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If DWS keeps this up, no one will vote for Hillary emsimon33 Dec 2015 #1
Oh, she has no idea the WRATH aimed at her and her corrupt party. in_cog_ni_to Dec 2015 #3
I hope and pray you are right. Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #58
I'm sure the Greens are pleased at the potential probable increase in their membership. nt Zorra Dec 2015 #63
They should be! in_cog_ni_to Dec 2015 #66
I doubt that will be the outcome. elleng Dec 2015 #4
Bernie just got more publicity in one night than he has for his whole campaign. tecelote Dec 2015 #14
That! nt thereismore Dec 2015 #78
How about nobody in Florida voting for DWS for Congress too? aspirant Dec 2015 #6
Sometimes you need a one hit wonder Joseph Cao to clean out the trash jfern Dec 2015 #7
If Bernie is not the nominee, then I shall move to DSW district AND emsimon33 Dec 2015 #9
Huge +1! Enthusiast Dec 2015 #23
No, you won't. Indydem Dec 2015 #25
You can rent! emsimon33 Dec 2015 #84
Lol sure you will rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #54
I work on the Internet so I can live anywhere there is Internet emsimon33 Dec 2015 #85
Good luck with THAT! elleng Dec 2015 #10
I'll keep you updated. emsimon33 Dec 2015 #15
Please please do! VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #19
You need to move your fly swatter more to the left when it swats. emsimon33 Dec 2015 #86
No I dont... VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #87
She's securely gerryymandered sulphurdunn Dec 2015 #24
Everyone in her district are corporate Dems? aspirant Dec 2015 #49
I would assume that most of them sulphurdunn Dec 2015 #70
Thank you, elleng. Live and Learn Dec 2015 #2
Bookmarked to call tomorrow! Thank you! n/t in_cog_ni_to Dec 2015 #5
Not to worry, folks. Bohunk68 Dec 2015 #8
Great suggestion! peacebird Dec 2015 #26
We should help to find some database folks to set up a database and have thousands of volunteers Ed Suspicious Dec 2015 #39
Thanks elleng. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #11
You're welcome. elleng Dec 2015 #12
yes, you are the best! :) nt retrowire Dec 2015 #22
THANKS, retro! eom elleng Dec 2015 #69
Has an official statement been issued by the DNC Chairwoman? Segami Dec 2015 #13
They are refusing to comment AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #50
If this gets out of hand it hurts Hillary as well - Can she keep the country's data secure? newthinking Dec 2015 #16
Hahahahaha VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #18
Are you even serious? workinclasszero Dec 2015 #61
I think she can, but that will be what the pundits will say newthinking Dec 2015 #64
The Sanders campaign did that all on their own... VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #17
This is a character test...for Hillary Proserpina Dec 2015 #20
Or for Sanders. Will he demand integrity he is running on from himself and staff, or blame others. seabeyond Dec 2015 #28
I think you already know the answer to that question...Bernie IS integrity Proserpina Dec 2015 #34
SO, no. Door two. Vilify Clinton. Gotcha. seabeyond Dec 2015 #35
Yep newthinking Dec 2015 #65
Exactly workinclasszero Dec 2015 #62
That just happened a few moments ago. Bohunk68 Dec 2015 #72
This is unbelievable. Bernie campaign operatives break the law and you all are pissed at Hillary. upaloopa Dec 2015 #30
There is no law, and that's the problem Proserpina Dec 2015 #36
Because everyone, even Clinton supporters, know that Bernie is clean of this newthinking Dec 2015 #67
Will Sanders release... NCTraveler Dec 2015 #47
when bernie fails to be elected it will be his fault no one else. stonecutter357 Dec 2015 #21
Mhhhmm. Ed Suspicious Dec 2015 #41
And when the Democratic party starts bleeding away supporters AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #51
How Sanders people sabotaged their campaign, breaking the rules. Nt. seabeyond Dec 2015 #27
LOL BooScout Dec 2015 #29
Unnnnnn, looks like Sanders staff did this to themselves... Not DNC uponit7771 Dec 2015 #31
Meanwhile... RoccoR5955 Dec 2015 #33
How about naming and firing the other 3? leftofcool Dec 2015 #44
According the the guy that was fired tammywammy Dec 2015 #48
They're going to repeat that no matter what's presented. MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #59
Yeap, and the company called the DNC first.... Sanders staff never initiated a call after seeing the uponit7771 Dec 2015 #79
"Low level staffer" aka The National Data Director Agschmid Dec 2015 #77
Link to the Move On petition RoccoR5955 Dec 2015 #32
It wasn't some "low level staffer." Bloomberg says that the top computer guy, pnwmom Dec 2015 #37
That's "FORMER National Data Director" Proserpina Dec 2015 #38
Sanders diehards are hilarious Tarc Dec 2015 #40
Hacking? Define hacking, because based on this post our definitions are far apart. Ed Suspicious Dec 2015 #42
Right, DNC is an innocent martyr in all this... *Scoff* U of M Dem Dec 2015 #45
You got caught, therefore there are consequences Tarc Dec 2015 #57
If you are suggesting that I am an adolescent U of M Dem Dec 2015 #71
"No one was caught, Sanders went to the DNC with this" Tarc Dec 2015 #80
It appears that you are calling Senator Sanders the Adolescent and not myself U of M Dem Dec 2015 #81
Pick one workinclasszero Dec 2015 #68
I see the swarm from camp weathervane have their current meme "reaction" decided upon. U of M Dem Dec 2015 #43
Pass the buck. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #46
Yeah who sabotaged it? rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #52
This reminds me of the Acorn thing kenfrequed Dec 2015 #53
Perpetual Victimhood. redstateblues Dec 2015 #55
Emailed EdwardBernays Dec 2015 #56
+1 [nt] Jester Messiah Dec 2015 #83
IT'S A CONSPIRACY I TELLS YA!!! MohRokTah Dec 2015 #60
About the only thing you have said that is true. Bohunk68 Dec 2015 #74
The DNC seems to be inviting Bernie to run as an Independent. Vinca Dec 2015 #73
This is blaming the victim. Nice. moobu2 Dec 2015 #75
I think it was a republican sabotage myself. The last thing we need is Bernie running on an B Calm Dec 2015 #76
I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one Ellen Andy823 Dec 2015 #82
I was just reporting, 'news,' Andy, @ 5 this morning !!!, not taking a position elleng Dec 2015 #88
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