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83. srs
Mon Mar 7, 2016, 10:51 AM
Mar 2016

workers' rights are women's rights. raising the minimum wage is overwhelmingly a women's issue (although I guess minorities can lay claim as well).
i'm so pissed that letting mr sanders finish his effing sentence is considered "sexist". hillary hates me. she will not protect my social security and will not fight for me to get a decent paying job. what has she ever done to fight for the rights of women. her husband is a freaking sexual harrasser and all accounts point to the fact that she helped cover up his worst behavior. this primary is female class warfare: get behind our corporatist candidate, because women. lol no!

it's been a long time since someone stuck their finger in my face. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #1
LOL!...she should apply some manners....RUDE is an understatement! Segami Mar 2016 #2
'Me-Me-Me-Hillary' didn't even yield to Anderson Cooper's numerous attempts Segami Mar 2016 #9
I saw the debate. Hillary talked whenever and for as long as she ladjf Mar 2016 #22
Absolutely! marew Mar 2016 #24
If I had been the one to debate her, I couldn't have handled it well at all. ladjf Mar 2016 #27
There are several reasons I don't run for office. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #170
She has done this in most, if not all of the "debates", and it's disgusting. She takes up way more kath Mar 2016 #140
I don't think she is a very nice person. earthside Mar 2016 #160
If they actually gave a shit about misogyny, they wouldn't support a campaign run by Marr Mar 2016 #196
That's it. nt zentrum Mar 2016 #142
She was offended because he didn't immediately come to heel. Bubzer Mar 2016 #108
My daughter just told me bvf Mar 2016 #56
he never stuck a finger "in her face" Fast Walker 52 Mar 2016 #3
bull stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #6
that is more a feature of how close the podiums were to each other... Fast Walker 52 Mar 2016 #8
He would not like waging his finger at me........ stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #13
Grow up... Dawgs Mar 2016 #21
ok stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #23
What would you do? tazkcmo Mar 2016 #29
Put him in an 'Iron Maiden'....LOL! Segami Mar 2016 #37
omg, can you imagine the reaction if a Bernie supporter said something like this about Hillary? liberalnarb Mar 2016 #46
Okay, I will RoccoR5955 Mar 2016 #154
+1 Go Vols Mar 2016 #184
I would definitely agree with parrot. PyaarRevolution Mar 2016 #185
What would i do? stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #39
You already did. tazkcmo Mar 2016 #42
nice a personal attack. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #45
lol tazkcmo Mar 2016 #48
God, it's really all they have, all they do pdsimdars Mar 2016 #73
And when called out tazkcmo Mar 2016 #82
a personal attack is if I claim you did something you didn't. Javaman Mar 2016 #124
LOL. nt Snotcicles Mar 2016 #134
Nice. liberalnarb Mar 2016 #44
Right on the debate floor? Reter Mar 2016 #77
I would rather have Respect than votes.... stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #84
Wish your candidate felt the same. mac56 Mar 2016 #100
so you think beedle Mar 2016 #103
You'de be granted neither. Bubzer Mar 2016 #105
granted ? stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #107
Your demand would be irrelevant. Respect is given, not taken. Bubzer Mar 2016 #109
you would have no choice in the matter. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #112
BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Hear Ye, Hear Ye! stonecutter357 has assumed the throne! Bubzer Mar 2016 #114
I think having principles is more important because that is who I vote for.............. turbinetree Mar 2016 #159
Are you a 1%'er? Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #169
Would you pull it and see if he lets out a toot? snooper2 Mar 2016 #54
Ooh no JackInGreen Mar 2016 #88
