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28. Well that sucks. I see myself as one who doesn't just accept most things at their face value.
Tue Feb 23, 2016, 01:09 PM
Feb 2016

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I often love digging a bit deeper (if interested). And one who can often see reason in the opinions/thoughts of others....whether I agree with them or not.

I think I would indeed deny being accusatory, but adversarial? - likely - too many here want to jump into an argument with pre-conceived notions of whom they are arguing with just because that person might not agree 100%, or may see some things differently.

I have no agenda (hard to imagine that I guess) other then to discuss things I am interested in....guns, et. al. primarily, and constitutional history. Very interesting those.

The misdeeds of others is something we have seem to have little control over in a free society (besides incarceration etc.) , particularly when those misdeeds are of a 1st time occurrence.

good luck with this.... mikeysnot Feb 2016 #1
Or not. jmg257 Feb 2016 #2
Does this 1 story invalidate the 4 instances I cited? Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #5
Not sure. Does help show, along with all the other instances of strange people jmg257 Feb 2016 #6
When you pass by a liquor store and see people buying alcohol do you have similar thoughts Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #9
Me? What thoughts would those be?? Anyway - I would certainly be more thoughtful jmg257 Feb 2016 #11
"Although lately there have been a few stories of drunk guys with guns shooting innocent people" Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #13
Moral crusade?? What moral crusade would that be??? jmg257 Feb 2016 #16
And how about all the mayhem caused by alcohol and no gun? You act as it it doesn't exist. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #17
Wow - you are out there - I haven't acted re:: alcohol much at all... jmg257 Feb 2016 #19
Yes, the OP is about fear of guns. Particularly the irrational sort. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #20
Well - have at it, then. In the meant time, was it an "irrational fear" jmg257 Feb 2016 #21
Do victims of drunk drivers, domestic violence and rape have an irrational fear of alcohol? Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #22
Again - WHAT crusade are speaking of??? jmg257 Feb 2016 #23
Lots of things can turn deadly quickly. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #24
OF course I am!! 1) going on at length - 'cause its an jmg257 Feb 2016 #25
Then it seems there isn't much substance to your posts. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #26
Well that sucks. I see myself as one who doesn't just accept most things at their face value. jmg257 Feb 2016 #28
Oh - and no, I wouldn't feel victims of violent drunken behavior to be irrational. jmg257 Feb 2016 #30
Why did you not arrest him? scscholar Feb 2016 #27
He was a LEO. (and I at the time was not - which wouldn't have mattered). jmg257 Feb 2016 #29
Every time I am at the liquor store I see drunks buying the little bottles of Fireball... Human101948 Feb 2016 #15
But there are laws against that. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #18
This is a story about racism and police who are too eager to shoot... Human101948 Feb 2016 #3
Where in this thread or any other have i claimed LOD deaths and anti-police rhetoric Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #4
Your paranoia showing there... Human101948 Feb 2016 #7
Were anyone to try and claim these incidences were based on heightened police vigilance I would say: Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #8
Why women? Why do you think they will be impacted disproportionately? nt jmg257 Feb 2016 #10
It has been my experience over the years that when the subject Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #12
Ah got it. Ha - they should talk to my sister and sister-in-law! jmg257 Feb 2016 #14
As usual the pro-control folk have it backwards n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Feb 2016 #31
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