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54. Yes. I suspected this, but did not know the facts.
Thu Dec 24, 2015, 06:30 PM
Dec 2015

Politics is partly storytelling. Mythmaking.

The Republicans are awful on the substance, on the policy. Their ideas in that area are full of holes, hold no water.

But they are great storytellers.

So I knew that the whole Benghazi affair was part of the telling of a story. And I figured it had to have to do with the attempt to unseat Assad in Syria. I have no sympathy for Assad, but there had to be a reason for the Republicans' making such a fuss over Benghazi.

They wanted voters to remember that word, "Benghazi."

I did not know that Gaddhafi had weapons stores that would be valuable to some rebel groups in the Middle East. I did not know that the CIA had a sort of warehouse in Benghazi for weapons. I did not know about the shipping company that Hersh mentions and that the Libyan Ambassador met with before being killed. I did not know any of those details, but I asked myself why in the world the Turkish ambassador and our ambassador would be meeting in Benghazi rather than in Tripoli, the capitol of Libya. And now we know. I figured the answer to my question would be associated with the transfer of weapons to Syrian rebels and that those weapons had found their way to the bad guys. I figured more recently that Saudi Arabia and Qatar had something to do with it.

The sale of gold to Iran and in that respect the possible circumvention of our ban on business with Iran is news to me. I don't know quite how that fits the rest of the story, but it also makes our current government look questionable in my opinion.

And I'm pretty much a big Obama fan when it comes to foreign policy. But it appears to me that some serious mistakes have been made -- and the Benghazi deal was during Hillary's time at the State Department.

Petraeus and Hillary both left their positions. I never thought that Petraeus' exit was really about his affair. That affair was probably known to many for a long time. That was an excuse in my opinion to get rid of a fool whose policies had failed. Hillary -- she was harder to deal with.

Hillary is intellectually and in terms of her strategic abilities, not qualified to be president. What's more she is stuck on herself, thinks she is smarter than she is (because she always memorized well and got good grades in school and also knows the right people) but the Republican candidates are even less qualified.

The only guy out there with the humility to listen to the right people and to ask the right questions especially when it comes to foreign and economic policies is Bernie. It's not that he has all the answers but that I think he will seek out the right experts and ask those right questions. He doesn't think he knows it all, especially when it comes to military and foreign policy.

Bernie's idea of seeking help from Saudi Arabia and Qatar is good because they are supporting one of the sets of bad guys in Syria. If we could provide incentives and get them to stop supporting the bad guys, the Syrian rebels, the ones who are destroying historical sites and killing people who don't agree with them, they would become very weak and eventually disappear as such a disruptive force in that area.

Bernie's idea of working with Russia is good as long as we carefully watch to make sure that Russia is really working with us and not serving an agenda that is hostile to us. Russia would love to see Turkey weakened. That's my suspicion. And Turkey has harmed itself by supporting these cruel rebels in Syria.

But still, we need Turkey as an ally. Russia would like to have more influence in Turkey. So we have to be careful about how close our alliance might be with Russia.

Now that Greece is so weak and alienated to some extent from Western Europe, the entire area of Southern Eastern Europe to the southern border of Turkey could, as has the Middle East, experienced a lot of change -- not all of it good for the US. That is an important area in the world. That's Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and the countries that used to be Yugoslavia. That is the northern portion of the Eastern crescent of the Mediterranean. Those countries are important from a strategic point of view even though most Americans don't hardly know they exist.

Anyway that is my take on these matters.

Hillary is a very weak candidate for many reasons.

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16. Sanders is honest. "We came, we saw, he died" is not. (Dodging sniper fire?) peacebird Dec 2015 #10
The mistakes that Hillary and Obama made in their policies in Syria, Libya and with their JDPriestly Dec 2015 #50
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Yes. I suspected this, but did not know the facts. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #54
Bernie has an ethical compass to guide him that points to true democracy Proserpina Dec 2015 #76
The most essential thing we could gain as a society is an ethical compass. Enthusiast Dec 2015 #79
Right. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #83
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You are welcome to refute them. And the poster has been here since 2008, not this year. arcane1 Dec 2015 #51
Big words. Now back them, and do so with substance. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2015 #74
I signed up back in January of 2004 Ned_Devine Dec 2015 #80
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yep, and moral calculus indicates that her opposition to SP alone stupidicus Dec 2015 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author Still In Wisconsin Dec 2015 #16
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I'd add Social Security expansion vs Third Way entitlement deform.. tokenlib Dec 2015 #23
If more seniors only knew this, more would switch over to Sanders' side. That's why DWS Cal33 Dec 2015 #25
This is like "Baby's First Politics" TekGryphon Dec 2015 #26
Please provide links to Hillary's positions if you think they are not properly represented. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #55
I got to #2 and I'm already smelling BS. TekGryphon Dec 2015 #71
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Link to your proof that Bernie "opposed marriage equality" like Tarrant? Tia! beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #81
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A rather selective and highly subjective group of "differences". George II Dec 2015 #30
One more: Sanders respects the left wing of the Democratic Party farleftlib Dec 2015 #31
Sanders has never respected ANY "wing" of the Democratic Party... George II Dec 2015 #34
He doesn't need anything farleftlib Dec 2015 #36
You're right. They're points. Talking points. TekGryphon Dec 2015 #37
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Here are my responses: JDPriestly Dec 2015 #66
Wrong. Quite simpy wrong. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #57
Are you saying Sanders never said these things? George II Dec 2015 #59
No. I'm saying that considering the corruption in the Democratic Party now, I really don't JDPriestly Dec 2015 #67
Those statements were made decades ago (the first back in 1986, 29 years ago!) George II Dec 2015 #69
ain't that the truth stupidicus Dec 2015 #35
Hillary has only run for election two times, and only after her husband served in the White House. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #32
K&R with thanks! n/t bvf Dec 2015 #33
To me the biggest difference is that Bernie doesn't think it's his turn. jalan48 Dec 2015 #40
Hillary beats Sanders hands down if the things Hillary voters value is on that list. uponit7771 Dec 2015 #41
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Hillary supports military regime change while Sanders does not. EndElectoral Dec 2015 #43
What a bout free college tuition at state colleges -- Sanders has introduced a bill to provide JDPriestly Dec 2015 #44
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Clinton supporters are aghast that some Bernie backers said they won'vote for Hillary in the general Broward Dec 2015 #49
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You could edit your OP, and everywhere you said "Hillary", bvar22 Dec 2015 #61
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K&R Great list and growing. Hillary's backers on this thread have been spanked. As for policies ... Scuba Dec 2015 #84
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