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123. Yeah, I know a few
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 04:29 PM
Feb 2016

To my knowledge, they all worked their way up. I don't think I know any that just inherited money and didn't know the other side of life.

My only problem as certain friends get into the high 1% is that sometimes it's a lot harder to contact them and get a response. I mainly attribute that to that there's probably a zillion people trying to reach them too. But when I do get in touch, they're invariably nice, and fully appreciative of their luck in life and not forgetful at all of how they got there.

Yeah, Hillary is rich now. She had a President for a husband. As Senators (as well as presidents) they get lifetime pensions that will blow away the average mortal makes. There's also speaking fees, and books. Also, depending on how the campaign ran, they get access to the leftover campaign funds.

Hell, I'd max it out too. But I'd hate to think it would disqualify me, particularly all the experience I picked up in the process of getting there.

Even when I made a lot more money (pushing me to the 1% too, though that's not the case any more) I still went to the store every day, knew how to use the self-checkout, knew the prices of most of the stuff I bought. I couldn't have answered the gotcha question of how much is a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs because I'm lactose interolant and don't drink milk and simply don't like eggs. But I buy them now for my family and I know what the costs are ($2.50 to $4 for milk, depending on what brand you get, and anywhere from $2 to $6 for eggs, depending if they're generic or fancy "organic" eggs from chickens raised in what sounds like spas on a tropical island).

There is an advantage to being rich, having come up from basically nothing. You get to see both sides of the coin. You know what it's like to have to struggle, and you also know what can be done when you have power and money, and you'd be surprised how that viewpoint works. I'm still lucky enough to have a house, fireplace, dogs, and multiple cars, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten what it was like to earn $4.50 minimum wage (or less! I think $2.50 or $3.25 when I started), ride my bike to work and live in a hostel for $45/month. Just because you worked past that doesn't mean you no longer remember or care about that. If anything, it's given me an expanded view of life. I'm not currently valued in the millions, but even if I was, I wouldn't be out of touch.

I have some people I know that have more money than I can imagine ever getting at this point. But they all started from scratch, and are perfectly friendly. Suspicious of new friendships, perhaps, but I assume that comes with the territory. But for people they know and trust, they're great.

If you're looking at a trust-fund baby, like that asshole "affluenza" Ethan Couch, then yeah, you'll find jerks.

I'm voting for Bernie myself (already have, since I live in NH), but if I was going to vote against Hillary, it wouldn't be because she had money or access to it. I'm going to vote for the Dem nominee whichever one it is, but I'm not going to write her off because she succeeded and think she doesn't remember anything.

Trump, however, has succeded most expectations but I won't vote for him because of that, simply because I think he's a dangerous asshole with no mental filter. I do give him credit, though, I think he's a great negotiator and a compelling self-marketer (he's gone the farthest while spending the least), but his values don't match mine, or even America's I think. I might hire him to run a company, but not the country.

I lived in Burlington when Bernie was mayor. I had a front-row seat at a recent "town hall" meeting that he ran. In all this time, he is just consistent, and I'll vote for him in a second. Hillary is not my first choice, but I'm not going to dismiss her just because she and Bill (both lawyers, and politicians, and compelling speakers (specifically, Bill)). If she's in the GE, then I'll vote for her. Not my first choice, but I'm not going to throw her out just because she was smart enough to earn money.

Do you remember Ross Perot? He had a shitload of money and a lot of, seemingly, radical but on-topic ideas. I suspect he would have done better now than 20 years ago. He didn't have it all quite together, and made a dent but didn't win. If Bernie had made $20 million on some investment, would you discount him too? I'd hope not.

