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42. Excellent post.
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 07:30 PM
Dec 2016

I very rarely say anything negative about Bernie because on many levels I still respect him and agree with much of what his message is, but I'm sick to DEATH of hearing him say that Dems were too elitist, and that Dems should have thrown their own loyal base of voters over the side just to kiss the asses OF and appeal TO the deplorables (tRump voters) just so they'd vote for Hillary/Dems. Those idiots obviously didn't see nor care to see that that tRump hates the regular working man/women because there's more than enough evidence to show that he LOVED stiffing them even for work DONE these many years, and there's also ample evidence to show that he's a racist POS, because he and his KKK loving Daddy was sued by the Federal Government under Nixon for not renting to African-Americans. And as for elitism, did his deplorables NOT even bother to see that their Mango Birther Mussolini lived in a golden tower/penthouse apartment with his birther, mail order bride and kid in Manhattan?

No, There was no WAY that those racist POS who voted for that racist, ignorant, orange, p***y-grabbing POS were going to hear ANYTHING Dems were saying to them because amongst other things, they were filled with too much hatred, rage and and racist bile, and many of them expressed that they were happy to be voting Kenyan, Marxist, Muslim, N-word Obummer out of the WH, along with his ape in heels wearing wife Michelle--yeah, throw out the whole family of monkeys--just so a racist, p***y-grabbing, sexual assaulting POS could move his nude, girl on girl picture taking birther wife and kid in (I hear that they won't be living in the White House--they'll be living in Manhattan in their golden tower most of the time). NOPE, they were either too dumb, evil, ignorant or all 3 and were bound and determined to vote for tRump. Falling hook, line, and sinker for his lies and racist diatribes. Yes, many of those POS who were STILL yelling "Lock her up" at his Hitler-inspired victory Rally in Cincinnati this past week, and those also STILL yelling "tRump that b***h" during his STOLEN post-election win WILL get what they deserve when they return to states like MI. and PA. which thanks to the influence of ALEC and the GOP will be right-to-work states (Just like WI is now) only to find that that YUUUUGE job market Mango promised them isn't THERE and is never coming BACK. He'll blame it on Obummer the N-word and they'll believe him. SMDH.

I HATE that those of us who have actual brains who knew the issues and who voted correctly will suffer right along with those deplorable POS because they helped vote that racist POS into the presidency. I could care LESS about what those others will GET in the end, because they weren't caring about US or whether we had jobs, insurance etc. Nope, to hell with them and the racist, dumb, POS horse they bet ON.

Yes. elleng Dec 2016 #1
Why does he keep implying Dems only fight for social justice? bettyellen Dec 2016 #2
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #12
He did set the tone for this election cycle - less you forget FreakinDJ Dec 2016 #38
A mindless time of "burn it down" because only one man can save us. bettyellen Dec 2016 #44
I love Bernie. SamKnause Dec 2016 #3
Thanks for nothing, Bernie. (nt) Paladin Dec 2016 #4
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #8
No, I'll continue to thank Bernie and his worshipful hordes. For absolutely nothing. (nt) Paladin Dec 2016 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author FreakinDJ Dec 2016 #39
Why For Not Embracing A Socialist Independent otohara Dec 2016 #13
Did Kerry supporters blame Dean for losing? JonLP24 Dec 2016 #23
You know Dean and Leahy are Democrats, right? It is Bernie's choice not to be a Democrat. seaglass Dec 2016 #43
If you're going to make allegations like that, you're going to have to address three things. CBHagman Dec 2016 #14
DWS wrote those emails at a time when it was mathematically impossible for Bernie pnwmom Dec 2016 #17
Do you mean the actual Democrat? kimmylavin Dec 2016 #24
I am really tired of hearing Bernie pontificate. n/t Laurian Dec 2016 #5
How about getting behind the recounts, Senator? ucrdem Dec 2016 #6
Bernie's pretty much my cilla4progress Dec 2016 #7
I'm with you. TonyPDX Dec 2016 #25
"The political establishment is not hearing their pain" SaschaHM Dec 2016 #9
Excellent post. LenaBaby61 Dec 2016 #42
Your rant baffles me. sfwriter Dec 2016 #52
Thank you, Sen. Bernie Sanders. aikoaiko Dec 2016 #10
He left out "oligarchs" ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #15
Carping about economic inequality from a private college in San Rafael is rich isn't it? ucrdem Dec 2016 #19
I can't even ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #21
Yep. ucrdem Dec 2016 #22
If he didn't speak about income inequality when he speaks at private colleges, you'd criticize him Eric J in MN Dec 2016 #26
Good ole book tour BumRushDaShow Dec 2016 #40
Amen. BlueMTexpat Dec 2016 #34
He's downplaying racism and sexism all the time. He has this antipathy only the privileged possess bettyellen Dec 2016 #46
Bernie if you love our party Coolest Ranger Dec 2016 #16
+ a bajillion!!!!!! eom BlueMTexpat Dec 2016 #35
Go back to your back bench, Bernie. murielm99 Dec 2016 #18
Bernie is all about Bernie and his 3 homes n/t RoccoR2 Dec 2016 #29
The only ones whose life he'll make better Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2016 #20
If Bernie is so worried about the Dem Party why isnt he in the Dem Party? RoccoR2 Dec 2016 #27
Yeah, why can't he be more like Joe Manchin!!! QC Dec 2016 #33
Wyden, Leahy, Warren, Merkley... NCTraveler Dec 2016 #48
Dear Bernie... Mike Nelson Dec 2016 #28
And you contributed to that loss Bernie. Maven Dec 2016 #30
Sanders is almost right with that, but theres a slight correction. mythology Dec 2016 #31
Get yer ACME trademark slogans here, deals on bulk purchases! Step right this way! DFW Dec 2016 #32
I guess the 2.5 million vote difference doesn't exist then. nini Dec 2016 #36
So sick of his yammering... Dream Girl Dec 2016 #37
Bernie keeps fighting the good fight! azmom Dec 2016 #41
Yeah, if he fights against the Democratic Party for 4 more years, we could get Trump again in 2020! DanTex Dec 2016 #47
If the Democratic Party keeps fighting him, azmom Dec 2016 #49
Hate to break it to you, but he's not running in 2020. DanTex Dec 2016 #50
Sanders Could Care Less otohara Dec 2016 #53
Until you do something about unlinking social justice from racist white hatred... Shandris Dec 2016 #45
that is why Russ Feingold, Zypher Teachout, and EVERY swing state Democrat running for Senate still_one Dec 2016 #51
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