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Rain - Beatles patphil May 6 #1
TY patphil. I forgot about this classic, debm55 May 6 #3
After The Rain - Angel City speak easy May 6 #6
Nobody can beat(les) that one - Classic speak easy May 6 #12
Ty speak easy. debm55 May 6 #16
No Rain-Blind Melon IA8IT May 6 #102
Ty IA8IT, Thank you , Can listen to this song over and over. debm55 May 7 #133
Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain Glorfindel May 6 #2
Ty Glorfindel. I like that song. We had a station here that played that everytime it rained. debm55 May 6 #5
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Dylan patphil May 6 #4
TY patphil debm55 May 6 #7
Rainy Night In Georgia Walleye May 6 #8
Thank you Walleye. I remember that soulful song. debm55 May 6 #17
"It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls Glorfindel May 6 #9
Thank you ,Glorindel for introducing me to this song. I love it. I wanted to get up and dance. debm55 May 6 #78
Rainy Night in Georgia - Tony Joe White patphil May 6 #10
Thank you , patphil. I didn't know that. I enjoy both versions of the song. debm55 May 6 #79
John Hiatt - Feels like Rain Captain Zero May 6 #11
TY Captain Zero a mixture of country and soul. debm55 May 6 #81
u beat me to it. AllaN01Bear May 6 #13
Thank you AllaN01Bear, debm55 May 6 #82
Classics IV. STORMY flakey_foont May 6 #14
TY flakey. debm55 May 6 #90
Stormy Weather birdographer May 6 #15
TY birdographer. I love this song. debm55 May 6 #92
Riding the Storm Out. Reo Speedwagon debm55 May 6 #18
The Wood Brothers PuraVidaDreamin May 6 #19
Ty PuraVidaDreamin. It is a new song for me. debm55 May 7 #139
"I Can't Stand the Rain"-- Tina Turner (original Ann Peebles but I'm missing me some Tina) hlthe2b May 6 #20
ty hlthe2b Loved her voice. debm55 May 7 #144
Riders on the Storm from The Doors Niagara May 6 #21
That was my first thought! Silver Gaia May 7 #205
Thank you Silver Gaia. debm55 May 7 #206
Riders on the Storm -- Doors rsdsharp May 6 #22
Beat you by 2 minutes, rsdsharp Niagara May 6 #25
I know. I had to delay to go get the song. rsdsharp May 6 #26
Great minds think alike :) Niagara May 6 #31
TY Niagara, Jim was both a singer and poet, debm55 May 6 #30
TY rsdsharp. Loved the Doors. Watched a documentary on Jim the other night. RIP Jim. debm55 May 6 #27
I love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt Niagara May 6 #23
Ty Niagara. debm55 May 7 #145
"Riders on the Storm"-- the Doors hlthe2b May 6 #24
TY hlthe2b love it debm55 May 7 #153
Raindrops.. Permanut May 6 #28
TY Permanut debm55 May 7 #151
Purple Rain PJMcK May 6 #29
Ty PJMcK Loved it. debm55 May 7 #148
Red Rain, Peter Gabriel ms liberty May 6 #32
🎶❤️🎶 LakeArenal May 6 #62
TY ms,liberty Love his music, debm55 May 7 #152
Who'll stop the rain -- ccr unblock May 6 #33
Ty unblock, Was waited for this CCR song. debm55 May 6 #88
Rainy days and Mondays - the carpenters unblock May 6 #34
Thank you unblock. Beautiful voice. debm55 May 7 #141
Call it "parsing" but I think this technically qualifies: insane in the bRAIN - cypress hill unblock May 6 #35
Louisiana 1927 Mme. Defarge May 6 #36
TY Mme.Defarge. Love the song and the pictures. debm55 May 7 #140
Singing in the Rain Dave in VA May 6 #37
Ty. Love this song. debm55 May 7 #173
Madonna: Rain Coventina May 6 #38
Ty , Coventina. beautiful song and beautiful person. debm55 May 7 #156
Prince: Purple Rain Coventina May 6 #39
The Cult: Rain Coventina May 6 #40
Ty for all your rainy songs, Coventina debm55 May 7 #154
Rainy Day Women - Dylan patphil May 6 #41
Rainy Day Woman - Waylon Jennings - With God (Ralph Mooney) backing on the steel guitar Brother Buzz May 8 #208