Do you know a really rich person? [View all] togetherforever Feb 2016 OP
I personally know some CEOs of huge corporations and plenty of filthy rich people Buzz Clik Feb 2016 #1
Good lord, how are you not on my Forever Ignored list? nt valerief Feb 2016 #3
No idea. Buzz Clik Feb 2016 #7
Yup, just plain folk. sulphurdunn Feb 2016 #75
Snort! dchill Feb 2016 #138
Splains the concept of 'trickle down' n/t w0nderer Feb 2016 #148
You sound like a very hateful person. Purrfessor Feb 2016 #161
You sound like a very judgemental, credulous and servile kind of person. sulphurdunn Feb 2016 #198
My comment to you is not a judgment but an observation. Purrfessor Feb 2016 #199
Uh-huh sulphurdunn Feb 2016 #200
How much more money and wealth ultragreen Feb 2016 #203
Define rich. Purrfessor Feb 2016 #207
Money divides marions ghost Feb 2016 #214
My problem is the notion that everyone who attains a certain level and of wealth... Purrfessor Feb 2016 #226
It's OK to be suspicious marions ghost Feb 2016 #230
So by your logic we should be suspicious of all poor people... Purrfessor Feb 2016 #237
False analogy marions ghost Feb 2016 #239
And Im not defending rich corporatists and their Purrfessor Feb 2016 #244
The social group you identify with--ie. the Rich marions ghost Feb 2016 #247
I don't identify with any group. Neither am I an apologist for any group. Purrfessor Feb 2016 #251
I think we all KNOW what numbers describe the Rich marions ghost Feb 2016 #257
What an odd response to your very simple statement. 7962 Feb 2016 #119
Yes, and the Romneys used an ironing board as a dining table while he was in school. merrily Feb 2016 #160
+1 LOL! TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #51
made my day!!! erlewyne Feb 2016 #65
Lmao Kittycat Feb 2016 #112
It can be interesting to see how far some will go. merrily Feb 2016 #154
Comic relief? Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #212
Well then Clinton is clearly the candidate for you. 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #10
Yeah, I guess you know my friends better than I. Buzz Clik Feb 2016 #14
I guess when you're 'part of the club' or useful to them in some way, 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #22
My, my. Judge much? Buzz Clik Feb 2016 #26
Just taking you at your word. nt 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #31
Seems like someone likes the warm glow of the rich packman Feb 2016 #69
Lap-dog position and cubby hole. LMAO PonyUp Feb 2016 #87
Post removed Post removed Feb 2016 #126
Friends are people we socialize with. If you have all these rich friends, Divernan Feb 2016 #79
I have seen this, and second what you have said marions ghost Feb 2016 #216
This is a generalization and may not apply to your friends creatives4innovation Feb 2016 #81
Which means pretty much squat Major Nikon Feb 2016 #71
Like it or not: "Income inequality makes the rich more Scrooge-like". 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #89
Mitt Romney gave 30% of his income to charity in one year Major Nikon Feb 2016 #98
Good for him. Is Mitt one of your heroes ? n/t 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #101
Your "science" shows he's one of yours, no? Major Nikon Feb 2016 #102
He's certainly an exception to the rule, yes. 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #103
I suspect most of it went to the Mormon church Major Nikon Feb 2016 #108
Damn, you're right. I forgot about Mitt's funny underwear. nt 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #113
I suspect a lot of that went to the Morman Church Punx Feb 2016 #109
Which is pretty much my point Major Nikon Feb 2016 #110
Well we agree here Punx Feb 2016 #121
Wealthy give more dollars: Poor give more proportionally. newthinking Feb 2016 #152
Agree, except that marions ghost Feb 2016 #218
Agreed, we absolutely need to support the arts too newthinking Feb 2016 #248
Totally with you on that marions ghost Feb 2016 #249
Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I am familiar with Mormon charities. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #125
Did your source say what charities? Mr.Bill Feb 2016 #127
The Mormon Church and related organizations, I take it? merrily Feb 2016 #162
Nixon paid almost no taxes despite reporting over a million $ in income while he was presidunce Major Nikon Feb 2016 #163
I am not seeing the connection between that and what I said. As to Romney, however, he merrily Feb 2016 #166
Nixon's tax scam involved the donation of significantly overvalued writings Major Nikon Feb 2016 #172
Ok, I get it now. You hadn't mentioned the overvalued writings initially. Your original point is merrily Feb 2016 #173
So in his Benevolence, He gets to choose Marty McGraw Feb 2016 #259
