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What are they charging millions for? MattP Nov 2016 #1
It was a Jill Stein fundraiser/Money might get used for a recount fundraiser. Apex812 Nov 2016 #3
Well they cannot say it costs too much. Jill has the money to pay for a hand recount. UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #10
They are always hiding the actual ballots. sfwriter Nov 2016 #27
If I remember right, the Election Commission was recently jiggered by Walker's minions. shraby Nov 2016 #2
The commision chairmain is a Democrat and it's 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans mythology Nov 2016 #21
Why is the fact-free assertion that it's "unlikely to change anything" relevant? bigmonkey Nov 2016 #44
Walker just appointed all his buddies to the election commission womanofthehills Nov 2016 #35
Not true. former9thward Nov 2016 #47
Wonder whose funny little figures are in this dogindia Nov 2016 #4
hey if she is paying for a hand recount why not have a hand recount? UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #5
Exactly. And why was it a unanimous decision by the commission? Not one patriot. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #7
Why does the commission decide to do an improper recount? UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #11
The decision makes sense given the concerns are with electronic voting, not paper Amishman Nov 2016 #25
What?? comparing a hand count to a machine count will tell if the machines are accurate. nt TheFrenchRazor Nov 2016 #41
You have this exactly backwards. bigmonkey Nov 2016 #45
So...no plan to appeal and ask a judge to order the recount by hand???? Farmgirl1961 Nov 2016 #6
I think that is still up in the air. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #9
Can we put some pressure on this process and on Jill Stein to do this? Farmgirl1961 Nov 2016 #15
I'd guess it's in the works... Ellipsis Nov 2016 #20
Yes, she's going to sue Arazi Nov 2016 #24
Thanks for that link red dog 1 Nov 2016 #29
Praise be... nt TheFrenchRazor Nov 2016 #40
FUCK MY GOVERNOR jodymarie aimee Nov 2016 #8
This is all the Wisconsin recount law provides for frazzled Nov 2016 #12
This is the fault of the WI election committee. WI can perform a full hand recount.Illegality Hidden UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #14
I posted this last week frazzled Nov 2016 #17
Well I say be mad at the WI election commission. They have the money to do a recount by hand. UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #19
The biggest concern is with the dre machines. Tiggeroshii Nov 2016 #18
Well Jill Stein has the money to pay for it so the lack of money is no excuse. UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #16
You don't get to tell us to be mad at Stein. That's YOUR opinion and worth as much KittyWampus Nov 2016 #26
Whoa! frazzled Nov 2016 #28
Not facts, assertions. bigmonkey Nov 2016 #46
Shocked! I am shocked I tell you! tandem5 Nov 2016 #13
better donate more , she is going to need lots of money jmg257 Nov 2016 #22
That is how the law is written forthemiddle Nov 2016 #23
#WHATARETHEYHIDING zonkers Nov 2016 #30
Democrats on the Wisconsin Elections Commission .. red dog 1 Nov 2016 #31
The WI Election Board has 3 Democrats and 3 Repugs deminwi Nov 2016 #32
It's up to each country now to decide on a hand count womanofthehills Nov 2016 #37
There was ONE Programmer for the Wisconsin Machines... cureautismnow Nov 2016 #33
wow. and has *anybody* else looked at that software? doubt it. what a joke. nt TheFrenchRazor Nov 2016 #39
Jill Stein should ask for a "risk-limiting" audit red dog 1 Nov 2016 #34
78 counties - up to each county if they will do a hand count womanofthehills Nov 2016 #36
72 Ellipsis Nov 2016 #43
nothing to see here folks, move along... nt TheFrenchRazor Nov 2016 #38
Always clear that auditing the election would not be easy. NT. andym Nov 2016 #42
Wtf, Wisconsin?!!?!!?!!! AgadorSparticus Nov 2016 #48
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