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Response to ish of the hammer (Reply #15)

I don't think anyone cares ram2008 Oct 2015 #1
Second that jkbRN Oct 2015 #3
third that. we're about to enter a new phase. nt magical thyme Oct 2015 #4
I don't think anyone cares DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #6
I'm sure we'll find out ram2008 Oct 2015 #7
Yes, we will find out. We have someone who has had several dozen national debates stevenleser Oct 2015 #14
It's called passion... ram2008 Oct 2015 #16
It's not passion. Its arrogance and impatience and he is known to have that personality. nt stevenleser Oct 2015 #17
The people seem to like his personality ram2008 Oct 2015 #18
The people rarely see it. We saw a little of it with his interaction with BLM. nt stevenleser Oct 2015 #19
People usually don't react well when others interrupt them and yell in their face... ram2008 Oct 2015 #20
You're supposed to react well if you expect to be at the national level. It's not about you. stevenleser Oct 2015 #21
I think he's been pretty consistent on the issues ram2008 Oct 2015 #23
Nice try at changing the subject. His personality will become clear during the six debates. stevenleser Oct 2015 #25
His personality is already evident Armstead Oct 2015 #46
You act like you've never seen the way Hillary acts. Fawke Em Oct 2015 #56
And what did we see when Clinton talked over a Latino protestor? jeff47 Oct 2015 #52
Oh, good grief. Hissyspit Oct 2015 #26
If this bothers you, tell it to Bernie. nt stevenleser Oct 2015 #29
Silly season. nt Hissyspit Oct 2015 #30
Yes, of course! Because no one has ever mentioned the idea of being Presidential before for stevenleser Oct 2015 #33
irritable, impatient and cranky frylock Oct 2015 #27
There it is again..... bkkyosemite Oct 2015 #31
Yep. nt stevenleser Oct 2015 #32
So you support the Rovian candidate, eh? The liar? I quote you below (emphasis mine) Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #35
We now have a lot more to go on regarding Hillary, don't we? We have six years of SecState stevenleser Oct 2015 #38
Do you repudiate your own reporting that Hillary lied about NAFTA? Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #39
LOL, if you are going to throw that kind of drama, give me time to pull out my violin. stevenleser Oct 2015 #40
That was a try. Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #41
So, what changed your mind about Hillary? Bernie as we now, and the public is finding out daily, sabrina 1 Oct 2015 #58
Lol! sabrina 1 Oct 2015 #57
What Bernie does not have time for a flip-flopping bullshit artist of a hack that calls himself.. Time_Lord Oct 2015 #59
Thats true workinclasszero Oct 2015 #9
Not likely since the more face time she gives the public, the less they like her. closeupready Oct 2015 #11
and then you can drink the lovely, lovely salt tears of the Sanders supporters! ish of the hammer Oct 2015 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #43
Then you woke up! DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #44
woke up to what? ish of the hammer Oct 2015 #47
enjoy those salty tears DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #48
that reminds me ish of the hammer Oct 2015 #49
My gf bought me that iconic photo framed DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #50
Why does everyone assume the debates will make a significant difference? hack89 Oct 2015 #10
No kidding. zappaman Oct 2015 #37
There has actually been a lot of research... DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #51
That same research shows primary debates have an effect jeff47 Oct 2015 #53
Yep. Iliyah Oct 2015 #2
An overlooked tidbit - 20% of voters made up their minds since Jan, and Hillary got ZERO of them. reformist2 Oct 2015 #5
Bernie had peaked and Hillary is in the lead upaloopa Oct 2015 #54
Take Biden off the poll.... BooScout Oct 2015 #8
...or perhaps they go DOWN. Who knows? Buns_of_Fire Oct 2015 #12
Agree that he shouldn't be included, but there are mountains of data that his support goes back to C Godhumor Oct 2015 #13
They go up. We know. Because the polling agencies ask the question. nt stevenleser Oct 2015 #34
no Rosa Luxemburg Oct 2015 #42
Hang on to that tbought while you still can. 99Forever Oct 2015 #22
Well Aerows Oct 2015 #24
Good, Hill will have a ton of confidence going into the debates. oasis Oct 2015 #28
Not sure any national polling correlates with "reality" kenn3d Oct 2015 #36
Here's another view with shorter date range clearly showing Bernie leveling off. DCBob Oct 2015 #45
Predictions are so hard though, especially about the future. kenn3d Oct 2015 #55
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