We never feel secure. Hence, rich people never feel secure, and never feel that they JDPriestly Feb 2016 #118
Yep. kristopher Feb 2016 #131
I don't agree that greed comes from rich people not feeling financially secure. merrily Feb 2016 #167
Re: expecting special treatment as biggest donors to charity? Divernan Feb 2016 #217
That, too. And the society writers feed into it. However, the power, the merrily Feb 2016 #255
Yes yes yes! mainer Feb 2016 #186
Traditionally one way the poor get the rich to spread the wealth is by kidnapping. Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2016 #193
Thank you for the laugh . . . I needed that. Petrushka Feb 2016 #204
Sadly this is statistically true marions ghost Feb 2016 #215
plenty of filthy rich people SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #19
Have you asked those questions of the author of the OP? Buzz Clik Feb 2016 #24
There are 3 for me by that definition SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #30
Someone who lives in a shanty in Jakarta could make the same equally true statement about you Major Nikon Feb 2016 #82
here let me help SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #85
It would be pretty interesting to find research that can see into someone's character Major Nikon Feb 2016 #91
+100 Tab Feb 2016 #129
It's not necessarily a question of "sh*tbaggery" as much as it is an ability or inability to merrily Feb 2016 #164
That's not particular to rich vs poor Major Nikon Feb 2016 #171
Cool story bro libtodeath Feb 2016 #44
A place where people from our party defend the 1% Hydra Feb 2016 #111
It is sickening. libtodeath Feb 2016 #122
Personally, I will criticize members of the 1% who... Purrfessor Feb 2016 #165
And a place where people ignore that the global 1% starts at $34K for an individual Recursion Feb 2016 #189
Science says the rich tend to be less compassionate... Akamai Feb 2016 #105
I find the root of it more interesting w0nderer Feb 2016 #151
You say either or, as though it's "either or." Probably be a bit of a combination. Akamai Feb 2016 #183
Both marions ghost Feb 2016 #219
Do you know second and third generation really rich people? That's where the decadence JDPriestly Feb 2016 #117
Good point. Nearly ALL "rich" that i know are all self made, not inherited. 7962 Feb 2016 #130
i agree about the trust fund babies questionseverything Feb 2016 #134
the op does not say the rich are bad people questionseverything Feb 2016 #133
Thank you for that togetherforever Feb 2016 #136
Many doctors have lost memory of before they were wealthy TNNurse Feb 2016 #146
Lost memory , I like that togetherforever Feb 2016 #149
This guy is pretty nice TNNurse Feb 2016 #155
Perfect example marions ghost Feb 2016 #243
How many is "plenty"? And what kind of sample is that. Besides it's really beside the point. rhett o rick Feb 2016 #139
I call bs. merrily Feb 2016 #153
I live in Silicon Valley elljay Feb 2016 #206
I bet they make fun of you ultragreen Feb 2016 #201
About those filthy rich people: ultragreen Feb 2016 #202
True Albertoo Feb 2016 #228
They look at us like we're dogs. Useful and loyal but not the same species. nt valerief Feb 2016 #2
They demand our loyalty even as they pursue policies that fuck us over. Repeatedly. stillwaiting Feb 2016 #12
Exactly,they wonder why we would want another .50 per hour while they worry how to save thousands on libtodeath Feb 2016 #45
Not too generous with the doggie treats, either! merrily Feb 2016 #168
Who unlocked your chains? tazkcmo Feb 2016 #4
I do not hold my opinion based on net worth, I realize lots of people do this, Thinkingabout Feb 2016 #5
oh please grasswire Feb 2016 #11
I asked the same question...the silence is deafening. Always is with this one. Punkingal Feb 2016 #41
I'm curious, too. davidthegnome Feb 2016 #61
For Pete's sake... Punkingal Feb 2016 #13
I'm also interested in your post. Old Crow Feb 2016 #55
I am all ears on this ??? togetherforever Feb 2016 #66
Please provide an example of bad things Sanders has said about women. 7962 Feb 2016 #124
I am a woman and have never heard these awful these passiveporcupine Feb 2016 #180
He knows how people treated as second class citizens feel, right? marions ghost Feb 2016 #220
"Lets move away from the 1% just this once folks" PowerToThePeople Feb 2016 #6
Math is hard feathateathn Feb 2016 #35
expected PowerToThePeople Feb 2016 #38
So you're for absolute equality then feathateathn Feb 2016 #213
The math is easy Hydra Feb 2016 #115
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ marions ghost Feb 2016 #222
One branch of my family is very rich noamnety Feb 2016 #8
The mafia always look after family marions ghost Feb 2016 #221
