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40. you ask for too much, too often.
Fri Apr 19, 2024, 06:27 PM
Apr 19

and at this point you've burned a lot of bridges along here.

I feel very bad for your mom.

This is a constant refrain, and a book could be written from your numerous appeals over the years... Hekate Apr 17 #1
Not to mention ForgedCrank Apr 17 #3
How does the trustee come into play XanaDUer2 Apr 17 #2
Not again???? bluestarone Apr 17 #4
Yes, again Hekate Apr 18 #12
This is the downside of court cases mvd Apr 17 #5
If you are really worried about your mom, you need a beter plan than fundraising for emergencies likesmountains 52 Apr 17 #9
It's hard being poor mvd Apr 17 #10
How many ForgedCrank Apr 18 #14
🤣 Floyd R. Turbo Apr 17 #6
BTW this is no laughing matter mvd Apr 17 #7
🤣 Floyd R. Turbo Apr 17 #8
Lawyer did give us the idea of reverse mortgage instead of sale mvd Apr 17 #11
Guilt-tripping us about Gazans.... Hekate Apr 18 #13
Utterly shameless! Floyd R. Turbo Apr 18 #15
Forgot to add that it is supposed to be paid Monday mvd Apr 18 #16
Are you using food pantries XanaDUer2 Apr 18 #17
You have $10. PennRalphie Apr 18 #18
Two things always blew my mind XanaDUer2 Apr 18 #19
Interesting point about his playing online games... Hekate Apr 18 #20
I changed the goal to $50 mvd Apr 18 #21
Now mom's airbed broke mvd Apr 18 #22
I agree XanaDUer2 Apr 18 #23
Mom totally deserves better. That's why she's got my thoughts & prayers. Hekate Apr 18 #24
Couldn't someone getting a job XanaDUer2 Apr 18 #25
She's probably ForgedCrank Apr 18 #26
Go away! Scram! Get out of here! Beat it! 🤬 Floyd R. Turbo Apr 18 #27
Kick for visibility before bed mvd Apr 19 #28
DU seems like a very generous community True Dough Apr 19 #29
I'm not taking advantage of anything mvd Apr 19 #30
It's become obvious True Dough Apr 19 #31
you ask for too much, too often. MissB Apr 19 #40
So many resources PennRalphie Apr 19 #32
Wouldn't a social worker XanaDUer2 Apr 19 #33
Yes. PennRalphie Apr 19 #34
You can ForgedCrank Apr 19 #35
If all these stories are true XanaDUer2 Apr 19 #36
Yes, yes, yes. PennRalphie Apr 19 #37
There is so much help for the disabled XanaDUer2 Apr 19 #38
One more kick mvd Apr 19 #39
Night all mvd Apr 20 #41
Another terrible night mvd Apr 20 #42
And mom and I need another food order or a ride to the food pantry mvd Apr 21 #43
Get on ForgedCrank Apr 21 #44
I have reached the goal so deleting now mvd Apr 21 #45
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