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23. No, but my baby brother once claimed that my evil grandmother PUSHED him in the receiving line....
Wed Jan 4, 2012, 11:53 PM
Jan 2012

at my cousin's wedding.

Everyone thought he had exaggerated.

Months later, we were forced to watch slides of the wedding, and sure enough,
in SIX OR SEVEN pictures, taken one after another of people greeting the happy
couple, you can see, in stop motion, my AWFUL grandmother FULL-ON SHOVING
my brother out of the way to get to the groom.

Stop action of my brother's shocked face as he is almost pushed down the
church stairs, and of the adoring crazed fan-like expression on my grandmother's
face as she attempted to reach her other grandchild.

My OTHER brother had unwittingly captured the whole thing on film!

This is the SAME grandmother who lifted my husband's kilt with her cane
at MY wedding the year before.....

Went through a whole bunch of photos [View all] nobodyspecial Jan 2012 OP
no, not like that and not with photos seabeyond Jan 2012 #1
I'm working on the healing nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #4
the best to you seabeyond Jan 2012 #19
My life has fallen apart so many times that I'm bent over from picking up the pieces. But, yeah. freshwest Jan 2012 #2
I'm not beating myself up over it nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #5
I can't say it's going to get any easier. freshwest Jan 2012 #9
Yeah, but since I've decided to climb back out of the pit nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #12
I had a friend of mine who shared a progress story about 'the pit.' freshwest Jan 2012 #20
Are you whole again yet? PETRUS Jan 2012 #3
No, but I'm done wallowing nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #6
Hang in there. PETRUS Jan 2012 #8
Thanks nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #11
Seek what you need. PETRUS Jan 2012 #16
I'm basically an isolationist nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #17
Photos? Not as such. Xipe Totec Jan 2012 #7
Wow nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #14
If you knew who it was, you would fall in love as well Xipe Totec Jan 2012 #15
Your tale sounds much more poetically sad than mine nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #18
Check your PM. Xipe Totec Jan 2012 #22
epiphany? handmade34 Jan 2012 #10
Yeah, no need to alert the suicide hotline or anything. nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #13
LOL. yes. RainDog Jan 2012 #21
No, but my baby brother once claimed that my evil grandmother PUSHED him in the receiving line.... PassingFair Jan 2012 #23
Sounds like quite a woman nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #24
She was a scourge! PassingFair Jan 2012 #25
Never cared for my appearrance under the age of 18 or so. Populist_Prole Jan 2012 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author auspicious May 2012 #27
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