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In reply to the discussion: My uncle died this evening. [View all]
Holding you in love and light. I am so very sorry for your loss. niyad Feb 10 #1
Thank you so much. LoisB Feb 10 #3
My condolences to you and your family... lisa58 Feb 10 #2
Thank you for the kind words. LoisB Feb 10 #5
You cry because you love... lisa58 Feb 10 #7
My best wishes for you and your family as you honor this good man you love so dearly. Deuxcents Feb 10 #4
Thank you. LoisB Feb 10 #6
My sympathies, my friend. calimary Feb 10 #8
Thank you calimary. Yes, he did. LoisB Feb 10 #17
I'm sorry Louis. Thank you for telling us about him. mahina Feb 10 #9
Thank you very much. LoisB Feb 10 #18
It looks like you and your uncle had a special relationship LoisB (LoLo). And that you have loving memories of him. George McGovern Feb 10 #10
Oh yes indeed. He was my hero in life. LoisB Feb 10 #19
Sorry for your loss. Paz❤️ RestoreAmerica2020 Feb 10 #11
Thank you so much RestoreAmerica 2020. LoisB Feb 10 #20
My condolences on your loss. (eom) StevieM Feb 10 #12
Thank you very much StevieM. LoisB Feb 10 #21
Hugs Randomthought Feb 10 #13
Thank you. You are so right. LoisB Feb 10 #22
I'm so sorry for your loss Lois. Uncles leave us livetohike Feb 10 #14
Thank you livetohike. Uncles are indeed special. LoisB Feb 10 #23
And he was loved enough for his legacy to be celebrated. All any of us can ask for. Chainfire Feb 10 #15
Chainfire, you are absolutely correct. LoisB Feb 10 #24
Hugs nt XanaDUer2 Feb 10 #16
Thank you XanaDUer2 LoisB Feb 10 #25
... RKP5637 Feb 10 #26
Thank you RKP5637. A group hug is very much appreciated. LoisB Feb 10 #29
Because it happens to all of us. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 10 #27
Yes. We all do get a turn. LoisB Feb 10 #28
I don't mean that cavalierly, either, LoisB. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 10 #30
I did not take it that way. LoisB Feb 19 #34
There's no replacing a beloved human BeyondGeography Feb 10 #31
That is true. Thank you very much. LoisB Feb 19 #35
My deepest condolences. sinkingfeeling Feb 11 #32
Thank you so much. Please forgive the late response. LoisB Feb 19 #36
I am sorry for you loss LetMyPeopleVote Feb 11 #33
Thank you so much LetMyPeopleVote. Much appreciated. LoisB Feb 19 #37
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