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Gun Control & RKBA

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Thu Aug 23, 2012, 12:32 AM Aug 2012

Priorities [View all]

This discussion thread was locked by krispos42 (a host of the Gun Control & RKBA group).

Do you prefer to spend your extra $$$ on guns or re-electing the President?

8 votes, 6 passes | Time left: Poll closed
6 (75%)
President Obama
2 (25%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Priorities [View all] ellisonz Aug 2012 OP
Are they mutually exclusive? holdencaufield Aug 2012 #1
That's not the question. ellisonz Aug 2012 #2
WTF is "extra" money? I don't have any of that Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #92
There isn't one except in the minds of Union Scribe Aug 2012 #15
+1 :) n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2012 #88
You are only Jenoch Aug 2012 #3
I think you're making my point for me very well. ellisonz Aug 2012 #5
I don't have extra $$$ sarisataka Aug 2012 #4
So really you're asking Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #6
Don't reframe the question. ellisonz Aug 2012 #8
Well Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #10
false choice. gejohnston Aug 2012 #7
Sorry, but this is a false dilemma push poll. I'll pass. nt rDigital Aug 2012 #9
So you'd rather have a new gun and President Mitt Romney? ellisonz Aug 2012 #11
How about both (and a lot more things)? petronius Aug 2012 #12
That's why the OP Title is "Priorities" ellisonz Aug 2012 #13
Both and more, like I said. It's not an A or B choice. petronius Aug 2012 #16
Mitt Romney is outraising President Obama. ellisonz Aug 2012 #18
What good will your cable do, for that matter. Union Scribe Aug 2012 #21
You didn't answer my question - why do you think it's A or B? petronius Aug 2012 #22
Actually I did. ellisonz Aug 2012 #25
No, you didn't. Why is it only one or the other? petronius Aug 2012 #28
I don't buy guns/ammo. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #29
That's cool. There are lots of things I don't buy. So? petronius Aug 2012 #31
Dodge. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #33
Honda, actually. But again, you haven't answered my questions in any of the previous petronius Aug 2012 #36
Yeah regretting taking you off ignore. ellisonz Aug 2012 #53
Well, nobody forced you. Clames Aug 2012 #56
I haven't trashed this group... ellisonz Aug 2012 #60
Didn't know that one. Clames Aug 2012 #64
I think you're badly misreading the way this thread has gone. nt Union Scribe Aug 2012 #58
I squirm? Why don't you just answer the questions, then? petronius Aug 2012 #61
You reframe the basic question to avoid having to provide a direct answer... ellisonz Aug 2012 #66
Well shoot, and you never even helped me out with that petronius Aug 2012 #74
Isn't the time you spend posting better spent Union Scribe Aug 2012 #35
Clearly, you have no clue... ellisonz Aug 2012 #52
Wow, you're even perfect when NOT doing things! Union Scribe Aug 2012 #55
It's true. ellisonz Aug 2012 #57
Yet instead of focusing on that, our common goal Union Scribe Aug 2012 #59
Can I assume you pay for your internet? Missycim Aug 2012 #90
Please list the things you spend your "extra $$$" on Union Scribe Aug 2012 #14
I've given already and will give more soon. ellisonz Aug 2012 #17
I'm sure if we try we can get him some more money. Union Scribe Aug 2012 #20
I go hiking 30 minutes away twice weekly. ellisonz Aug 2012 #23
Yeah, I expected that. Union Scribe Aug 2012 #34
I don't spend my money on guns. ellisonz Aug 2012 #39
You do a lot of laughing for someone with such awful arguments. Union Scribe Aug 2012 #41
Can't stand the heat. Get out of the kitchen. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #63
Heat? No flames here. Clames Aug 2012 #69
smh Union Scribe Aug 2012 #70
Also, GD doesn't seem to be flailing to justify obsessions like the Gungeon. ellisonz Aug 2012 #68
You had a point here? Clames Aug 2012 #71
Why are you spending your money Jenoch Aug 2012 #85