Yeah, they're 2 very different songs. The Dylan Song is actually titled: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 patphil May 8 #217
Secret Garden: Sometimes when It Rains Coventina May 6 #42
Love, Reign O'er Me - The Who patphil May 6 #43
Love this song. I reminds me of my first love and myself running through the park in the rain.Thank you debm55 May 7 #175
REM: So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) Coventina May 6 #44
Temptations: I Wish It Would Rain Coventina May 6 #45
Bus Stop - The Hollies patphil May 6 #46
Ty patphil. During the summer while walking in the rain, I would sing this debm55 May 7 #147
The rain, the park and other things - the Cowsills Stargleamer May 6 #47
Ty Stargleamer, I remember this song from my yourth. debm55 May 7 #149
Enya: Trains and Winter Rains Coventina May 6 #48
Leonard Cohen: Famous Blue Raincoat Coventina May 6 #49
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Happy When it Rains Coventina May 6 #50
Eurythmics: Here Comes the Rain Again Coventina May 6 #51
Duran Duran: Hold Back the Rain Coventina May 6 #52
Enya: It's in the Rain Coventina May 6 #53
Cyndi Lauper: Who Let In the Rain? Coventina May 6 #54
Thank you Coventina, All of your selections are great! debm55 May 10 #231
Kentucky Rain lpbk2713 May 6 #55
TY ipbk2713 debm55 May 11 #236
"The Rain Came Down" - Steve Earle. One of my favorite little man/woman's story. Silent Type May 6 #56
Crying in the Rain - the Everly Brothers Stargleamer May 6 #57
Thank you Stargleamer. debm55 May 7 #170
Madness: The Sun and the Rain Coventina May 6 #58
"Rain Song" --Gene Clark Silent Type May 6 #59
Thank you Silent type. debm55 May 7 #167
Garbage: Only Happy when it Rains Coventina May 6 #60
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? Song by Creedence Clearwater Revival nt yellowdogintexas May 6 #61
Ty . Love CCR debm55 May 7 #168
Lou Christie. Lightening Is Striking Again. LakeArenal May 6 #63
REM: I'll Take the Rain Coventina May 6 #64
Ty Coventina. Enjoyed it. debm55 May 7 #146
Enya: Storms in Africa Coventina May 6 #65
The Cowsills: The Rain, the Park and Other Things Wicked Blue May 6 #66
Echo & the Bunnymen: Stormy Weather Coventina May 6 #67
Box of Rain, The Grateful Dead Botany May 6 #68
Thank you , Botany. debm55 May 7 #155
Bus Stop/ Herman's Hermits nt doc03 May 6 #69
ty doc03 debm55 May 7 #150
Cyndi Lauper: Calm Inside the Storm Coventina May 6 #70
Mumford and Sons: After the Storm Coventina May 6 #71
Didn't it rain: Sister Rosetta Tharpe FuzzyRabbit May 6 #72
Thank you FuzzyRabbit. Both very talented singers. debm55 May 7 #172
Big Country: The Storm Coventina May 6 #73
Ty Coventina debm55 May 7 #169
Big Country were a criminally overlooked band Coventina May 7 #171
I liked them. My favorite songs were... electric_blue68 May 9 #225
A real classic: Chainfire May 6 #74
Worst possible type of rain. GreenWave May 6 #75
Best type of rain GreenWave May 6 #76
Texas Flood, by Stevie Ray Vaughan. pandr32 May 6 #77
Ty pandr 32. Stevie Ray left way to young. debm55 May 6 #86
Stormy Monday - The Allman Brothers (here with Duane live at Fillmore East) ificandream May 6 #80
Thank you Ificandream. Great mixture of rock and the blues. debm55 May 6 #84
The Rain In Spain (Stays Mainly In the Plain) from "My Fair Lady" ificandream May 6 #83
TY ificandream. This song and really all musicals brings me back to my dear late aunt. I loved the music and my aunt. We debm55 May 6 #85
Here is another version - studio session from a live... 3catwoman3 May 7 #162
Rain, Rain Go Away - Bobby Vinton ificandream May 6 #87
Ty ificandream. debm55 May 7 #143
It's Raining - Peter Paul and Mary ificandream May 6 #89
