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Gun Control & RKBA

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Token Republican

(242 posts)
Wed Mar 26, 2014, 05:47 PM Mar 2014

Leland Yee should be nominated for an award [View all]

Leland Yee has led the fight in California against guns. He has sponsored legislation that would strengthen California's already strict gun control laws even more. Sen Leland Yee fought against the dreaded bullet button loophole that allows gun owners to legally skirt California's assault weapon ban.

A google search of Sen. Leland Yee will tell more about this amazing man and his character.

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Leland Yee should be nominated for an award [View all] Token Republican Mar 2014 OP
He deserves a 'Thank you!' note from MAIG, anyway petronius Mar 2014 #1
+1! First thing that went through my mind when I heard the news tonight pablo_marmol Mar 2014 #35
What do you mean? Token Republican Mar 2014 #2
Why are you replying to your own post on this? denverbill Mar 2014 #3
Oh I don't know gejohnston Mar 2014 #5
If that was the case, why post in RKBA? denverbill Mar 2014 #6
Some would agree with you Token Republican Mar 2014 #9
only he knows the answer to that gejohnston Mar 2014 #10
IMO, he probably has multiple DU user IDs and meant to sign on with his other ID and reply. denverbill Mar 2014 #7
My reply Token Republican Mar 2014 #8
I actually think he is lousy on gun policies, gejohnston Mar 2014 #12
JUST NOW on PBS: Yee under investigation for corruption. Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #4
I despise Yee as much as anybody, but let's wait until evidence has been presented... friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #11
the main problem with your screen name here is... CreekDog Mar 2014 #13
Because we know that only repukes own guns hack89 Mar 2014 #14
no, that's not why CreekDog Mar 2014 #15
To you and the denizens of castle Bansalot it is. hack89 Mar 2014 #16
do you think RKBA is the model of racial sensitivity and liberal politics that DU should follow? CreekDog Mar 2014 #17
Sure. But the fact we like to post here says nothing other than we like guns hack89 Mar 2014 #19
would you like the trolls that were banned from the gun control group reinstated? CreekDog Mar 2014 #21
No. Unban the long time DU members hack89 Mar 2014 #22
why are you asking me? CreekDog Mar 2014 #24
Would you support unbanning long time DU posters? Nt hack89 Mar 2014 #25
Wrong. Straw Man Mar 2014 #43
No, I'm correct. 22 people blocked by that group were banned by DU later CreekDog Mar 2014 #44
No, you're wrong. Please note the original wording. Straw Man Mar 2014 #52
no, you're wrong, "the 22" refers to the 22 i had been continually referring to in this very thread CreekDog Mar 2014 #61
Continually? That was your first reference to them in this thread. Straw Man Mar 2014 #62
another Straw Man argument CreekDog Mar 2014 #63
When in doubt, hurl insults. Straw Man Mar 2014 #64
if it's not a Straw Man argument, then who wrote it for you? CreekDog Mar 2014 #65
I see what you did there. Straw Man Mar 2014 #66
i'm happy to let you win...it's what you came here to do CreekDog Mar 2014 #67
Whereas you came here ... Straw Man Mar 2014 #68
I didn't come to DU nor to this gun group to "win" CreekDog Mar 2014 #69
You're missing a basic premise. Straw Man Mar 2014 #71
In fact, I often try to stop the spread of misinformation and I've done that many times here CreekDog Mar 2014 #70
Not this time. Straw Man Mar 2014 #72
so you're saying the people blocked from "bansalot" should be unblocked? CreekDog Mar 2014 #18
My God! How'd they miss me? Here & wide open! Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #27
wow, you found another troll to defend, as you were defending him: CreekDog Mar 2014 #20
I was criticizing you, not defending him hack89 Mar 2014 #23
of course you were criticizing me for criticizing him CreekDog Mar 2014 #29
No - let's not forget you have a history in this forum. hack89 Mar 2014 #38
"grabber" how? CreekDog Mar 2014 #40
By your aggressive and rude labeling as RW of pro-gun Dems that deviate from your standard hack89 Mar 2014 #42
so "grabber" has nothing to do with my political positions? CreekDog Mar 2014 #45
I very seldom call people grabbers hack89 Mar 2014 #46
well that's fine, call me whatever you want CreekDog Mar 2014 #47
That's the funny thing though - I am not lying about you. hack89 Mar 2014 #48
you are lying by calling me a "grabber" CreekDog Mar 2014 #49
Do you support an AWB? Would it be retroactive? nt hack89 Mar 2014 #50
well see, you called me the name before asking me CreekDog Mar 2014 #51
So you do not support an AWB? Then I apologize for calling you a grabber. hack89 Mar 2014 #53
not a retroactive ban, no CreekDog Mar 2014 #54
Don't be silly hack89 Mar 2014 #56
then by your own standard, I will call you a "grabber" from now on CreekDog Mar 2014 #57
You seem to be losing your cool for some reason. Relax - take off the hair shirt. hack89 Mar 2014 #58
so you're saying you just don't want the list of prohibited weapons to grow by even one? CreekDog Mar 2014 #59
You go right ahead. We are now on the same team it appears. hack89 Mar 2014 #60
And those who called him on his BS early on? SQUEE Mar 2014 #39
Lee charged with (ahem, brup, ffft) gun-running. Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #26
no, no, Lee wasn't CreekDog Mar 2014 #30
but Yee is being charged with it among other things. gejohnston Mar 2014 #31
try to pay attention. Eleanors38 referred to Lee. CreekDog Mar 2014 #32
Misspelling, so what? gejohnston Mar 2014 #33
no, it's not a mispelling, it's a different person CreekDog Mar 2014 #36
Do you deny Yee was charged with gun running? Yees or no? Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #34
No I don't. I deny that you knew who you were talking about CreekDog Mar 2014 #37
"All I know." Yup. What you read on the innertube. Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #41
Does Yee not understand what happened to a certain former governor of California? alp227 Mar 2014 #28
I nominate him for the best gejohnston Mar 2014 #55
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