What a lousy, poorly conceived poll. Clames Aug 2012 #19
So how much are you spending on guns? ellisonz Aug 2012 #24
Not as much as I'm spending on food... Clames Aug 2012 #26
Good going, Romney. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #27
You sure you should be congratulating him on this site? Clames Aug 2012 #30
At least I'm not buying guns... ellisonz Aug 2012 #32
I appreciate that because ... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #38
That's the truth. Clames Aug 2012 #40
I have two Chiappa models on backorder holdencaufield Aug 2012 #42
I was looking at a Chiappa Rhino 5" in .357 Clames Aug 2012 #46
Every bite of that ... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #43
Well, I got an awesome deal on a new European pillow top mattress for starters... Clames Aug 2012 #48
Priorities ... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #37
Wow. ellisonz Aug 2012 #44
It's appropriate that I use it ... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #45
Generally ellisonz Aug 2012 #47
Really? Clames Aug 2012 #51
My point exactly. ellisonz Aug 2012 #54
Rly? Clames Aug 2012 #62
"I personally am offended to see the symbol of my faith associated with such ignorance. " holdencaufield Aug 2012 #65
I look at life without needing to make asinine statments... ellisonz Aug 2012 #67
Since you're a homeboy ... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #72
Do you realize how many more groups there are dedicated to peace? n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #76
No...you just spend your time lamely trying to troll hunt... Clames Aug 2012 #73
I don't know why you guys have such a problem... ellisonz Aug 2012 #77
I don't know why you have such a hard time understanding nobody really wants to bother with you... Clames Aug 2012 #87
I don't know why you have such a hard time supporting Democratic causes... ellisonz Aug 2012 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author ellisonz Aug 2012 #78
Shall we add avatar police to your pretend resume? Union Scribe Aug 2012 #49
Spoken like the poster with nothing but a question mark. ellisonz Aug 2012 #50
President's what? Jenoch Aug 2012 #86
What is this "extra $$$" you write of? slackmaster Aug 2012 #75
Does he really need my money to win in a 42 state landslide? ileus Aug 2012 #79
Can I take my wife to dinner and the movies? Or is that wasting extra $$$? nt hack89 Aug 2012 #80
Curses! Outed by ellisonz, troll hunter! rrneck Aug 2012 #81
Summer Break Is Over CokeMachine Aug 2012 #83
You asked the question poorly, or you just asked the wrong question. NewMoonTherian Aug 2012 #82
That's like the question: Remmah2 Aug 2012 #84
Do you? ellisonz Aug 2012 #93
I beat my wife rarely. Remmah2 Aug 2012 #95
You're lucky she doesn't pull a gun. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #102
Only if she catches me cheating. Remmah2 Aug 2012 #110
Ahh this old chestnut again.. X_Digger Aug 2012 #91
Care to the answer the question? ellisonz Aug 2012 #94
And buy into your false equivalence? X_Digger Aug 2012 #96
So you're buying more guns rather than supporting the President? ellisonz Aug 2012 #97
So your fingers are in my mouth again? X_Digger Aug 2012 #98
Care to answer the question... ellisonz Aug 2012 #101
I refuse to buy your false equivalence. X_Digger Aug 2012 #105
how did you come to that conclusion? gejohnston Aug 2012 #99
Conclusions don't end in question marks. n/t ellisonz Aug 2012 #100
it does when you pretend it is a question gejohnston Aug 2012 #103
I like pie. PavePusher Aug 2012 #104
Dis topic are full uf Gun Control Phale and... PavePusher Aug 2012 #106
Let's look at your results: krispos42 Aug 2012 #107
Why do you hate Christmas? ellisonz Aug 2012 #109
No dodging. krispos42 Aug 2012 #111
So you do hate Christmas... ellisonz Aug 2012 #112
Locking krispos42 Aug 2012 #113
LOL, since their not mutually exclusive... I picked the first.. virginia mountainman Aug 2012 #108
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