TY ifucandrean, They had such harmony. I loved their songs. debm55 May 6 #99
Louisiana rain - Tom petty and the heartbreakers unblock May 6 #91
TY unblock, Great song, RIP Tom debm55 May 6 #97
Yeah when I heard the news it broke my heart. unblock May 6 #100
Don't Let the Rain Come Down - The Serendipity Singers ificandream May 6 #93
Ty ifucandream I love dancing to that song when I was a little kid, debm55 May 6 #96
Scorpions: Rock You Like a Hurricane petronius May 6 #94
TY petronius. I remember that song and dancing to it like it was yesterday. debm55 May 6 #95
"Someone left the cake out...in the rain" SomedayKindaLove May 6 #98
TY SomedayKindaLove. Gosh darn ---it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe againnnnnnnnnn, debm55 May 6 #112
From Barney (yes, my children watched it) leftieNanner May 6 #101
TY leftieNanner. So did my son. debm55 May 6 #111
Stormy Weather virgdem May 6 #103
TY virdem Beautiful voice, lovely song. debm55 May 6 #110
Arky Arky madamesilverspurs May 6 #104
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, I remember that song from Girl Scouts.Rise and Shine and give God your glory. children of the Lord. debm55 May 6 #108
Blur Eyes Cryin' In the Rain Willie Nelson yellowdogintexas May 6 #105
Thank you yellowdogintexas. Love Willie. debm55 May 6 #106
The Rain Song and When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin Alpeduez21 May 6 #107
TY for both songs, Alpeduez21. I especially remember the second song with opiated hash. In a town far away and far in debm55 May 6 #109
Like far out, man Alpeduez21 May 6 #114
Little Umbrellas JoseBalow May 6 #113
ty JoseBalow. like the jazz. debm55 May 7 #125
"Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." - FZ JoseBalow May 7 #161
Wagon Wheel lpbk2713 May 6 #115
Ty lpbk2713 I really liked that. debm55 May 6 #118
Actually, the refrain was written by Dylan in the '70s k55f5r May 7 #157
Louisiana, Randy Newman The Wizard May 6 #116
TY The Wizard. I watched it twice. I used to collect antique photos. They go perfectly with Randy's song. debm55 May 6 #117
Here's That Rainy Day LudwigPastorius May 7 #119
ty very much LudwigPastorius. Loved his mellow voice. debm55 May 7 #124
"Let It Rain" - Eric Clapton GReedDiamond May 7 #120
Ty, GReedDiamond, Very lovely song, debm55 May 7 #123
Fun Fact ProfessorGAC May 7 #189
Thank you ProfessorGAC. I may be wrong, but wasn't this first done by Derick and the Dominio's? This was my first . debm55 May 7 #191
I Think, No ProfessorGAC May 8 #209
Thanks ProfessorGAC debm55 May 11 #233
Can't say that I knew that... GReedDiamond May 7 #207
Thunder Road zanana1 May 7 #121
tY,zanana1 debm55 May 7 #122
Neil Young- Like a Hurricane MichMan May 7 #126
TY MichMan. I had all of Neil's albums. they were ruined when my basement flooded. Still listen to him on You Tube. debm55 May 7 #135
Software and Itsy Bitsy Spider Dear_Prudence May 7 #127
Thank you Debm55! Dear_Prudence May 7 #128
Ty Dear_Prudence. It has been raining and storms here for a couple of days, I just wanted some rain songs. debm55 May 7 #131
Ty if it's about rain or storms, it's acceptable. debm55 May 7 #132
rainy night in georgia AllaN01Bear May 7 #129
TY AllaN01Bear Classic debm55 May 7 #136
Pigs on the Wing -- Pink Floyd MadLinguist May 7 #130
Thank you very much MadLinguist. debm55 May 7 #134
Such a song. All the parts. OldBaldy1701E May 7 #138
An oddly comforting album, dark as it is MadLinguist May 7 #159
Exactly. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E May 7 #160
Rain Is Falling (ELO) Mad_Dem_X May 7 #137
Thank you Mad_Dem_x. debm55 May 7 #142
"I was drunk the day my Ma got outa prison" k55f5r May 7 #158
