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13. They believe that crashing and burning the system will bring about Democratic Socialist Utopia.
Mon May 16, 2016, 08:16 AM
May 2016

Things don't work that way. Genuine and lasting reform requires hard work, persistence, and commitment from within the system.

When a computer is infected by a Trojan, you can't get rid of it by crashing the system and rebooting. You have to run anti-malware within the system. You need an operating system to fix the system.

You don't cure illness by killing the host and waiting for a resurrection. Revolution aimed at destruction doesn't work. It kills lots of people through social upheaval. Pragmatic reform, though it frustrates those who want immediate satisfaction, is the only effective method.

Bernie and his followers are trying to crash and reboot the Democratic party. That intend to make Democrats as divisive and divided as the Republicans have become.

Maybe Bernie is so old he doesn't care about the harm and anger and ill-will he has caused. Maybe he knows he will never witness the consequences of the havoc he has caused.

In my view, when this primary is over, Bernie should work on some heavy duty rebuilding of or "revolution" in his own character. He needs to be reminded of the words of T. S. Eliot ("Four Quartets&quot : “The only wisdom we can hope to acquire / Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless."

Anger or hatred is a type of "malware" that infects the human person and the human community. We all need to take steps to eradicate it, and we have to begin mindfully within ourselves.

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