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Gun Control & RKBA

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13. So true
Mon Sep 16, 2013, 10:35 PM
Sep 2013

it is a solution to so many goals and so unobtainable now that it is hard to envision when any registration law could be enacted.

Why not start here... [View all] sarisataka Sep 2013 OP
Get rid of the dealer requirement and family member requirement bossy22 Sep 2013 #1
Ideally it would be open to the public sarisataka Sep 2013 #3
Frog in a hot pot technique clffrdjk Sep 2013 #20
I do believe there are some GC groups sarisataka Sep 2013 #23
Hope you are right gejohnston Sep 2013 #26
Since I am wishing for a rainbow and a unicorn... sarisataka Sep 2013 #27
Well, the unicorn among us may appear... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #34
Agreed, good points sarisataka Sep 2013 #50
That is the dynamic I see with the NRA. It has become too successful... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #55
It's a tough row to hoe. Maybe it's not so tough with people in the real world. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #2
Some good ideas... sarisataka Sep 2013 #4
This part "use in a violent act" could be used to outlaw legal defensive use of a firearm. oneshooter Sep 2013 #21
Great point. We would definitely have to refine the language to exclude defensive uses. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #22
I get that universal background checks are the "low hanging fruit" of gun restriction proposals Pullo Sep 2013 #5
The baggage sarisataka Sep 2013 #10
Well, I can agree to a point. Pullo Sep 2013 #18
Some of this is tired language: I don't see UCB as "gun control" but Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #35
The concept of UBC is a good one. ManiacJoe Sep 2013 #6
There is a natural tendency sarisataka Sep 2013 #12
I like the purchase "permit" sytem gejohnston Sep 2013 #7
There are systems out there sarisataka Sep 2013 #11
it isn't about guns, gejohnston Sep 2013 #15
Compromise... sarisataka Sep 2013 #24
Registration is the fly in the ointment. nt rrneck Sep 2013 #8
So true sarisataka Sep 2013 #13
If the ACLU was serious about their objections to the early Manchin-Toomey Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #37
I would welcome the ACLU to join in sarisataka Sep 2013 #49
I feel your pain. AtheistCrusader Sep 2013 #9
I believe a few small steps would be a nice beginning sarisataka Sep 2013 #14
Full auto pieces only cost more because of the NFA registry. AtheistCrusader Sep 2013 #16
UBC and registration are a logical first step mwrguy Sep 2013 #17
How many more logical steps follow the first and why? Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #38
He is a gun banner. Wants to ban pump shotguns. oneshooter Sep 2013 #40
When you hear "First step..." You have the measure of someone. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #41
That's a pretty solid clue, certainly petronius Sep 2013 #44
I wonder if the higher ups at DU share the.same outlook? Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #46
I give kudos to some in our companion group sarisataka Sep 2013 #48
I hope so. I welcome your ideas and plan of action. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #51
I haven't worked hard at drafting legislation in a very long time sarisataka Sep 2013 #53
Twitter and website gejohnston Sep 2013 #54
I would expect that crap from the NRA. But if the alternative is good enough, that will be Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #56
Navy Yard shooter had a "secret" security clearance. jeepnstein Sep 2013 #19
Mental health and NICS need some changes no doubt. Pullo Sep 2013 #25
Frankly, mass shootings are a diff breed of cat compared to the drone of violent crime. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #39
good gopiscrap Sep 2013 #28
I appreciate this thread, sarisataka. Rational, mature. I wish others could find it in their heart NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #29
I have hope still sarisataka Sep 2013 #30
I think any workable proposal has to be gejohnston Sep 2013 #31
I agree with your arguments. Any legislation will have to Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #42
thanks, had to make a couple of edits gejohnston Sep 2013 #45
No, and I hope he doesn't any crappy songs about the 7 seals. Animals deserve better. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #47
Change that "7days of a theft" to "7 days of the discovery of a theft". GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #32
The discovery issue is two edged sarisataka Sep 2013 #33
I thought that I had lost a 20ga shotgun last week. oneshooter Sep 2013 #36
Raining here, too (finally). Should sleep well tonight. Hope you are well. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #43
I've had that moment of panic sarisataka Sep 2013 #52
It is somewhat of a scary feeling ain't it. oneshooter Sep 2013 #57
sounds good Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #58
Open NCIS to the public Riftaxe Sep 2013 #59
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