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25. A Democratic Party free of the Third Way..
Fri Jun 3, 2016, 01:55 AM
Jun 2016

....and free of the influence of demons like Pete Peterson.

. Orsino Jun 2016 #1
K&R.. disillusioned73 Jun 2016 #2
Sorry, but these sound bytes are about as meaningful as "make America great again" Tarc Jun 2016 #3
Very true, and the castigation she and her supporters receive for this very progressive campaign boston bean Jun 2016 #4
It's Hillary supporters here making the right wing 'Free Stuff' remarks about single payer. think Jun 2016 #9
Her supporters are right wingers. This primary season has shown there are a lot of right wingers on JRLeft Jun 2016 #12
Can't be very progressive when tied in with Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Comcast, etc. Armstead Jun 2016 #19
Yo... Buddyblazon Jun 2016 #28
Bernie has a platform with plans to address everything in the OP. What you got? KeepItReal Jun 2016 #5
Hillary has offered no plan for any item in the OP shawn703 Jun 2016 #6
Because . . . Triana Jun 2016 #8
Yeah, it's not like we've seen anything like that from camp Hillary. progressoid Jun 2016 #10
This is what she has actually accomplished. SMFH JRLeft Jun 2016 #13
I get Sh*t done - good job with Lybia hollysmom Jun 2016 #26
Strong Together frylock Jun 2016 #15
or "The Middle Class Needs A Champion"? Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #18
Recognition and exposure of the problems first, then solutions jack_krass Jun 2016 #32
! Arazi Jun 2016 #7
K&R demmiblue Jun 2016 #11
I want real health insurance. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2016 #14
Then Hillary is your gal. She always speaks of "universal health coverage" while Bernie ... Scuba Jun 2016 #16
Please tell me the difference. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2016 #17
"Coverage" means insurance. "Care" means care. Scuba Jun 2016 #20
Bernie wants universal single-payer healthcare. What does Hillary want? Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2016 #21
She wants you to buy Bettie Jun 2016 #22
In other words, for-profit insurance companies gouging me. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2016 #23
Yeah, it sucks Bettie Jun 2016 #33
I wanted universal health care until the VA disaster yeoman6987 Jun 2016 #29
brilliant! Cheese Sandwich Jun 2016 #24
A Democratic Party free of the Third Way.. tokenlib Jun 2016 #25
Me, too! Gimme, gimme! dchill Jun 2016 #27
X10000 onecaliberal Jun 2016 #30
The ONLY candidate in the race that will bring these FREE things. 99Forever Jun 2016 #31
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