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Ampersand Unicode

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41. Addendum: The nerd might go home from Saturday detention without the girl...
Tue Nov 11, 2014, 07:04 PM
Nov 2014

...but he'll grow up to become the richest man in the world.

(That's Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley.)
When your pet dies, just bury them in the yard NightWatcher Oct 2014 #1
Don't be a drummer for Spinal Tap sarge43 Oct 2014 #2
In real life you can't do this. It's called stalking. Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #3
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #4
One thing I've learned, DU juries are apparently unfamiliar with or petronius Nov 2014 #5
Geeze. DeSwiss Nov 2014 #6
I was shocked that I was the sole leave it vote Rainforestgoddess Nov 2014 #7
The quote from Conan in the movie NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #16
Risking an alert and delete. The actual words of G. Khan sarge43 Nov 2014 #18
That is quite simply LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #8
I had a post hidden a year or two back NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Rob H. Nov 2014 #12
That even 30 years later LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #9
How'd you get the cool font? Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #19
I use this: LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #21
Yay, DU allows HTML/CSS :) Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #38
Sorry LostOne4Ever Nov 2014 #39
... Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #45
I'm the best around Bosonic Nov 2014 #10
Look eye, always look eye NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #15
Wax on Wax off jakeXT Nov 2014 #29
Updated for Today's Ralph Macchio sharp_stick Nov 2014 #35
Good one .. I missed it on the interwebs /nt jakeXT Nov 2014 #37
The life of a repo man is always intense. kentauros Nov 2014 #11
Malibu Kali Nov 2014 #17
I couldn't remember what kind of car Parnell drove, kentauros Nov 2014 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #26
plate of shrimp uppityperson Nov 2014 #36
That you're gonna need a montage. nt Codeine Nov 2014 #14
One thing that always struck me about 80's movies aimed at teens Populist_Prole Nov 2014 #20
The guy who played Cameron Frye was almost 30 years old Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #43
I met Ruck once and asked why he wore a Detroit Red Wings jersey around Chicago. MrScorpio Nov 2014 #46
If you get Saturday detention, make sure there is pot. AwakeAtLast Nov 2014 #23
Don't buy a DeLorean, it will take you places you never expect. kwassa Nov 2014 #24
Ronald Reagan will become president in 1985. Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #42
Always, and I mean ALWAYS, pay the paperboy. Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #25
TWO DOLLARS! I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS! Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #40
If you need to get in shape, a two or three minute montage LeftinOH Nov 2014 #27
I'm still trying to figure out the six inch spike thing jakeXT Nov 2014 #28
You mean you can't dr.strangelove Nov 2014 #30
Stop Playing With Yourself jakeXT Nov 2014 #34
No one puts Baby in the corner!!! dr.strangelove Nov 2014 #31
i think i skipped watching movies in that decade n/t orleans Nov 2014 #32
Don't screw with nerds, they will have their revenge sakabatou Nov 2014 #33
Addendum: The nerd might go home from Saturday detention without the girl... Ampersand Unicode Nov 2014 #41
When someone asks you if you're a god... Wounded Bear Nov 2014 #44
Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Generic Brad Nov 2014 #47
Never spend a winter with Jack Nicholson in a grand old hotel in the mountains. Arugula Latte Nov 2014 #48
the quiet girl with glasses looks great when she GreatGazoo Nov 2014 #49
I did, but it was from a movie made in the 90's.. Contrary1 Nov 2014 #50
That attempted murder isn't like you killed somebody jmowreader Nov 2014 #51
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