This message was self-deleted by its author AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #253
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #9
More fit than Shillary. hobbit709 Feb 2016 #16
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #23
Ooh, great nickname SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #80
I'll call her what I want. hobbit709 Feb 2016 #84
I do tk2kewl Feb 2016 #15
I conduct surveys for the gummit Le Taz Hot Feb 2016 #17
Taking gifts on a government job, eh? jberryhill Feb 2016 #33
I confess. Le Taz Hot Feb 2016 #42
Homemade tamales are to die for passiveporcupine Feb 2016 #181
The ones who have the least more often than not give the most togetherforever Feb 2016 #53
See my post 79 re working on the census Divernan Feb 2016 #100
I can't see it. Le Taz Hot Feb 2016 #106
I've known a few. Some were asses, some were OK, and few were human beings. hobbit709 Feb 2016 #18
That is exactly what I was going to say. mainstreetonce Feb 2016 #144
yes , and all of them are very good people. stonecutter357 Feb 2016 #20
Post removed Post removed Feb 2016 #27
Members of the elite parasite class Mudcat Feb 2016 #21
What do you mean by "really rich"? mainer Feb 2016 #25
The wealthiest was in the top 500 togetherforever Feb 2016 #32
A bunch of us were going camping one weekend. 1%er showed up with a brand new CAMPER. Hiraeth Feb 2016 #28
yes, even at Burning Man MisterP Feb 2016 #78
I know one really rich person... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #29
You describe the RARE exception marions ghost Feb 2016 #224
Two different people so I must have been lucky./nt DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #235
I do not know UglyGreed Feb 2016 #34
When I was in college I worked concrete construction in the summers. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2016 #43
I hung doors UglyGreed Feb 2016 #176
I happen to know a couple madokie Feb 2016 #36
Our adult son is good friends with a rich man from a very rich family and it always.... Tikki Feb 2016 #37
A couple I used to work for.... Punkingal Feb 2016 #39
I've known a number of very wealthy people magical thyme Feb 2016 #40
Yes I do. Great guy, great friend - and very disconnected. NRaleighLiberal Feb 2016 #46
That's not true for rich people who used to be poor or middle class MaggieD Feb 2016 #47
Have you looked at the upward mobility in the US? Loudestlib Feb 2016 #104
Unless you are interacting with some people zalinda Feb 2016 #48
Sorry, that's not really true IME MaggieD Feb 2016 #49
Most people, rich or poor, don't know you exist mainer Feb 2016 #72
If you don't make a conscious effort to be an exception to the rule, Rebkeh Feb 2016 #50
I've met a very rich person -- the CEO/Chairman of the mid-sized corporation I work for Martin Eden Feb 2016 #52
Yes ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #54
I know plenty of really rich people, probably worked in the same industry you did dorkzilla Feb 2016 #56
I think it depends on HOW they got their money. mainer Feb 2016 #57
Yes, my ex, a millionaire. narnian60 Feb 2016 #58
Yes I did, and we do not even exist to them any more than a homeless person does. LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #59
Seriously? Snerd Feb 2016 #60
and Democrats are represented by everyone in this thread!!! Skittles Feb 2016 #93
Read The Great Gatsby. jalan48 Feb 2016 #62
"Hillary was on the Board of Walmart" marions ghost Feb 2016 #225
I know quite a few rich people - their personalities vary as much as most other people I know EffieBlack Feb 2016 #63
Agree frazzled Feb 2016 #70
+1 onenote Feb 2016 #92
yup Reagan also didn't come from wealth JI7 Feb 2016 #145
yes, humans do show all stripes ellennelle Feb 2016 #150
I'm with you. PatrickforO Feb 2016 #64
Someone in my synagogue had 300 million jg10003 Feb 2016 #67
Only one. davidthegnome Feb 2016 #68
I've known Republican and Democratic wealth. senz Feb 2016 #73
money's not an amount to them--"I have N so I can buy something that costs M" MisterP Feb 2016 #74
i do know some really rich people. barbtries Feb 2016 #76
I have never met anyone I knew was super wealthy. Half-Century Man Feb 2016 #77
Really nice post. Thanks for sharing. 7wo7rees Feb 2016 #83
I've been friends, quite by chance with several billionaires. Nitram Feb 2016 #86
But because of her ties marions ghost Feb 2016 #229
I don't know any. They apparently don't enter my circle often. Juicy_Bellows Feb 2016 #88
Like you, before I retired, I worked with some of the richest people in Cleita Feb 2016 #90
I know someone worth $50 million, and he's a good person JohnnyRingo Feb 2016 #94
My father-in-law became rich and he didn't change at all PonyUp Feb 2016 #95
