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Wed Mar 23, 2016, 02:12 PM
Mar 2016
The towering 300 delegate lead she's got is all the "medication" we need. DanTex Mar 2016 #1
Not to mention 2.5 million more people workinclasszero Mar 2016 #37
+1000 stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #54
Delegates metroins Mar 2016 #2
yeah this.... eom artyteacher Mar 2016 #51
Two replies, and I'm seeing nothing. Mayhap you struck a nerve. nt VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #3
Echo... Echo... Agschmid Mar 2016 #40
I can only see ten chervilant Mar 2016 #52
3 more states down. Bernie is running out of states. JaneyVee Mar 2016 #4
they are a delusional lot. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #5
That's a lot of stupid voters you presume to know! randome Mar 2016 #28
Yes, "delusional" would be pinning your candidate's hopes on a non-existent indictment. nt CalvinballPro Mar 2016 #32
+! And there you have it. The great hope of how Bernie can win. n/t Sheepshank Mar 2016 #47
Bernie won last night - despite the media's blatant spin. lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #68
A little bit further than 1st grade will inform that to close a 304 delegate gap, Thor_MN Mar 2016 #72
Would 80/20 margins qualify? lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #73
He is doing just fine. Go Bernie! We are waiting for you here in CA! nt thereismore Mar 2016 #88
Perhaps in your rush to see only what you want to see, you confused me with someone else? Thor_MN Mar 2016 #90
It's more than stupid and delusional. nt grasswire Mar 2016 #82
umadbro? stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #6
Is there a total for delegates won last night? casperthegm Mar 2016 #7
Bernie won pretty handily overall lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #74
Excellent casperthegm Mar 2016 #80
I enjoy it when a guy scores a touchdown, and then celebrates wildly ... JoePhilly Mar 2016 #8
Joe, Joe, sarcasm will get you nowhere... Surya Gayatri Mar 2016 #14
So what? Dem2 Mar 2016 #9
Jury Results MidwestTech Mar 2016 #10
More chickenshit alerts. Thanks, admins. arcane1 Mar 2016 #35
Wow, they didn't even provide a reason for the alert EmperorHasNoClothes Mar 2016 #55
Hey, thanks for reminding me! Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #11
so you think that trolling a protected group reflects well on you? nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #17
Wait, you actually think I care what the Ostrich Army thinks of me? Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #18
okay, if your ego needs the satisfaction of trolling people out of malice, go for it nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #19
Golly, thanks! I was _totally_ waiting for your permission. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #20
you all have been such angels of good will, community building, and civility nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #21
I can't speak for anyone but myself... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #24
let us just say that everyone outside the Bernie Bubble has a good chuckle geek tragedy Mar 2016 #25
Holy shit, a psychic! Can you also tell the future? Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #29
a doper nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #30
Sadly, that's probably a good call. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #31
... Agschmid Mar 2016 #41
Revealed? Um... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #43
You made someone mad. Loudestlib Mar 2016 #66
Thanks. And thanks, jurors, for recognizing the lack of threat. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #69
One more time... progressoid Mar 2016 #70
Fortunately, the alert/jury system is changing soon, and that sort of abuse will be punished. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #71
None of those alerts were mine, I know you won't believe me most likely... Agschmid Mar 2016 #75
On the contrary: I have no reason to believe you're a liar. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #79
Thanks. Agschmid Mar 2016 #84
Bernie missed his delegate target last night by double digits. That should concern you. nt hack89 Mar 2016 #12
I believe the delegates haven't been completely awarded yet...but... bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #38
He has only hit his target in 11 of 29 states hack89 Mar 2016 #44
Ok, but the percentages still are on pace. bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #45
It is not that straight forward. hack89 Mar 2016 #48
He doesn't have to win every state to have a chance. bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #50
First off he is not going to "crush" California. hack89 Mar 2016 #53
The last poll was end of Dec in CA and it was already a close race. bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #56
That poll had Hillary as an 11 point favorite hack89 Mar 2016 #59
Because they all do as it gets closer to voting time? bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #60
Did you notice that Hillary is over performing on her path to victory hack89 Mar 2016 #62
He picked up a percentage point last night. bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #63
NY and CA is not friendlier territory. Not white enough. nt hack89 Mar 2016 #64
What were the final delegate totals? oberliner Mar 2016 #13
67 for Sanders, 51 for Clinton, I believe. /nt Marr Mar 2016 #16
Do you have a source for that? oberliner Mar 2016 #23
I don't, sorry. Marr Mar 2016 #26
Found something online oberliner Mar 2016 #36
Nope - Bernie +71, Hillary+54 lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #81
Yes, that is the update oberliner Mar 2016 #89
Bernie missed his target while Hillary hit hers. Kaleva Mar 2016 #15
Bernie kept himself in the race, but the logic is... phantom power Mar 2016 #22
Add to that the net delegates from Democrats Abroad Autumn Colors Mar 2016 #86
do the math again. Hillary won by 2 MariaThinks Mar 2016 #27
Huh? EmperorHasNoClothes Mar 2016 #58
SO bizarre reading all the media stories trumpeting Hillary's "victory"... lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #67
He could actually win the primary New Earth Mar 2016 #78
When he's sitting in the Oval Office, will it be a "moral victory" for Hillary? lagomorph777 Mar 2016 #83
But WHO CARES???? pdsimdars Mar 2016 #33
I wouldn't know what they were saying BernieforPres2016 Mar 2016 #42
sorry your man lost last night. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #34
Hillary lost Utah and Idaho and won Arizona. NuclearDem Mar 2016 #39
Did Sanders win 58% or more of the March 22 delegates? Garrett78 Mar 2016 #46
Utah and Idaho are huge swing states, too. grossproffit Mar 2016 #49
. libodem Mar 2016 #57
Hillary is winning asuhornets Mar 2016 #61
There's a kind of circular (il)logic at work. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2016 #65
He won more delegates but it didn't change the dynamics of the primary. upaloopa Mar 2016 #76
Congrats for... MrWendel Mar 2016 #77
Sounds like.. desmiller Mar 2016 #85
They're probably discussing delegate targets or the general lead. shadowandblossom Mar 2016 #87
Locking... one_voice Mar 2016 #91
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