What would you do tough guy? panader0 Mar 2016 #179
So dishonest and sexist - making her a victim. Typical, though. nt. polly7 Mar 2016 #10
how so polly? stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #11
How do you THINK?? polly7 Mar 2016 #14
. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #15
What's funny? Lying about sexism? polly7 Mar 2016 #17
Tragically, thats the real victim here. Segami Mar 2016 #18
" this posts has been hidden by a DU Jury" DanTex. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #20
Posting that in the middle of an actual discussion is like taking a big crap on the subject matter. Bluenorthwest Mar 2016 #59
ok stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #70
Then why am I still here, am I hidden too? pdsimdars Mar 2016 #78
srs redruddyred Mar 2016 #83
Yes. This brazen campaign ploy cheapens concerns about ACTUAL sexism RufusTFirefly Mar 2016 #115
No reply? tazkcmo Mar 2016 #34
And all you get is tazkcmo Mar 2016 #38
I watched the debate. This two dimensional photograph distorts the actual ladjf Mar 2016 #30
And Clinton could have said, lets switch podiums, if she felt threatened. I do not buy that Clinton DhhD Mar 2016 #71
Looks like he's pointing more towards the audience than at Hillary, but don't let that A Simple Game Mar 2016 #90
? stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #93
Bullshit. jhart3333 Mar 2016 #94
no i am not. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #95
Okay. I believe you. jhart3333 Mar 2016 #97
Er.. NHprogressive Mar 2016 #101
LOL! Good one, NHprogressive. nt Duval Mar 2016 #135
Is it not long past time to acknowledge Bernie is not misogynist? NHprogressive Mar 2016 #147
Welcome to DU! panader0 Mar 2016 #181
Bullshit indeed. Here you go, have some finger wag and a great response to her nasty interruptions Autumn Mar 2016 #123
I did not give this woman permission to talk over me. Gary 50 Mar 2016 #129
Waaahhhhh Waaaahhhhh MaynardGeeKrebs Mar 2016 #132
much ado about nothing. he's pointing ahead of her; his finger is a good 2 feet away from her face magical thyme Mar 2016 #133
Make him stop yelling and pointing at me! Fawke Em Mar 2016 #187
You candidate was behaving boorishly, cutting off her opponent. You can admit it. Marr Mar 2016 #197
There were a few times fun n serious Mar 2016 #64
SO, your contention is that Bettie Mar 2016 #19
Clearly he must be brought to heel.... Bubzer Mar 2016 #116
Duzy! peacebird Mar 2016 #199
Nice Hillary blinders you have one Perogie Mar 2016 #36
She a strong woman. Bernie's nothing after 11 hours before the RW congressional hearings. Fla Dem Mar 2016 #143
Oh please. blackspade Mar 2016 #155
And Hillary is NOT left-handed Blue_In_AK Mar 2016 #182
She should step up and tell her supporters to stop this crap! nt. polly7 Mar 2016 #192
If it hasn't happened to you, maybe it's because noamnety Mar 2016 #175
For Black Lives Matter representatives, it was fairly recently: arcane1 Mar 2016 #201
It's the condescending tone, stupid! noiretextatique Mar 2016 #208
No one stuck a finger in her face. JackRiddler Mar 2016 #216
I looked and saw just even more posts supporting Bernie vintx Mar 2016 #4
I know people love to make a big deal out of these optics incidents Fast Walker 52 Mar 2016 #5
this is all strategy from David Brock, Joel Benenson and the rest GreatGazoo Mar 2016 #16
hillary's best friends. ChairmanAgnostic Mar 2016 #62
I'm glad that Bugs is for Bernie. snort Mar 2016 #85
They seem very passionate for two non-voting animals in a Red state. GreatGazoo Mar 2016 #87
Oh, THIS!! 7wo7rees Mar 2016 #161
Daffy could probably get some help with that lisp under Universal Healthcare. EmperorHasNoClothes Mar 2016 #188
Deflection is a good strategy to avoid substance noiretextatique Mar 2016 #210
What is sad Gwhittey Mar 2016 #7
Thank you...nt freebrew Mar 2016 #102
I'm glad he's not allowing her to run over his speaking. Waiting For Everyman Mar 2016 #12
From another boomer woman- marew Mar 2016 #28
