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32. This is decently accurate imo.
Fri Apr 29, 2016, 06:22 PM
Apr 2016

I am a Gen Xer who was barely out of high school when Bill Clinton got elected and the neo-liberal takeover of the Democratic party occurred. At the time I was struggling to keep my car running and a roof over my head at near minimum wage and it was still pre-internet, so I was not politically informed or active.

By 2000 I was in college had internet access and was getting politically informed. I realized what Bill had done in regards to signing right wing legislation so was no fan of his administration. I was also deeply offended by the Republican impeachment hearings, so was equally unimpressed with them. I considered myself left wing independent. I chose only to vote for candidates I was informed of, so mostly voted local. I left POTUS 2000 blank (I was not in a swing state.)

After the election theft, which I realized right away that it was, I started to swing Democratic if only to stand against the criminal Bush organization. The unconstitutional Patriot act pushed me harder and the illegal (by international treaty) Iraq invasion sealed the deal for me where my new alliances were to become, the Democratic party.

In 2004 I supported the Dean campaign, as he was strongly anti-war and had a more populist platform, which I felt was worth standing for. Even after he did not make it through the primary, I voted Kerry if only to get the war criminals out of office. After that election theft, which should have been fought more I found DU through Air America. I joined up, and the rest is history which could be searched here.

The Democratic Party is my party, but the neo-liberal wing and power structure was put in play by Boomers and is not and never has been the path I think the party should have. So I chose option A long ago, join the Democratic party and encourage change from within. I will continue on this path until the party is rid of the Third way/neo-liberal/Clinton types.


Not at all tonyt53 Apr 2016 #1
No. There are a relative few who are noisy. Agnosticsherbet Apr 2016 #2
Sorry, but I disagree with you on that. sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #8
Sanders is behind 327 pledged delegates and over 3 million Agnosticsherbet Apr 2016 #12
yes we know how the Party machine works azurnoir Apr 2016 #23
du is only a sliver of it.And no,right now,we do not have more that unites us. wendylaroux Apr 2016 #3
No tammywammy Apr 2016 #4
the conservadems can't decide ibegurpard Apr 2016 #5
The people I talk to in the real world are artislife Apr 2016 #6
I expect similar results here in Oregon. Hail Cascadia! Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #17
I said something to that effect with my Biden supporter friends artislife Apr 2016 #19
Wait for climate change and the unraveling of empire to begin in earnest... villager Apr 2016 #27
HOO YAH! seekthetruth Apr 2016 #31
Yeah, I've been beyond fed up at the loyalty calls, too. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #37
No, the goal is to move the US back towards democracy Fairgo Apr 2016 #7
Me too. seekthetruth Apr 2016 #39
Welcome to DU PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #9
Lots of those floating around these days...[n/t] Maedhros Apr 2016 #15
Yup PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #16
Hint: Maedhros Apr 2016 #21
yes I started posting recently. runaway hero Apr 2016 #18
Goal is to bring back Democracy to USA kgnu_fan Apr 2016 #10
At some point the party has to decide... Yurovsky Apr 2016 #11
In truth runaway hero Apr 2016 #20
The party is, and will be, fine. bigwillq Apr 2016 #13
Don't count on it. seekthetruth Apr 2016 #33
This, right here, underscores everything that is wrong with DU and the Democratic Party: Maedhros Apr 2016 #14
I think it depends Newkularblue Apr 2016 #22
There is a huge split in the American political left, but it's not necessarily new. Algernon Moncrieff Apr 2016 #24
This is decently accurate imo. PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #32
And as a Clinton-supporting neo-liberal type, I'm good with that Algernon Moncrieff Apr 2016 #34
The goal... ljm2002 Apr 2016 #25
Same as it ever was. tirebiter Apr 2016 #26
The goal is NOT to fuck the entire planet for our future humanity. onecaliberal Apr 2016 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Apr 2016 #29
There was a greater decide in '08. By far. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #30
No. n/t zappaman Apr 2016 #35
I guarantee you RandySF Apr 2016 #36
No, we don't. The Nationals polls show HRC trouncing Trumpy. FSogol Apr 2016 #38
Not among your Joe six pack voters TSIAS Apr 2016 #40
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