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11. The life of a repo man is always intense.
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 04:55 AM
Nov 2014

Also, don't open the trunk of a Chevy Impala that's glowing and/or hot to the touch

When your pet dies, just bury them in the yard NightWatcher Oct 2014 #1
Don't be a drummer for Spinal Tap sarge43 Oct 2014 #2
In real life you can't do this. It's called stalking. Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #3
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #4
One thing I've learned, DU juries are apparently unfamiliar with or petronius Nov 2014 #5
Geeze. DeSwiss Nov 2014 #6
I was shocked that I was the sole leave it vote Rainforestgoddess Nov 2014 #7
The quote from Conan in the movie NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #16
Risking an alert and delete. The actual words of G. Khan sarge43 Nov 2014 #18
That is quite simply LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #8
I had a post hidden a year or two back NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Rob H. Nov 2014 #12
That even 30 years later LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #9
How'd you get the cool font? Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #19
I use this: LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #21
Yay, DU allows HTML/CSS :) Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #38
Sorry LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #39
... Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #45
I'm the best around Bosonic Nov 2014 #10
Look eye, always look eye NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #15
Wax on Wax off jakeXT Nov 2014 #29
Updated for Today's Ralph Macchio sharp_stick Nov 2014 #35
Good one .. I missed it on the interwebs /nt jakeXT Nov 2014 #37
The life of a repo man is always intense. kentauros Nov 2014 #11
Malibu Kali Nov 2014 #17
I couldn't remember what kind of car Parnell drove, kentauros Nov 2014 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #26
plate of shrimp uppityperson Nov 2014 #36
That you're gonna need a montage. nt Codeine Nov 2014 #14
One thing that always struck me about 80's movies aimed at teens Populist_Prole Nov 2014 #20
The guy who played Cameron Frye was almost 30 years old Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #43
I met Ruck once and asked why he wore a Detroit Red Wings jersey around Chicago. MrScorpio Nov 2014 #46
If you get Saturday detention, make sure there is pot. AwakeAtLast Nov 2014 #23
Don't buy a DeLorean, it will take you places you never expect. kwassa Nov 2014 #24
Ronald Reagan will become president in 1985. Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #42
Always, and I mean ALWAYS, pay the paperboy. Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #25
TWO DOLLARS! I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS! Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #40
If you need to get in shape, a two or three minute montage LeftinOH Nov 2014 #27
I'm still trying to figure out the six inch spike thing jakeXT Nov 2014 #28
You mean you can't dr.strangelove Nov 2014 #30
Stop Playing With Yourself jakeXT Nov 2014 #34
No one puts Baby in the corner!!! dr.strangelove Nov 2014 #31
i think i skipped watching movies in that decade n/t orleans Nov 2014 #32
Don't screw with nerds, they will have their revenge sakabatou Nov 2014 #33
Addendum: The nerd might go home from Saturday detention without the girl... Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #41
When someone asks you if you're a god... Wounded Bear Nov 2014 #44
Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Generic Brad Nov 2014 #47
Never spend a winter with Jack Nicholson in a grand old hotel in the mountains. Arugula Latte Nov 2014 #48
the quiet girl with glasses looks great when she GreatGazoo Nov 2014 #49
I did, but it was from a movie made in the 90's.. Contrary1 Nov 2014 #50
That attempted murder isn't like you killed somebody jmowreader Nov 2014 #51
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