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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Nov 3, 2016, 05:25 PM Nov 2016

Republicans are now vowing Total War. And the consequences could be immense. [View all]

By Paul Waldman November 3 at 1:32 PM

The election is just five days away, and something truly frightening is happening, something with far-reaching implications for the immediate future of American politics. Republicans, led by Donald Trump but by no means limited to him, are engaging in kind of termite-level assault on American democracy, one that looks on the surface as though it’s just aimed at Hillary Clinton, but in fact is undermining our entire system.

I know, my conservative friends will say that this kind of talk is just fear-mongering and exaggeration. But there is something deeply troubling happening right now, and it goes beyond the ordinary trading of blows in a campaign season. Consider these recent developments:

* There appears to be a war going on inside the FBI, and from what we can tell, a group of rogue agents, mostly in New York, may be in such a fervor to destroy Hillary Clinton that they may be aggressively leaking damaging innuendo to the press against her in the waning days of the campaign. They succeeded in their apparent goal of making FBI director James Comey a tool of their campaign — and the basis for their investigation is an anti-Clinton book written under the auspices of an organization of which the CEO of the Trump campaign is co-founder and chairman. Pro-Trump FBI agents now seem to be coordinating with Trump surrogates to do maximal possible damage to Clinton.

* Republicans continue to cheer the fact that the electronic systems of American political groups were illegally hacked, and then private communications were selectively released in order to do damage to one side in this election. The Republican nominee has explicitly asked a hostile foreign power to hack into his opponent’s electronic systems.


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The "money quote" from that article… regnaD kciN Nov 2016 #1
Hmm, Trump's repeated claims he could, "lock Hillary up"... Barack_America Nov 2016 #22
+ 100 JoePhilly Nov 2016 #33
Those assholes better be careful what they wish for. . . DinahMoeHum Nov 2016 #2
I was just about to shout something impulsive about how this is the CONS. NOT the Dems. calimary Nov 2016 #4
^ This. Ruth Bonner Nov 2016 #21
"Um... anybody STILL think both parties are the same?" workinclasszero Nov 2016 #31
the mantra that Republicans would be the permanent power in 2004 was upended. SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2016 #5
Agents in NY...I would ask the Mercers what they gave to do with this. nt Lucky Luciano Nov 2016 #6
I like Greg Sargent, but can't read any WaPo online. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #8
They cut you off after a few views unless you subscribe emulatorloo Nov 2016 #27
I can't see view one, though. Get a blank page with a green url, in compatability view get a blank Mc Mike Nov 2016 #63
My gods they're frightening. KnR. nt Hekate Nov 2016 #9
YES, excellent article and completely true. Ligyron Nov 2016 #10
Agree. The media should have been telling this spooky3 Nov 2016 #58
Damn right there are some serious things going on. TryLogic Nov 2016 #11
it wouldn't be seen as a dictatorship if Dems would just shut up. SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2016 #17
I watch DK504 Nov 2016 #13
I love the smell of political desperation. It is good they know they've lost. Coyotl Nov 2016 #14
as usual, all I can says is fuck the GOP, they are ruining this country Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #15
Putin's agent Trump is doing well for his master at tearing apart our country. keithbvadu2 Nov 2016 #16
They're having a big-ass temper tantrum. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #20
fuck those cowards Skittles Nov 2016 #23
People are not ready to hear here this, but here it is ... Cosmocat Nov 2016 #26
This is what would happen even if a different candidate were running. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #28
There is never going to be a "legitimate" democratic POTUS Cosmocat Nov 2016 #30
That is not true...they investigated the hell out of Obama Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #47
Look Cosmocat Nov 2016 #50
The idea that had a different candidate been chosen, they would be willing to work with said Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #53
That is all fine and well except that idea is something you pulled out of thin air Cosmocat Nov 2016 #54
Great article- wishstar Nov 2016 #32
There is an internal coup going on right now in the FBI workinclasszero Nov 2016 #34
They are Fascists clear and simple vlyons Nov 2016 #35
"It will not be easy, because they don't fight fair." CrispyQ Nov 2016 #38
I keep in mind Martin Niemölle's words Captain_New_York Nov 2016 #39
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2016 #40
I just wish that we could talk more about Fascists and what Fascism is vlyons Nov 2016 #48
MUST READ NOW! It'll take about 4 minutes. n/t SpankMe Nov 2016 #41
No wonder Donnie doesn't like the WaPo bucolic_frolic Nov 2016 #42
"And we should all be very worried about what Republicans will do after November 8, whether they smirkymonkey Nov 2016 #43
Does anyone really know... freebrew Nov 2016 #44
If Trump wins, his emails are next - or Putin will play him with that threat adigal Nov 2016 #46
I don't think he emails. ANOIS Nov 2016 #60
When did investigations into kacekwl Nov 2016 #49
GOP = America's Home Grown Terrorists! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2016 #52
With more careful watching, you would have noticed this going on for the the last forty years nolabels Nov 2016 #55
Let'em try it. forest444 Nov 2016 #56
Gonna have to forward to some family members... Beartracks Nov 2016 #57
One only need look at Venezuela to see what Republicans are planning for the next eight years. GETPLANING Nov 2016 #59
+1000 LiberalLovinLug Nov 2016 #61
i may as well throw in my ten cents allan01 Nov 2016 #62
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