
We paid off our credit card! leftieNanner Jun 2023 #19
Isn't that a great feeling!!!! I am so happy for both of you. debm55 Jun 2023 #21
My 18 year old cat, who has been lethargic and hardly eating, coughed up a huge hairball. Midnight Writer Jun 2023 #23
You might ask the vet or go to PetSmart for this situation. You rub on the nose and they lick it off debm55 Jun 2023 #24
my true love was able WhiteTara Jun 2023 #25
+100 applegrove Jun 2023 #27
It just happened. Laffy Kat Jun 2023 #28
My condolences for your loss, Laffy Kat. Niagara Jun 2023 #36
Thank you. She was 16 and my soulmate. Laffy Kat Jun 2023 #40
Oh Laffy Kat,I am so sorry for your soulbaby. May her memories fill your heart with love and joy. debm55 Jun 2023 #47
I know! It was such a nice gesture, I teared-up a bit. Laffy Kat Jun 2023 #59
So sorry on the loss of your beloved pet. Scottie Mom Jun 2023 #39
Thanks, Scottie Mom. Laffy Kat Jun 2023 #42
You are very welcome, Laffy Kat. Scottie Mom Jun 2023 #43
My 2 step-sons finally got an apartment and moved out. Lochloosa Jun 2023 #29
I wish you well with the extra room and freedom that gives you. debm55 Jun 2023 #48
... Lochloosa Jun 2023 #56
Started a new job that pays great. Sibelius Fan Jun 2023 #34
Wow, getting a new job with better pay does make a great week. Congradulations debm55 Jun 2023 #49
Let me see. Niagara Jun 2023 #35
You were so busy and lucky this week. debm55 Jun 2023 #50
My car was in the body shop Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #37
Yes, good for you!! Will insurance cover any of the work? debm55 Jun 2023 #51
Yes, we had a $500 deductible, though. Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #57
I wasn't on the Titan. EOM Scottie Mom Jun 2023 #38
Scottie, you are one lucky woman, that's for sure. debm55 Jun 2023 #52
I spent the week in Toronto. ariadne0614 Jun 2023 #44
That is so sweet and touching. I bet your heart jumped for joy when you saw Finley. Your love for debm55 Jun 2023 #53
I got a promotion leighbythesea2 Jun 2023 #45
leigh--good for you and congratulations. So happy for you. debm55 Jun 2023 #54
Thank you!!! leighbythesea2 Jun 2023 #60
this is nothing compared to the good news shared by others on this thread LNM Jun 2023 #46
LNM--there is no small best. Taking a walk in clean fresh air and going on a 3/3-4 hike is a debm55 Jun 2023 #55
Thank you Debn55 LNM Jun 2023 #63
Living in Northern California, Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #58
Yes! The smell of hot pine. Nt LNM Jun 2023 #62
I finally finished a blanket for my sister-in-law. It has taken me forever ! yellowdogintexas Jun 2023 #61
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