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46. Seabeyond, I saw that, and I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe
Sat May 3, 2014, 02:41 PM
May 2014

that it was directed at you.

What you post here is not radical. It isn't extreme. It isn't doing anything but saying, "I deserve respect, I deserve autonomy, and I deserve to be treated as if I am worth the same as anyone else." And just that, just that obvious sentiment, has been met with violence and a need to silence. And violence and a need to silence are always the outward signs of extreme terror. Just your simple statements has put such a fear into these men that they need to decide you are not worthy to be considered human.

And those were both posters who were here for a long time. Who we have been conversing with for a long time.

They are here on DU, and in many threads they are encouraged and egged on. And the satisfaction we are supposed to derive from it is that our responses to it educate people.

I am sorry you had to experience that. I suspect that those two will be back, and I suspect they have many compatriots who are still here.

No kidding! gopiscrap May 2014 #1
you know. !!!. thank you. ya. nt seabeyond May 2014 #7
If accurate that should be grounds if banning from du lostincalifornia May 2014 #2
He was. hrmjustin May 2014 #4
Good. Sorry you had to put up with that lostincalifornia May 2014 #5
I totally agree gopiscrap May 2014 #9
I am so sorry that happened! hrmjustin May 2014 #3
thank you justin. always. i get that. adn still. the more and more time that goes. meh.... seabeyond May 2014 #6
. hrmjustin May 2014 #8
just, are you mirt. is everyone clear, administration alike. i know you did your job. and didnt seabeyond May 2014 #92
OMG, that's just horrendous. TDale313 May 2014 #10
seabeyond TexasTowelie May 2014 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #12
fuckin congressman stand on teh floor telling women to put an aspirin between her knees. seabeyond May 2014 #13
The person who said those things to you is a violent sex predator-terrorist. ladjf May 2014 #14
and you know. this is NOT the first one. another, i will be waving to again.... seabeyond May 2014 #15
and the subtle, and not so subtle, encouragement he is given by other men, on du. seabeyond May 2014 #16
The originator of the attacking post obviously has some ladjf May 2014 #17
Well said. Lock him up and throw away the key. Louisiana1976 May 2014 #51
i do not see seabeyond May 2014 #73
i am not seeing anything legally that could be done with what he said. though, anti social, for seabeyond May 2014 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #18
interesting. civil. lawyers... lol. i wanted to get into the political of it. lol. i have time. seabeyond May 2014 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #22
This type of crime goes beyond the scope of the DU admins. ladjf May 2014 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #21
+1,000 CountAllVotes May 2014 #79
1,000,000 ismnotwasm May 2014 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #23
i hear ya. lots to think about. i will too. nt seabeyond May 2014 #25
another point. the THREE names, that are the ones kicked again, stand for women. they are feminists seabeyond May 2014 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author JTFrog May 2014 #27
I missed this JustAnotherGen May 2014 #26
One more thing ismnotwasm May 2014 #28
what picture? fuck. you mean there is more? Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #30
of course. men are all that visual (rollin eyes). that would be the racist. seabeyond May 2014 #33
so then, there was no actual picture posted? but, the words painted that visual? Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #36
no. he had to emphasize. he did put up a porn picture that illustrated a bit.... seabeyond May 2014 #37
thank god they deleted the racist picture post. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #38
they... did not. an automatic system deletes when poster is that new. seabeyond May 2014 #39
I sat on a jury... TeeYiYi May 2014 #99
there was a pic mercuryblues May 2014 #40
That "education" meme is a cop out. boston bean May 2014 #50
Even in the event no pic was offered DonCoquixote May 2014 #57
