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I have 6 lone socks PlutosHeart Apr 8 #1
Can you bring them together to mate them ? That's something to ponder? debm55 Apr 8 #3
Crossed my mind PlutosHeart Apr 9 #37
Ty PlutosHeart, all our socks are the same species. debm55 Apr 9 #38
Sock divorce. rubbersole Apr 8 #2
Something for me to ponder --what did you do with the sock left behind???? Sorry rubbersole's sock. debm55 Apr 8 #5
Well, the remaining one quit smoking rubbersole Apr 8 #8
Great idea, ty, rubbersole. debm55 Apr 8 #10
the dog buried it in the back yard. AllaN01Bear Apr 8 #4
Oh my, What are you going to the one left behind? debm55 Apr 8 #6
sitting with the rest of its buddies. AllaN01Bear Apr 8 #20
I have a bag of lost unpaired socks sometimes I find the mate and reunite them kimbutgar Apr 8 #7
Ty kimbutgar, Very sood suggestion. We do that too. But, what about your socks in the bag with no mate, all alone? debm55 Apr 8 #9
I keep the lost sheep socks in a separate bag and every now and then find the partner! kimbutgar Apr 8 #21
Thank you kimbutgar. I am glad you found their partner. But you threw the others away? What can I say? I am at a loss debm55 Apr 8 #22
I often see a sock that has been run over in a pot-hole or along the side of the road. pandr32 Apr 8 #11
Oh my, pandra32. Did you stop and offer help? debm55 Apr 8 #12
There's nothing you can do for them at that point. lastlib Apr 8 #14
HAHAHA .TY lastlib debm55 Apr 8 #15
Some of them are pretty holey, pandr32 Apr 8 #17
Thank you pandr32. Your post makes sense. debm55 Apr 8 #23
Aliens. lastlib Apr 8 #13
TY lastlib. I see that you have pondering this for awhile. Perhaps this will occur during the eclipse? debm55 Apr 8 #18
'... Hung by the chimney with care...' cbabe Apr 8 #16
HAHAHAHAHAH That's funny debm55 Apr 9 #29
Here's what happens in my household Niagara Apr 8 #19
I am going to do that ----buy all the same kind of socks so no one gets lost. Ty Niagara. debm55 Apr 9 #30
Yw Dearest Debbie. Niagara Apr 9 #36
I think they may all have made it to the laundry room in my building. surrealAmerican Apr 8 #24
Ty surrealAmerican. They never leave. They always reappear. debm55 Apr 9 #31
I put the lone socks into the sock drawer. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 8 #25
Ty JustABozoOnThisBus. I hope they find their mate. debm55 Apr 9 #32
pin them together when you wash 'em. Chakaconcarne Apr 8 #26
That's a good idea. TY debm55 Apr 9 #33
Did you watch "Ren & Stimpy" & "Stranger Things"? CaptainTruth Apr 8 #27
TY Captain Truth. I will have to watch. sounds like the isle of Misfit Toys. debm55 Apr 9 #34
Dwarf hats. qwlauren35 Apr 8 #28
Ty you qwlauren35. I never sthought of that. debm55 Apr 9 #35
They run off and elope with one the many pencils I've lost in my life, and live happily ever after Brother Buzz Apr 9 #39
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. TY Brother Buzz and pen, too. debm55 Apr 9 #42
It's in the Fourth Dimensiona Wicked Blue Apr 9 #40
Ty Wicked Blue. Perhaps you are right. debm55 Apr 9 #41
Lily has it. Harker Apr 9 #43
Thank you Harker. Glad is your source of missing socks. debm55 Apr 10 #45
I've always thought they slip through a portal into another dimension. Jeebo Apr 10 #44
Thank you Jeebo, Makes sense. debm55 Apr 10 #46
Alternate dimension. malthaussen Apr 11 #47
HAHAHHAHAH Thank you Mal. debm55 Apr 11 #48
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