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10. I doubt the context MDA is trying to create.
Tue Jun 3, 2014, 10:26 PM
Jun 2014

Basically, its a demonetization campaign. What they are trying to do is smear gun owner= misogynist. Ask yourself, where did MDA get the video, and is there any evidence that any of these people are who MDA claims in this video? If they are not, who are they? What is the context?

World War I and World War II were pinnacles in the use of the propaganda poster. Most of these examples come from American, British and Russian propaganda from those eras. One of the first thing that becomes apparent when studying the history of propaganda in this medium is that there are thematic commonalities. Join the military (as the gallery at the beginning of this article illustrates), support the troops/bring them home, commemoration of a date or event, buy war bonds, careful to who you talk to and what about, strength through unity, save materials for use in the war effort, the soldiers are protecting you and/or threatened, the bad guys are really bad (possibly even sub-human). This is not an all inclusive list of themes to be certain, but the following galleries contain examples of propaganda posters grouped by like theme. Some of them are graphically appealing in their design on a purely aesthetic level. Some of them are direct. Some are appeals to emotion. Some are appeals to nationalism. Some work to define “the Other”. They all carry a message.

The entire series is worth a read.
Similar to dehumanization and stereotyping, the propaganda technique of demonizing the enemy aims at evoking a very negative emotion by associating the “enemy” or opposing group as evil, immoral, subhuman, or barbaric. and end it with .


To be blunt: Bloomberg has a lot of money, but no grassroots support. MDA protesters are paid to show up, and a fiction created by Voxpop. He doesn't have public support. He doesn't have facts or reason either. All he has left is dishonesty. My question is did Watts use similar techniques against organic farmers while working for Monsanto?
Remember the guy carrying sidearm to Obama speech few years back? randys1 Jun 2014 #1
Dupe gejohnston Jun 2014 #2
I'm not sure that I understand your point here. stone space Jun 2014 #5
I'm saying I doubt the claims in the OP gejohnston Jun 2014 #8
You mean you doubt the videos? Or is it the image that you doubt? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #9
I doubt the context MDA is trying to create. gejohnston Jun 2014 #10
Open Carry Texas has not been shy about posting their videos online. stone space Jun 2014 #11
I looked through their videos and their channel, gejohnston Jun 2014 #14
That's cool. Please check Mitt Romney's YouTube Chanel for that 47% video, also. (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #16
Which has to do with what? gejohnston Jun 2014 #19
It's no big deal. If any of the videos are not genuine, we'll both hear about it. stone space Jun 2014 #20
We never heard from Mitt other than gejohnston Jun 2014 #22
I suggest that you contact OCT and inform them of these fake videos, just in case they don't hear... stone space Jun 2014 #24
I doubt they would be overly concerned gejohnston Jun 2014 #25
We'll find out one way or the other. Either they'll deny the videos and photo or they won't. stone space Jun 2014 #26
you confuse denial with healthy skepticism. gejohnston Jun 2014 #27
We'll both find out, won't we? Be as skeptical as you like. (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #28
And some folks want to disarm females.... ileus Jun 2014 #3
I don't understand your point here. Could you please explain more explicitly? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #17
Poor Mother Jones. As Bereft of Facts as InfoWars and Fox News these days. NYC_SKP Jun 2014 #4
Why do human beings do stuff like this? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #6
I'm not sure why people try to use guilt by association. blueridge3210 Jun 2014 #7
so why didn't they link to a OCT video? gejohnston Jun 2014 #12
They likely took it down. Have they denied that the video is genuine? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #13
I have no idea, and even if they did gejohnston Jun 2014 #15
So you are just making it up? OK. stone space Jun 2014 #18
Are they making it up? gejohnston Jun 2014 #21
If the videos are faked we'll both hear about it, won't we? You won't need to make anything up. stone space Jun 2014 #23
Fucking asswipes! gopiscrap Jun 2014 #29
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