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No from me. Maybe if they were coated in caramel and then chocolate! 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 28 #1
Thank you 50 Shades Of Blue. Interesting recipe. debm55 Mar 28 #3
All things in moderation - okay... No Vested Interest Mar 28 #2
Thank you No Vested Interested. They have them for all seasons now---pumpkins. Christmas trees, I really like the yellow debm55 Mar 28 #7
Don't like, mainly because they don't taste like chicken. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 28 #4
Thank you OAITW r.2.0. They are not supposed to taste like chicken,, but a sugar coated confection of sweetness. debm55 Mar 28 #8
I did not know. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 28 #21
that would improve them. pansypoo53219 Mar 30 #89
HAHAHAHAHAH. Ty pansypoo53219, Someone posted that there was a Dr. Pepper flavored one. debm55 Mar 30 #91
It's a no for me. Deuxcents Mar 28 #5
Deuxcents. Thank you. It's a taste of heaven for me. debm55 Mar 28 #12
I like a couple at Easter. Just as long as they're soft. I like the sinkingfeeling Mar 28 #6
No for me BigMin28 Mar 28 #9
Thank you. BigMin28 debm55 Mar 29 #48
You are very welcome! BigMin28 Mar 29 #50
True sinkingfeeling, they go stale very quickly. Pure heaven the marshmallow and sugar combo. debm55 Mar 28 #13
Nope kozar Mar 28 #10
Kozar,kozar, kozar. I understand your decision for a nope. but this is candy--the food of the gods. debm55 Mar 28 #16
They are sorta traditional at our house. My late father-in-law loved them. rsdsharp Mar 28 #11
Thank you rsdsharp, That is quite an idea, if you like stale ones. I like them soft. I do wait until Easter Monday to debm55 Mar 28 #18
Marshmallow is marshmallow. The food coloring neither adds nor detracts. rsdsharp Mar 28 #24
Ty rsdsharp. but I have to disagree with you. The yellow ones are a little to close to eating real peeps while the pink debm55 Mar 28 #28
You've eaten real peeps? I'm shocked! rsdsharp Mar 28 #35
No, I do eat real yellow peeps. but as a kid that did look like it. I like the pink ones better then the yellow. debm55 Mar 28 #37
I like them stale too. beveeheart Mar 29 #80
HAHAHAHAHAH. I like them fresh . Ty you beveeheat. Enjoy. debm55 Mar 29 #84
So so. But darn it, you got me on those malted milk treats, so I bought some. Raven123 Mar 28 #14
I'm a crazed zombie when it comes to those malted milk robin's eggs. Diamond_Dog Mar 28 #17
TY Diamond_Dog, you have to admit that they are good. MMCA Hello, my name is Diamond_Dog and I am addicted to malted debm55 Mar 28 #25
Those are very good too, I guess it was the Easter basket thread. Enjoy them, they are also a treat from the gods. debm55 Mar 28 #19
Ty Raven123, enjoy them debm55 Mar 29 #83
The yellow things? Lemonwurst Mar 28 #15
TY Lemonwurst. I agree with your list except for the Rolos. Heaven, I'm in heaven ,when I take a bite of them. debm55 Mar 28 #22
My Peeps are family heirlooms and not for eating Brother Buzz Mar 28 #20
Ty Brother Buzz. I always hated when they where place in the mylar grass and it would stick to the candy peeps. debm55 Mar 28 #23
Ewwwwww SARose Mar 28 #26
Ty SARose, well some people must like them as they are sold for every holiday. Can you imagine that???? A year full of debm55 Mar 28 #30
Sorry deb SARose Mar 28 #36
I agree, about the circus peanuts---they are nasty. Sorry, SARose you had a bad experience. debm55 Mar 28 #38
Sorry SARose, I am sorry for you. my friend. no need to say you are sorry. You could have chocked on it. Love ya, Debbie debm55 Mar 29 #67
Yes gay texan Mar 28 #27
gay texan------that there is fighten words.------------- debm55 Mar 28 #31
Just microwave one gay texan Mar 28 #39
Ty, I will have to try. debm55 Mar 29 #46
Ermmmm .... I don't know. Niagara Mar 28 #29