personally know PatrynXX Feb 2016 #96
I grew up around rich people Rebkeh Feb 2016 #97
yes, OP. Hillary making 1/4 to 1/2 mil a speech does not support the $15 minimum wage everywhere. greymouse Feb 2016 #99
define "really rich" shanti Feb 2016 #107
Yes. I've known a few. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #114
Some of the rich are OK . . FairWinds Feb 2016 #116
I didn't say they were all bad people togetherforever Feb 2016 #137
Lots of people do. Like Trump said, "I've personally hired tens of thousands closeupready Feb 2016 #120
Yeah, I know a few Tab Feb 2016 #123
I have worked for celebrity royalty olddots Feb 2016 #128
That's exactly what we have done in my family. malokvale77 Feb 2016 #132
I've heard/read politicians in D.C. say what a bubble they live in. Lodestar Feb 2016 #135
Bernie is a charter member of the Washington elite EffieBlack Feb 2016 #185
KICK kgnu_fan Feb 2016 #140
I don't know exactly how much wealth people had when I met them... steve2470 Feb 2016 #141
In the 1950's, 60 and 70's it was different. They were leaders. Now, not so much. Festivito Feb 2016 #142
I used to know some really rich people.... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2016 #143
Oh, those "Upstairs, Downstairs" woes. valerief Feb 2016 #156
Clinton and other oligarchs by definition don't relate to the little people. SciDude Feb 2016 #147
In answer to your question...no. But if I did... JustAMaverick Feb 2016 #157
Yes ananda Feb 2016 #158
Bernie fosters inclusion, cooperation and consideration for others. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #159
I think this story encapsulates: We were having a discussion about battered women with children. merrily Feb 2016 #169
Thats been my experience zentrum Feb 2016 #170
I think you may have experienced some selection pressure. NNadir Feb 2016 #174
You exaggerate marions ghost Feb 2016 #238
Please avoid telling me what I do and do not know. NNadir Feb 2016 #254
Any reply to you would be a waste of time marions ghost Feb 2016 #258
You're correct this time. I'm not interested in simplistic things or, for people who don't have... NNadir Feb 2016 #260
You didn't talk to either my husband or me. Loki Feb 2016 #175
Thank you for expressing it very well. mainer Feb 2016 #182
I've been close with a number of wealthy AND extremely wealthy people - most of them were the most blm Feb 2016 #177
Well she said she... deathrind Feb 2016 #178
Many. I grew up with many and live amongst many (not by choice). Hillary is nothing like them. kerry-is-my-prez Feb 2016 #179
Yes I worked with rich people and they are no better than I am kimbutgar Feb 2016 #184
I don't think it's wealth that launched Hillary into La-La Land Sen. Walter Sobchak Feb 2016 #187
Just about everyone I know in the US is in the global 1% by PPP income, so yeah Recursion Feb 2016 #188
A word about "the rich" and why they isolate themselves mainer Feb 2016 #190
You describe the sickness well marions ghost Feb 2016 #236
I consider myself one of them. I'm a Bernie supporter. mainer Feb 2016 #240
OK, defend the rich marions ghost Feb 2016 #241
You attacked a whole category of people mainer Feb 2016 #242
I said marions ghost Feb 2016 #246
Just watch that TV show "Undercover Boss" Curmudgeoness Feb 2016 #191
This message was self-deleted by its author Denis 11 Feb 2016 #192
Worst OP I've seen this election season Chico Man Feb 2016 #194
You people are really sad! katmille Feb 2016 #195
You don't know rich people or the dog eat dog business world AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #252
Most of the truly wealthy would commit suicide or have nervous breakdowns if they were brewens Feb 2016 #196
well said marions ghost Feb 2016 #234
My brother is an insurance adjuster. He had to visit a LibDemAlways Feb 2016 #197
I know dozens of rich persons. They may not be wealthy, but they know . . . Petrushka Feb 2016 #205
I think that much of that braddy Feb 2016 #208
you know them by what they do, how they act. pdsimdars Feb 2016 #209
She had to conform to get where she is... marions ghost Feb 2016 #232
Yep loyalsister Feb 2016 #210
"they don't think of themselves as equals with us" BainsBane Feb 2016 #211
As Democrats you'd think we'd all be against prejudice. LAS14 Feb 2016 #223
Everyone judges marions ghost Feb 2016 #231
"that's how intelligent people discuss things." mainer Feb 2016 #250
Of course marions ghost Feb 2016 #256
Excellent and timely post. nt ladjf Feb 2016 #227
Since the beginning (around 2006), Hillary's campaign has been entirely about Hillary Doctor_J Feb 2016 #233
A home in Hillary's NY hometown of Chappaqua UglyGreed Feb 2016 #245
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