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I havn't been this nervous and excited since Bobby Kennedy! OffWithTheirHeads Feb 2016 #1
Let's hope this run has a happier ending. LS_Editor Feb 2016 #14
Talking heads are already saying, don't believe everything you see and hear tonight. notadmblnd Feb 2016 #2
So then like the exit polling in 2004 are they setting us up for INdemo Feb 2016 #15
David V. Johnson has that much right. Hillarians are highly predictable n/t 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #3
W/all the super-Pac $$$ she has..... alittlelark Feb 2016 #4
This is nerve-racking. TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #5
That is so true! They will downplay Bernie's win...no doubt about it. n/t in_cog_ni_to Feb 2016 #6
And we'll hear he can't win the south ;) jillan Feb 2016 #7
He will definitely loose the Jewish and youth vote so they say. LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #10
HA! Good one! eom LiberalElite Feb 2016 #11
yep, smile. oldandhappy Feb 2016 #8
The fact is that if Hillary wins by less than fifteen points, HubertHeaver Feb 2016 #9
I agree with that. senz Feb 2016 #21
I am very surprised how well Bernie has done elmac Feb 2016 #12
No it wont because we are the miracle..You will see a continuation of what INdemo Feb 2016 #16
Soooo True. nt zentrum Feb 2016 #13
That is a fact! blackspade Feb 2016 #17
I have never routed for Iowa before(since I'm a college football dude) Duckfan Feb 2016 #18
First Mira Feb 2016 #19
Iowa shouldn't matter much Martin Eden Feb 2016 #20
I Dont Consider Hillary Honest Ever...So I Expect The Smears billhicks76 Feb 2016 #22
Because Ted Cruz is such a stickler for the truth? Boomer Feb 2016 #23
I Will Settle Too billhicks76 Feb 2016 #24
The state should have been a Sanders cakewalk (sarcasm) Babel_17 Feb 2016 #25
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