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2016 Postmortem

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Waiting For Everyman

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13. It's the "if my hut's getting burnt down so is yours"
Thu Jun 2, 2016, 03:15 PM
Jun 2016

philosophy. Lots of Progressives are done with being shafted by big money.

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Hey! Maybe if we vote for Trump, things will get really bad... brooklynite Jun 2016 #1
The Susan Sarandon School of Political Science. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #5
She drove off that cliff on Thelma and Louise and that was all she wrote. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #31
Ive had this argument several times with people. Baobab Jun 2016 #39
Exactly Carolina Jun 2016 #44
.+1 840high Jun 2016 #78
I'm not sure they ought to take the money. grasswire Jun 2016 #130
I simply don't believe anyone who says they know a Bernie supporter who will vote for Trump. JimDandy Jun 2016 #115
Sorry, but I had 2 complete strangers zalinda Jun 2016 #123
What my post was implying is that they were never real Bernie supporters in the first place. JimDandy Jun 2016 #125
exactly still_one Jun 2016 #132
chaos in the Middle East, such as we have thanks to HRC's regime change in Libya? amborin Jun 2016 #7
Exactly. We know we'll have more wars with Hillary. CanadaexPat Jun 2016 #30
I won't vote for Trump or other GOP or third party and may or may not vote for Hillary Clinton. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #119
DU is for people who vote for democratic party candidates, not advocates who want trump nt msongs Jun 2016 #2
I don't think Yves is posting here. Are you saying otherwise? What is her handle? JonLeibowitz Jun 2016 #4
DU is for people who support democratic principles amborin Jun 2016 #6
And trump supports those? barrow-wight Jun 2016 #32
Statistically, a vote for Hillary in the Primary is a vote for Trump in the GE. Alex4Martinez Jun 2016 #67
Exactly amborin Jun 2016 #86
It's also for people who support progressive politics, which are at odds with Hillary Doctor_J Jun 2016 #19
Yup Baobab Jun 2016 #48
she's the antithesis of progressive politics amborin Jun 2016 #62
Interesting angrychair Jun 2016 #20
Read? Ghost Dog Jun 2016 #73
I mean seriously angrychair Jun 2016 #74
... Well, come on, where's the fast buck Ghost Dog Jun 2016 #77
Bernie is more of a real D/democrat Carolina Jun 2016 #45
I thought it was for people who believe unshakeably in democracy and democratic values Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #85
My vote is for democratic establishment.com. Nt azmom Jun 2016 #101
you're right, never even thought of that one. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #107
You do know that that Skinner, or David Allen, owner of DU azmom Jun 2016 #110
I didn't know that. I wonder why he picked the wrong name, then. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #114
My understanding is, that this place came to be because azmom Jun 2016 #116
the establishment is trickly-down, makes many feel a little safer so they let its Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #121
"They can no longer abuse progressives". But they tell us this is like any other election cyle... Skwmom Jun 2016 #3
I'm going to rec this but I am really surprised that she knows Bernie supporters who will vote Trump Luminous Animal Jun 2016 #8
I'm not surprised a bit. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #87
Well, I am a member of Bernie or Bust and their is very little strategical talk about voting for Luminous Animal Jun 2016 #89
I still think Bernie is going to be President. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #97
Good for you. I really don't think about it one way or another. A Brand New Congress Luminous Animal Jun 2016 #99
yes, that's the boat I want to keep sailing on.. find the wind, and stay with the wind. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #108
I do too Pastiche423 Jun 2016 #127
It's hard for you to disagree with voting for Trump over Clinton? geek tragedy Jun 2016 #129
Ah, yes, burn it down to save it. One of the most useless, narcissistic concepts in modern politics TwilightZone Jun 2016 #9
It's the "if my hut's getting burnt down so is yours" Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #13
^^^This^^^ cliffordu Jun 2016 #37
Exactly. pacalo Jun 2016 #60
Done! azmom Jun 2016 #102
More like the abused partner rationalizing, "I have to keep taking this shit because I have Doctor_J Jun 2016 #49
The best alternative is to write-in Bernie if Hillary is the Dem candidate. As time passes there floriduck Jun 2016 #54
Why do we need change in the Democratic Party? bvar22 Jun 2016 #10
^== WOW! Great Job! IdaBriggs Jun 2016 #18
Yes indeed! Alex4Martinez Jun 2016 #61
Great job! azmom Jun 2016 #103
Good research Bvar22 trudyco Jun 2016 #25
Thank you. vintx Jun 2016 #27
Right on the mark. Agony Jun 2016 #36
Awesome! Should be its own OP. cliffordu Jun 2016 #38
K&R, double WOW, bvar22 Carolina Jun 2016 #46
We're not worthy! dchill Jun 2016 #55
yes, just a few of the reasons why the 99% has had it with being shafted amborin Jun 2016 #65
.that^ 840high Jun 2016 #79
Excellent post. deathrind Jun 2016 #109
Thank you this is wonderful work! Seeinghope Jun 2016 #111
Excellent post! Raster Jun 2016 #113