i love your psots. always. you focus on the issue so clearly. he served on juries. seabeyond May 2014 #74
same here Tuesday Afternoon CountAllVotes May 2014 #78
they lost. yet. our reality. seabeyond May 2014 #34
In Solidarity and with Silent Support - whatever action/path you decide to take. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #29
+1 JTFrog May 2014 #31
I am so sorry anyone would do that to you, sea. Mnemosyne May 2014 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author A-Schwarzenegger May 2014 #35
Oh my...how horrible for you to experience this, seabeyond! YoungDemCA May 2014 #41
yes. i think you are talking lower in the thread, going after feminists. this was more the seabeyond May 2014 #58
Another thing ismnotwasm May 2014 #42
Very true. YoungDemCA May 2014 #44
+1 ismnotwasm May 2014 #48
+1 million Louisiana1976 May 2014 #52
So the threat of rape is a cudgel that's always there to keep women in line. Mister Ed May 2014 #60
Yup ismnotwasm May 2014 #63
good points mister. i am glad you put this post in. as vulgar and disgusting as those words are. seabeyond May 2014 #76
this is why i really wanted an OP on it. this is what we are talking about. that is happening thru seabeyond May 2014 #75
I'm glad to see the situation was pretty quickly & appropriately dealt with.. hlthe2b May 2014 #45
Seabeyond, I saw that, and I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe Squinch May 2014 #46
let me raise you one squinch DonCoquixote May 2014 #61
Those two revealed themselves to be just sick beings who lack empathy and humanity. Squinch May 2014 #62
Link? PassingFair May 2014 #47
it is in this subthread seabeyond May 2014 #55
Not sorry I missed that one. UtahLib May 2014 #65
His sock posted, he watches porn daily. I think that is pretty clear and ya... seabeyond May 2014 #66
Ewww. NYC_SKP May 2014 #67
What do you mean by worse? BainsBane May 2014 #69
No, more of a general ignorance of or insensitivity toward topics and content. NYC_SKP May 2014 #70
yes. when it dawns on me what i am listening to. i had seen the video and no desire to watch. seabeyond May 2014 #91
You're very welcome. UtahLib May 2014 #68
I am appalled that it has come to this. MadrasT May 2014 #49
What rape culture? NuclearDem May 2014 #53
omg wtf??!! SummerSnow May 2014 #54
honestly DonCoquixote May 2014 #56
this is a good post don. nt seabeyond May 2014 #59
Thank you DonCoquixote May 2014 #81
Not only was VN cheered on,but his cheerleaders have sufrommich May 2014 #82
is it not funny DonCoquixote May 2014 #83
It goes beyond political party BainsBane May 2014 #85
i was off du a lot yesterday. i was not really gasping your point. not really reading that exchange. seabeyond May 2014 #87
Not only that BainsBane May 2014 #84
you stated this well, to don. another i saw yesterday. a couple men, telling me, a mom of two boys. seabeyond May 2014 #86
It takes a lot of nerve BainsBane May 2014 #88
yup. yep yep yep. nt seabeyond May 2014 #90
+1 ismnotwasm May 2014 #64
Wow! That is some pretty nasty shit. No excuse whatsoever for that behavior. Flatulo May 2014 #71
call the authorities seabeyond CountAllVotes May 2014 #77
"before his sick mind does something to a real person!" from daily use, to creating his own. seabeyond May 2014 #93
Definitive evidence Half-Century Man May 2014 #80
" Definitive evidence That rape is a crime of violence, not sex." thank you for this point. clearly seabeyond May 2014 #94
those that took this a step further. to legal action. i have been thinking. thanks for the wake up seabeyond May 2014 #89
Sea, this is awful to see here. I truly hope you can follow up bettyellen May 2014 #95
one of the broken men who denies rape culture exists threatened you with rape. LanternWaste May 2014 #96
I've raised the incident with a few posters BainsBane May 2014 #97
sea, abusers will say anything to hurt or get their way intaglio May 2014 #98
I can't get my head around the fact that your posts were hidden, but posts calling Monica a slut are redqueen May 2014 #100
+1 TDale313 May 2014 #101
Yup ismnotwasm May 2014 #103
Kudos to you, sea, for your strength and courage. riqster May 2014 #102
That is beyond words get the red out May 2014 #104
"An attack, not just on you, but all women who dare to speak." redqueen May 2014 #106
Very sorry, sb. Feral Child May 2014 #105
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