You have to try one, just one, Niagara, and you too will be addicted. debm55 Mar 28 #32
I bought my husband Peeps gummies. a kennedy Mar 28 #33
TY, a kennedy. Those sound good. That was very nice of you to do that. debm55 Mar 28 #34
I read somewhere about roasting them over a campfire Unwind Your Mind Mar 28 #40
TY Unwind Your Mind. Keep them in the box. and put them in two zip lock baggies. Hope it works. debm55 Mar 29 #43
I like peeps too I_UndergroundPanther Mar 28 #41
TY I_UndergroundPanther. No stale ones for me. debm55 Mar 29 #45
It's a no from me. Dulcinea Mar 29 #42
Thank you, Dulcinea. debm55 Mar 29 #44
I do not like anything that sweet. Marshmallow is only good on the end of a stick over a fire yellowdogintexas Mar 29 #47
No Go Here ProfessorGAC Mar 29 #49
Thank you ProfessorGAC and Mrs. Professor GAC. We each have our likes and dislikes. debm55 Mar 29 #69
I always thought "meh", until I tried the Donut Shop Coffee Peeps woodsprite Mar 29 #51
Thank you woodsprite. They are addicting. debm55 Mar 29 #70
It's a "go" for me but only the yellow ones. LoisB Mar 29 #52
Ty LoisB. I like the pink and yellow ones. debm55 Mar 29 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author happybird Mar 29 #53
I don't care much for them as food, but I do like them as sculptural elements Ocelot II Mar 29 #54
Thanks! EverHopeful Mar 29 #62
TY Ocelot II , that is is neat. I spent some time just looking at them. I'll have to do that next Easter. Thanks for the debm55 Mar 29 #66
Ick! Picaro Mar 29 #55
OH, candy corn is the worst IMO, debm55 Mar 29 #65
Nope happybird Mar 29 #56
Ty happybird. I am not addicted or anything and I agree with your reasoning. I liked them better when they were only debm55 Mar 29 #72
No go; too much sugar. patphil Mar 29 #57
I've had a few as a kid. They were self-purged from my diet after visiting w/a physician who ix-nayed carb-y sugar! Backseat Driver Mar 29 #58
HAHAHAHAHAH. you better stay off of the cheesecake and Honey Jack. My husband tells me that carrot cake has all the debm55 Mar 29 #73
Once upon a time nocoincidences Mar 29 #59
Great idea. Will ask them to park in front of the house so they know where the dinner is. Good idea. ty. debm55 Mar 29 #74
I like them, I saw some Dr. Pepper peeps in a store yesterday. nt doc03 Mar 29 #60
Ty you doc03. did you buy them? Dr.Pepper peeps might be a little sweet for me. debm55 Mar 29 #75
I have to avoid sweets so no I didn't nt doc03 Mar 29 #82
Sorry doc03 debm55 Mar 29 #86
I still have some left from last Easter RainCaster Mar 29 #61
Ty RainCaster. Aren't they stale? debm55 Mar 29 #76
Ummm - how can I tell? RainCaster Mar 29 #85
Not for eating snpsmom Mar 29 #63
Ty snpsmom. Those are neat. debm55 Mar 29 #78
We roast them over a fire... Thunderbeast Mar 29 #64
Oh that sounds so good. I will try it. Love, creme brulee. Thank you , thunderbeast for the idea. debm55 Mar 29 #68
Always liked them. MOMFUDSKI Mar 29 #77
Ty MOMFUDSKI, You liked the stale ones???? debm55 Mar 29 #79
Peeps are from little eggs and eggs are Eastery. Arne Mar 29 #81
agree debm55 Mar 29 #87
Unpopular Opinion: LeonidPlanck Mar 30 #88
Thank you LeonidPlanck and welcome Back. I use the Smilies. debm55 Mar 30 #90
Thanks. LeonidPlanck Mar 30 #92
Peeps s'mores are dynamite 10 Turtle Day Mar 30 #93
HAHAHAHAHAHHA I will try that. Thank you 10 Turtle Day for the suggestion. debm55 Mar 30 #96
Spongy sugar with all kinds of artificial stuff on a bed of organic kale, of course once every year. LOL Hikerchick57 Mar 30 #94
Thank you Hickergirl. Once a year and the taste will last for that year. debm55 Mar 30 #98
I just had the first one I've ever had in my 62+ years today. Different Drummer Mar 30 #95
Thank you Different_Drummer. At least you tried them---I am proud of you. debm55 Mar 30 #97
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