I have never tolerated rudeness. Bernie doesn't either. Autumn Mar 2016 #25
Clinton claims to be a strong woman who can get the 3 am wake up call Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #26
The 3 am call will probably be from Wall Street tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #31
LOL for your last line. CrispyQ Mar 2016 #106
LOL!@or to bail Bill out. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2016 #150
"The Tokyo market is crashing...get on the red telephone to our Oval Office branch!" Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #171
She didn't say anything. WE did. fun n serious Mar 2016 #57
dude STOP IT redruddyred Mar 2016 #92
Then you are a rude person and a supporter of bullies... Buddyblazon Mar 2016 #96
Oh dear gods. Really? Jester Messiah Mar 2016 #98
Maybe you can get Hillary beedle Mar 2016 #111
I did not use the term sexist.. fun n serious Mar 2016 #120
I see ... beedle Mar 2016 #126
It was the way he did it.. fun n serious Mar 2016 #138
No, women across the globe are disgusted with Hillary farleftlib Mar 2016 #137
+1 dana_b Mar 2016 #165
As aWoman I was Offended by her constant interrupting. My mother also Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #183
and a lot of women were offended by her interruptions noiretextatique Mar 2016 #211
I was just thinking that last night... Mother Of Four Mar 2016 #127
It is tiresome noiretextatique Mar 2016 #209
Ignore works pretty good. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #32
Non sequiturs and emoticons, as usual. Bluenorthwest Mar 2016 #61
I assume her rudeness was scripted, to provoke a reaction fbc Mar 2016 #33
That was my first thought..... Segami Mar 2016 #47
probably ... beedle Mar 2016 #122
Certainly wouldn't put it past her. Bet you nailed it. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2016 #158
Given Hillary's complete lack of spontaneity, scripts are all she's got to go on. closeupready Mar 2016 #193
In past debates Bjornsdotter Mar 2016 #35
He said, "Excuse me," not "STFU, Bitch." intheflow Mar 2016 #40
+1 n/t LittleGirl Mar 2016 #49
Which would likely have been pretty close to my response! Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #172
What was Bernie to do? Geronimoe Mar 2016 #41
But of course nxylas Mar 2016 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author DUbeornot2be Mar 2016 #121
Simply running against her in the primary is sexist to some Hillary supporters. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #43
me either! eom LittleGirl Mar 2016 #50
Shame the actual issues take a backseat to this kind of nonsense EndElectoral Mar 2016 #51
This is Clinton Theater at it's best! Segami Mar 2016 #53
their best? Naw. ChairmanAgnostic Mar 2016 #66
Clinton is a master of disingenuous deflection Armstead Mar 2016 #52
Yep. She's always accusing others of what she herself has done. Jarqui Mar 2016 #58
She's continually spoke over moderators and other candidates and is now playing the victim EndElectoral Mar 2016 #60
A non-issue IMO. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #55
It should be a non-issue, but the Clinton Campaign has made it an "issue" Armstead Mar 2016 #65
He interrupted her a lot more than she interrupted him, AND he even interrupted.... George II Mar 2016 #67
Sanders is a condescending motherfucker bigdarryl Mar 2016 #68
And Clinton isn't? Armstead Mar 2016 #74
She's not the one who said EXCUSE ME I'M TALKING!!! bigdarryl Mar 2016 #75
Sanders had the polite response, Clinton was obnoxious demwing Mar 2016 #79
She's the one who kept interrupting and trying to talk over him and cut him off. Armstead Mar 2016 #80
Man is your mind off -- pdsimdars Mar 2016 #89
Joe Madison:Raising and flapping your hands in the air doesn't look Presidential bigdarryl Mar 2016 #164
... Fawke Em Mar 2016 #186
Dear Joe, yes it does. it looks fine. just fine. signed, the rest of the world. Hiraeth Mar 2016 #190
You and your tough guy buddy upthread should get together. panader0 Mar 2016 #194
