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81. If there are faults in the Dem party they Should be called out ...
Tue Jul 5, 2016, 03:18 AM
Jul 2016

in case you have not realized it yet, many long established Dems feel the party is leaving them! He is trying to bridge that gap to make the possibility of voting for Clinton more palatable.

The Dem party is losing it, they are casting aside long time members while doing little to bring in new members.

Warren flipped beliefs so quickly it was as if one was turning a pancake. Sanders rightfully knows that he has also attracted many independent voters and if flipped too soon they will just melt away. But he is also trying to bring about real change, this is not a struggle between Dem and Repub, it is a struggle of power and wealth in both parties against the people.

Sanders understands the incremental changes that are needed, you fight for every last bit you can get and to advance an issue, this is an area in which the Dems are sorely lacking. We should not always bend over backwards and go along with their wishes.

Which Dems fought against invading Iraq, which has now turned the ME into a hell hole with millions affected. Why do they hate us, that was a horrible mistake and No, one cannot just say it was a mistake and move on, those actions have and deep and lasting consequences!

I would think what he is doing should be obvious to most, he called Trump a pathological liar months ago, so please do not pretend that his words are just to tear down Dems, pay attention!!!

But he has some real differences with the way Dems have given lip service to their members and many Dems and Independents do as well, just holding up a D or R banner does not cut it anymore.

If you want to continue and alienate potential voters for the Dem party then continue to espouse these beliefs, but I feel this is the wrong direction.