TY k55f5r. debm55 May 7 #164
Here is another delightful version of The Rain In Spain... 3catwoman3 May 7 #163
Ty 3catwoman3. Did you go to Boardway to see it? debm55 May 7 #165
I wish! It was one of those fortuitous... 3catwoman3 May 7 #166
Summer Rain by Johnny Rivers 1968 GP6971 May 7 #174
Thank you GP6971 I remember that song. debm55 May 7 #176
Rain by Jose Feliciano MontanaMama May 7 #177
Ty MontanaMama. Absolutely beautiful song and video. debm55 May 7 #178
Hand in Hand by Dire Straits coprolite May 7 #179
Ty copolite. I really liked Dire Straits and Mark.K Thank you again. debm55 May 7 #192
Purple Rain - Prince; Rainy Day Women - Dylan LoisB May 7 #180
LoisB TY Love both of the those songs. And welcome, to the group in the rainy days we have been having. and all the debm55 May 7 #197
Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen Sky Jewels May 7 #181
Ty Sky Jewels. debm55 May 7 #200
Dry the Rain - Beta Band Sky Jewels May 7 #182
Thank You SkyJewels. debm55 May 7 #198
Rain Party - Darker My Love Sky Jewels May 7 #183
I'll Take the Rain - R.E.M. Sky Jewels May 7 #184
Changing the Rain - The Horrors Sky Jewels May 7 #185
The Horrors. this band has such a great sound IcyPeas May 8 #219
Yes. I really like them. Sky Jewels May 8 #220
Nine Million Rainy Days - Jesus & Mary Chain Sky Jewels May 7 #186
Walk Between the Raindrops - Donald Fagen Sky Jewels May 7 #187
Ty Sky Jewels debm55 May 7 #199
When the Rainbow Comes - World Party Sky Jewels May 7 #188
Ty Sky Jewels. I agree brilliant. debm55 May 7 #195
Ridin' The Storm Out - REO ProfessorGAC May 7 #190
Thank you, thank you, thank you. ProfessorGAC. I put this song towards the beginning of the thread---just the title. I debm55 May 7 #193
Couldn't Find A Video ProfessorGAC May 8 #210
TY for posting for me. debm55 May 8 #211
Singin' In The Rain dai13sy May 7 #194
Thank you ,dai13sy. love that song. Gene Kelly was from the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Loved his dancing too. What debm55 May 7 #196
Early Morning Rain -- Gordon Lightfoot. greatauntoftriplets May 7 #201
Ty greatauntoftriplets. Great song. I miss Gordon and his beautiful songs. debm55 May 7 #202
Dreadful Wind and Rain: Jerry Garcia and David Grisman happybird May 7 #203
TY, happybird debm55 May 7 #204
Uriah Heep - Rain (2017 Remaster) (Official Audio) turbinetree May 8 #212
Thank you turbinetree. Good choice. debm55 May 8 #214
Your welcome.............they were amazing to see in concert and this song is special to me.......... turbinetree May 8 #218
Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again lark May 8 #213
TY lark Love the song and Anne too. debm55 May 8 #215
Sorry I missed that this song had been added earlier. lark May 8 #216
Rainy day people, Gordon Lightfoot Prairie_Seagull May 8 #221
Thank you Prairie_Seagull debm55 May 11 #232
Rainy Night In Georgia DFW May 9 #222
I'll bet you've never heard this one: DFW May 9 #223
Rain in the Summertime - The Alarm electric_blue68 May 9 #224
In The Early Morning Rain Bayard May 9 #226
Semi-obscure: Tom Verlaine "Breaking In My Heart" lyrics... electric_blue68 May 10 #227
Ty electric_blue68 debm55 May 10 #230
Well, look what I found in my YouTube history! Niagara May 10 #228
Ty Niagara, Great song. debm55 May 10 #229
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 May 11 #235
Fire and Rain by James Taylor Niagara May 11 #234
Ty Niagara, how did I miss this song by sweet baby James? Fun Fact. JT is the only singer or group I saw more then debm55 May 11 #237
You're welcome Debbie. This was another song in my YouTube history. Niagara May 12 #238
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