Thanks Bvar22. We need change in the Democratic party. Time is growing late eom. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #120
One thing I can promise you, I will Not vote for Trump. Hiraeth Jun 2016 #11
Me neither. Not in a million years. TransitJohn Jun 2016 #23
No doubt, Hillary has huge problems Jarqui Jun 2016 #12
Most important line for me pdsimdars Jun 2016 #14
And I can just hear trump now... vintx Jun 2016 #29
I imagine him blathering wildly for 4 years while the rest of the govt focuses on keeping him happy Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #91
...!100++++ 840high Jun 2016 #80
TPP, TTIP, horrible for workers, and for everyone who reads the fine print amborin Jun 2016 #88
+1 azmom Jun 2016 #104
The "smartest progressives" she knows are fucking morons. Dr Hobbitstein Jun 2016 #15
She isn't advicating voting for him, just explaining how many Democrats are so sick of the neolibera Baobab Jun 2016 #40
I didn't say she was advocating for him, just that her progressive friends are NOT smart. nt Dr Hobbitstein Jun 2016 #50
You think its wise to endorse the WTO scheme that seems to frame the US as having a huge debt to Baobab Jun 2016 #64
IS it "Their turn" ? (The developing countries) to have those jobs? Baobab Jun 2016 #69
I guess you know that's merely a subjective opinion, even if lots of people find it bewildering Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #96
So, to remain 'trapped' is smart? Ghost Dog Jun 2016 #75
Anyone who calls themselves liberals/progressives geek tragedy Jun 2016 #128
After over twenty years of DLC/Third Way/New Dem policy betrayals.... tokenlib Jun 2016 #83
If my readers are representative, Clinton and the Democratic Party are about to have a long-overdue Skwmom Jun 2016 #16
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jun 2016 #17
Look, Hillary can't make them love her if they won't. There is a song for this. So, vote your Jitter65 Jun 2016 #21
Bernie supporters are the same as ISIS? TransitJohn Jun 2016 #24
Yeah that is literally the kind of shit Rush Limbaugh pulls out of his ass. Agony Jun 2016 #34
Feel the unity. (nt) jeff47 Jun 2016 #56
Those that would vote for Trump, there's a fair argument there. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #133
Living in a bubble must be nice because if you haven't been aware of the degradation of the Seeinghope Jun 2016 #118
This ^^^ ybbor Jun 2016 #122
This is well-written and well thought-out, and it does reflect the thinking on Blue Meany Jun 2016 #22
Good point. How does choosing between two evils offer an opportunity to do good? BillZBubb Jun 2016 #28
drumpf s unknown? his slimy bizness has a slime trail. pansypoo53219 Jun 2016 #26
Oxymoron: smart progressive voting for Trump onenote Jun 2016 #33
Agreed. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #42
Another "people I know" anecdotal OpEd... Tarc Jun 2016 #35
Do you want a list of real-life people? Because I know many that will do exactly this. reformist2 Jun 2016 #41
Another "people I know" anecdotal DU Post... Tarc Jun 2016 #43
So do I. 840high Jun 2016 #81
I wouldn't trust it as far as I can throw it Tarc Jun 2016 #98
This person writes for Naked Capitalism Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #93
"Some of the Smartest Progressives" he knows sound dumb as f*ck if they would rather have Trump. Beacool Jun 2016 #47
That is RIDICULOUS MFM008 Jun 2016 #51
Sure tandot Jun 2016 #52
Some of the "smartest" progressives . . . madamesilverspurs Jun 2016 #53
it's what we've been saying for years... 2banon Jun 2016 #57
Correction: he's surrounded by stupid people Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #58
... Agschmid Jun 2016 #59
So jerry brown is NOT a progressive because he backs fracking, but somebody who votes for Trump alcibiades_mystery Jun 2016 #63
there's much more about Jerry Brown that's anti-progressive besides fracking amborin Jun 2016 #66
But somebody who votes for Trump might be a progressive? alcibiades_mystery Jun 2016 #70
Its out of his hands because of those damn back room deals, so hes covering the ass of the #$%&* Baobab Jun 2016 #71
Brown is cover -story creating for the dishonest Baobab Jun 2016 #72
Jesus Fucking Christ, 57 recs to vote Trump over Clinton. joshcryer Jun 2016 #68
A demonstration of profound Ghost Dog Jun 2016 #82
Yeah, OK. joshcryer Jun 2016 #95
The recs are not for Trump. They are for the article's explanation of how people feel @ the party .. ebayfool Jun 2016 #84
The article is full of shit. joshcryer Jun 2016 #94
In YOUR opinion. Others do not agree. But no response to the issue of conflating recs to... ebayfool Jun 2016 #100
No, the article is objectively wrong. joshcryer Jun 2016 #105
That's all you got out of that? ebayfool Jun 2016 #112
94 have decloaked thus far (jury results) geek tragedy Jun 2016 #134
No true "progressive" is going to vote for the racist Trump. I guess Berners are a different breed. Hoyt Jun 2016 #76
Pretty much Number23 Jun 2016 #124
She writes for naked Capitalism Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #90
It's a liberal blog about exploitation of workers and students. NT Eric J in MN Jun 2016 #131
Rec'd for the term "Vichy Left" dreamnightwind Jun 2016 #92
Gnawin' on it... Jack Bone Jun 2016 #106
Oh yay! Rightwing outlet Politico publishes opinion of lady from Goldman-Sachs struggle4progress Jun 2016 #117
No intelligent progressive would vote for Trump over Clinton geek tragedy Jun 2016 #126
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