When he clinches the Democratic Party's presidential nomination - and not before. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #1
Explains why he is still dragging around the SS pandr32 Jul 2016 #26
Yup obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #107
Theres a good chance the bar will be raised each time one demand is met. kerry-is-my-prez Jul 2016 #111
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #2
I do not want an endorsement anymore. I feel it will do more harm than good. Nt seabeyond Jul 2016 #3
By the time he decides to jump on the Clinton bandwagon, it'll already have gone. baldguy Jul 2016 #28
Does it really matter? Where in clintons poll numbers is this really adversely affecting her? La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #4
I do not think he is affecting Clinton either. A couple weeks ago, 81% of his supporters, supported seabeyond Jul 2016 #5
Exactly. If he is not really hurting our chances La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #8
It's annoying though. woolldog Jul 2016 #11
I guess I'm not paying attention to him La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #13
Nobody is FORCING Hillary to the right. kacekwl Jul 2016 #104
It should be 90+ woolldog Jul 2016 #105
I actually agree with you. And you put it in a very unbiased, no sarcastic way. Thank you. floriduck Jul 2016 #17
I agree, which is why I think he shouldn't get the leverage he's demanding obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #108
that i agree with. La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #109
The number of Sanders supporters who are not voting for the Dem candidate will have to be made kerry-is-my-prez Jul 2016 #112
He is already coco77 Jul 2016 #6
Why aren't his supporters going to Cleveland to protest? pnwmom Jul 2016 #48
They will be protesting in Cleveland AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #51
I'm going to be supporting Democrats, not protesting Democrats. If these supposed pnwmom Jul 2016 #55
Will you be protesting in Cleveland? AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #56
No. I think supporting Hillary in a positive way is much more important. pnwmom Jul 2016 #57
I think for some its all about coco77 Jul 2016 #89
I don't know a single person who's only voting FOR her because of her gender. pnwmom Jul 2016 #90
It has nothing to do with gender... Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #99
Activism is about much more than protesting . . . EffieBlack Jul 2016 #73
The poster I am replying to is calling for protests in Cleveland AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #74
Because large numbers of his supporters plan to protest in Philly. pnwmom Jul 2016 #91
When will Whigs campaign against the Tories?!!? zazen Jul 2016 #7
We're seeing in real time why Sanders has been so ineffective in Congress. stopbush Jul 2016 #9
Precisely!! n/t cosmicone Jul 2016 #22
Boom! pandr32 Jul 2016 #27
+ a million! eom BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #46
I don't consider advocacy of a political program to be "tearing down." David__77 Jul 2016 #10
He already is... Dems2002 Jul 2016 #12
Isn't he a sitting senator? woolldog Jul 2016 #18
Do you know how Congress works? Dems2002 Jul 2016 #29
This^^^ +1000 Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #100
Because as the Democratic runner up, it is his job to do so AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #52
I just think that as a sitting senator woolldog Jul 2016 #66
Because she is not a Senator? LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #86
She's still a lawmaker. Her job is even more important Exilednight Jul 2016 #87
+ 1000 LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #21
Sanders isn't a Democratic figure. woolldog Jul 2016 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #58
He's filed paperwork to run for Senate as an Independent. nt woolldog Jul 2016 #67
Bernie Sanders is not up for re-election in 2016... k8conant Jul 2016 #76
And? woolldog Jul 2016 #84
The last dem election is proof that a majority of dems don't want him as a standard bearer and uponit7771 Jul 2016 #32
The DNC and MSM decided to step in and throw a wrench into the works AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #53
These kind of claims have not only been debunked ad nausea but it relays a mindset not to give uponit7771 Jul 2016 #60
They didn't even try to hide it AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #62
Must be easier to blame everyone else than analyze Sanders' shortcomings, huh? BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #85
.that^ 840high Jul 2016 #37
Bunk. He's never identified as a Democrat before and he isn't now. pnwmom Jul 2016 #49
He caucused with the Democrats for decades AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #63
Why do you keep asking me the same question that I already answered? pnwmom Jul 2016 #69
That's all well and good. woolldog Jul 2016 #83
Senator Sanders liberal from boston Jul 2016 #68
+1000 n/t Triana Jul 2016 #95
He's making himself irrelevant. Beacool Jul 2016 #14
^^^^^^^^^^ Peacetrain Jul 2016 #15
Just the opposite...he's making his and his backers concerns relevant LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #24
...!100++++ 840high Jul 2016 #38
I'm too scared to even comment on most of this. How this thread doesn't break some of the silvershadow Jul 2016 #77
Well said, I have always believed we need to first get our house in order instead of ... slipslidingaway Jul 2016 #82
+1000 n/t Triana Jul 2016 #96
This is a good point, he can push for his changes AND... AND be out campaigning with dems not making uponit7771 Jul 2016 #25
Good question, since he doesn't seem to view the Dems as being better than the R's. CrowCityDem Jul 2016 #16
Well, there's at least 13 million Dems who have the same, or similar, notion. -nt- NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #40
About 10.6 million and more of those Sanders supporters are now in Clinton's camp. seabeyond Jul 2016 #42
BS. Voting for her over Trump is not supporting or being in "her camp". Dawgs Jul 2016 #43
Supporting with a vote works for me. And ya, that puts them in Clinton's camp, seabeyond Jul 2016 #47
Some say. NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #93
No, polls say. Best info we have. seabeyond Jul 2016 #94
Thinking Demo are as bad as R's shows a complete lack of knowledge. CrowCityDem Jul 2016 #44
eh, I don't think it really matters anymore. KMOD Jul 2016 #19
Time to move on to the general and politely ignore The Second Stone Jul 2016 #20
I think most Democrats have already moved on. lapucelle Jul 2016 #30
He is like a guy who cosmicone Jul 2016 #23
How do you get away with posting this? rickford66 Jul 2016 #65
For the good of the party, not every obstructionist rule has to be followed cosmicone Jul 2016 #70
I care about the good of the country. 840high Jul 2016 #78
So do Hillary Clinton, Senator Warren and President Obama cosmicone Jul 2016 #80
Without doing a google search Trenzalore Jul 2016 #31
Too late for it to matter. He and his movement will not get an ounce of credit geek tragedy Jul 2016 #33
Maybe 'getting credit' isn't the objective. Triana Jul 2016 #97
Did it ever occur to you WE don't want any credit? Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #101
You will when it comes time to lobby Clinton and Congress. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #103
Never. fun n serious Jul 2016 #34
What's your rush? The convention will happen and then it's GE time. aikoaiko Jul 2016 #35
who?? zappaman Jul 2016 #39
Hah! Good question NastyRiffraff Jul 2016 #45
One wonders, doesn't one Hekate Jul 2016 #41
Who are these Democrats he is 'campaigning' against? AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #50
DWS fun n serious Jul 2016 #98
He is backing her Dem opponent AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #106
I have to ask.. fun n serious Jul 2016 #110
He's getting irrelevant fast Zambero Jul 2016 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #59
When will you to stop campaigning against Sanders and start campaigning against Trump? AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #61
I think, never. nt Jitter65 Jul 2016 #64
He is helping out the Democrats by campaigning for local elections. Xyzse Jul 2016 #71
He's doing more harm now Johnny2X2X Jul 2016 #72
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #75
Hillary is campaigning against Trump every day. Elizabeth Warren, pnwmom Jul 2016 #79
If there are faults in the Dem party they Should be called out ... slipslidingaway Jul 2016 #81
During Hillary's Inagural Adress Night Watchman Jul 2016 #88
Let Bernie be Bernie! MoonRiver Jul 2016 #92
Would this post be removed if I write greiner3 Jul 2016 #102
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