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Half-Century Man

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80. Definitive evidence
Sun May 4, 2014, 11:38 AM
May 2014

That rape is a crime of violence, not sex.
Rape has always been about the violence, the domination, the humiliation, and the shaming of another; it has never been about anything else.

Speaking as an owner/operator of a penis, there is absolutely no validity to the meme that an erect penis lowers the ability to think or made good judgments. And as an owner/operator, I am sorry you had to go through that shit.

No kidding! gopiscrap May 2014 #1
you know. !!!. thank you. ya. nt seabeyond May 2014 #7
If accurate that should be grounds if banning from du lostincalifornia May 2014 #2
He was. hrmjustin May 2014 #4
Good. Sorry you had to put up with that lostincalifornia May 2014 #5
I totally agree gopiscrap May 2014 #9
I am so sorry that happened! hrmjustin May 2014 #3
thank you justin. always. i get that. adn still. the more and more time that goes. meh.... seabeyond May 2014 #6
. hrmjustin May 2014 #8
just, are you mirt. is everyone clear, administration alike. i know you did your job. and didnt seabeyond May 2014 #92
OMG, that's just horrendous. TDale313 May 2014 #10
seabeyond TexasTowelie May 2014 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #12
fuckin congressman stand on teh floor telling women to put an aspirin between her knees. seabeyond May 2014 #13
The person who said those things to you is a violent sex predator-terrorist. ladjf May 2014 #14
and you know. this is NOT the first one. another, i will be waving to again.... seabeyond May 2014 #15
and the subtle, and not so subtle, encouragement he is given by other men, on du. seabeyond May 2014 #16
The originator of the attacking post obviously has some ladjf May 2014 #17
Well said. Lock him up and throw away the key. Louisiana1976 May 2014 #51
i do not see seabeyond May 2014 #73
i am not seeing anything legally that could be done with what he said. though, anti social, for seabeyond May 2014 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #18
interesting. civil. lawyers... lol. i wanted to get into the political of it. lol. i have time. seabeyond May 2014 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #22
This type of crime goes beyond the scope of the DU admins. ladjf May 2014 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #21
+1,000 CountAllVotes May 2014 #79
1,000,000 ismnotwasm May 2014 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #23
i hear ya. lots to think about. i will too. nt seabeyond May 2014 #25
another point. the THREE names, that are the ones kicked again, stand for women. they are feminists seabeyond May 2014 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author JTFrog May 2014 #27
I missed this JustAnotherGen May 2014 #26
One more thing ismnotwasm May 2014 #28
what picture? fuck. you mean there is more? Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #30
of course. men are all that visual (rollin eyes). that would be the racist. seabeyond May 2014 #33
so then, there was no actual picture posted? but, the words painted that visual? Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #36
no. he had to emphasize. he did put up a porn picture that illustrated a bit.... seabeyond May 2014 #37
thank god they deleted the racist picture post. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #38
they... did not. an automatic system deletes when poster is that new. seabeyond May 2014 #39
I sat on a jury... TeeYiYi May 2014 #99
there was a pic mercuryblues May 2014 #40
That "education" meme is a cop out. boston bean May 2014 #50
Even in the event no pic was offered DonCoquixote May 2014 #57
i love your psots. always. you focus on the issue so clearly. he served on juries. seabeyond May 2014 #74
same here Tuesday Afternoon CountAllVotes May 2014 #78
they lost. yet. our reality. seabeyond May 2014 #34
In Solidarity and with Silent Support - whatever action/path you decide to take. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #29
+1 JTFrog May 2014 #31
I am so sorry anyone would do that to you, sea. Mnemosyne May 2014 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author A-Schwarzenegger May 2014 #35
Oh my...how horrible for you to experience this, seabeyond! YoungDemCA May 2014 #41
yes. i think you are talking lower in the thread, going after feminists. this was more the seabeyond May 2014 #58
Another thing ismnotwasm May 2014 #42
Very true. YoungDemCA May 2014 #44
+1 ismnotwasm May 2014 #48
+1 million Louisiana1976 May 2014 #52
So the threat of rape is a cudgel that's always there to keep women in line. Mister Ed May 2014 #60
Yup ismnotwasm May 2014 #63
good points mister. i am glad you put this post in. as vulgar and disgusting as those words are. seabeyond May 2014 #76
this is why i really wanted an OP on it. this is what we are talking about. that is happening thru seabeyond May 2014 #75
I'm glad to see the situation was pretty quickly & appropriately dealt with.. hlthe2b May 2014 #45
Seabeyond, I saw that, and I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe Squinch May 2014 #46
let me raise you one squinch DonCoquixote May 2014 #61
Those two revealed themselves to be just sick beings who lack empathy and humanity. Squinch May 2014 #62
Link? PassingFair May 2014 #47
it is in this subthread seabeyond May 2014 #55
Not sorry I missed that one. UtahLib May 2014 #65
His sock posted, he watches porn daily. I think that is pretty clear and ya... seabeyond May 2014 #66
Ewww. NYC_SKP May 2014 #67
What do you mean by worse? BainsBane May 2014 #69
No, more of a general ignorance of or insensitivity toward topics and content. NYC_SKP May 2014 #70
yes. when it dawns on me what i am listening to. i had seen the video and no desire to watch. seabeyond May 2014 #91
You're very welcome. UtahLib May 2014 #68
I am appalled that it has come to this. MadrasT May 2014 #49
What rape culture? NuclearDem May 2014 #53
omg wtf??!! SummerSnow May 2014 #54
honestly DonCoquixote May 2014 #56
this is a good post don. nt seabeyond May 2014 #59
Thank you DonCoquixote May 2014 #81
Not only was VN cheered on,but his cheerleaders have sufrommich May 2014 #82
is it not funny DonCoquixote May 2014 #83
It goes beyond political party BainsBane May 2014 #85
i was off du a lot yesterday. i was not really gasping your point. not really reading that exchange. seabeyond May 2014 #87
Not only that BainsBane May 2014 #84
you stated this well, to don. another i saw yesterday. a couple men, telling me, a mom of two boys. seabeyond May 2014 #86
It takes a lot of nerve BainsBane May 2014 #88
yup. yep yep yep. nt seabeyond May 2014 #90
+1 ismnotwasm May 2014 #64
Wow! That is some pretty nasty shit. No excuse whatsoever for that behavior. Flatulo May 2014 #71
call the authorities seabeyond CountAllVotes May 2014 #77
"before his sick mind does something to a real person!" from daily use, to creating his own. seabeyond May 2014 #93
Definitive evidence Half-Century Man May 2014 #80
" Definitive evidence That rape is a crime of violence, not sex." thank you for this point. clearly seabeyond May 2014 #94
those that took this a step further. to legal action. i have been thinking. thanks for the wake up seabeyond May 2014 #89
Sea, this is awful to see here. I truly hope you can follow up bettyellen May 2014 #95
one of the broken men who denies rape culture exists threatened you with rape. LanternWaste May 2014 #96
I've raised the incident with a few posters BainsBane May 2014 #97
sea, abusers will say anything to hurt or get their way intaglio May 2014 #98
I can't get my head around the fact that your posts were hidden, but posts calling Monica a slut are redqueen May 2014 #100
+1 TDale313 May 2014 #101
Yup ismnotwasm May 2014 #103
Kudos to you, sea, for your strength and courage. riqster May 2014 #102
That is beyond words get the red out May 2014 #104
"An attack, not just on you, but all women who dare to speak." redqueen May 2014 #106
Very sorry, sb. Feral Child May 2014 #105
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