that's because ... wait for it ... beedle Mar 2016 #117
Thank you MissDeeds Mar 2016 #191
No, she's the one who kept interrupting, like a mannerless, poorly-raised child. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #168
She was interrupting him noiretextatique Mar 2016 #207
no.. she was to busy interrupting him noiretextatique Mar 2016 #212
She's the one who can't 840high Mar 2016 #215
That term is best suited for Hillary! Segami Mar 2016 #91
Wow. What gutter language you use. closeupready Mar 2016 #162
It was more than obvious her constant interrupting and continuing polly7 Mar 2016 #163
Utterly shameful that a jury left this shitty, inane comment. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #166
How you do that? RoccoR5955 Mar 2016 #176
This message was self-deleted by its author Hiraeth Mar 2016 #189
This message was self-deleted by its author Pryderi Mar 2016 #200
When you are rude, man or woman, you should be called on it pdsimdars Mar 2016 #69
This reminds me of when my daughter was a little girl and would play games with her daddy. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author cyberpj Mar 2016 #76
Judging from what I have seen Old Codger Mar 2016 #81
How DARE the commoner attempt to speak while the queen is interrupting! Buns_of_Fire Mar 2016 #86
What a disingenuous criticism ejbr Mar 2016 #99
She just keeps talking to run out the clock... ConsiderThis_2016 Mar 2016 #104
The longer the smears go on, the more support Hillary will lose. Avalux Mar 2016 #110
I hate bullies & I can't stand HRC. CrispyQ Mar 2016 #113
Agreed. Hillary is very much a bully. Bubzer Mar 2016 #119
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #118
What a steaming pile. cyberswede Mar 2016 #131
Wow. Just wow. concreteblue Mar 2016 #136
I'm a woman Bettie Mar 2016 #167
wow... you don't want equality dana_b Mar 2016 #174
My comment is that Sanders and Clinton are talking, yelling and discussing the issue that rladdi Mar 2016 #125
If Hillary Clinton and company can't take criticism now... Harriety Mar 2016 #128
HE was rude? Duval Mar 2016 #130
Not sexism guys. PatrickforO Mar 2016 #139
Don't you know? zentrum Mar 2016 #141
Ugh...Brock of Corrupt the Record tries to spew some more vomit for Hill. SoapBox Mar 2016 #144
And a perfect Tweet to sum it up... SoapBox Mar 2016 #145
Of course Hillary was rude.. but all I could think of all debate was this... basselope Mar 2016 #146
I cringed just because I knew the made up bullshit would spew... blackspade Mar 2016 #148
Bernie respectful, but with limits jwmiller Mar 2016 #149
What's to defend? She was interrupting and being rude. Vinca Mar 2016 #151
And if the roles were reversed? alcina Mar 2016 #152
That cinches it, she lost the debate on substance nadinbrzezinski Mar 2016 #153
Poor, poor, Hillary. Tsk. Tsk. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #156
To me interrupting like that is a sign of entitlement. That she jwirr Mar 2016 #157
I never did care for interrupters, whether it's Hillary, Bill O'Reilly or Chris Matthews, Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #173
The fact that the Hillary camp is hitting so hard on this "finger wagging" talking point Maedhros Mar 2016 #177
^^THIS^^ dana_b Mar 2016 #178
It's their consistent repetition of phony 'outrages' like this that has made so many people Marr Mar 2016 #198
Exactly this n/t arcane1 Mar 2016 #203
deflection eom noiretextatique Mar 2016 #213
Scratching my head over this one. davidthegnome Mar 2016 #180
Many people engaged in political sparring cheat at the game, closeupready Mar 2016 #195
much ado about nothing, but serves a purpose noiretextatique Mar 2016 #214
he has so much class 2pooped2pop Mar 2016 #202
I'll just leave this here. Mufaddal Mar 2016 #204
#ExcuseMeHillary. nt silvershadow Mar 2016 #205
Misrepresentation hurts the cause felix_numinous Mar 2016 #206
She's using the Republican tactics of talking over her opponent pacalo Mar 2016 #217
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