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Bernie Sanders

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... warrprayer May 2016 #1
I would suggest if the owners of the sewer, Discussionist feels that roguevalley Jun 2016 #21
That really it me. Thanks for posting. BigBearJohn May 2016 #2
...!100++++ 840high May 2016 #3
what is the day SandersDem May 2016 #4
looks like they said the 16th dana_b May 2016 #7
What's UPP? LovingA2andMI Jun 2016 #26
UPP SandersDem Jun 2016 #37
Thanks. I didn't know, either. Duval Jun 2016 #71
Thanks for the link... Rockyj Jun 2016 #77
What is the UPP? bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #59
DailyKos was much more draconian, here's where many ended up jfern Jun 2016 #81
When will we be silenced? nt TBF May 2016 #5
As soon as they can manage it! Hydra May 2016 #10
June 16 - I had to dig but it's right here TBF Jun 2016 #36
Ah, Sam. pangaia May 2016 #6
well I will be leaving right after our primary on the 7th dana_b May 2016 #8
I'm going at the same time davidpdx Jun 2016 #75
yep! You're in Portland? dana_b Jun 2016 #79
No, I'm in South Korea davidpdx Jun 2016 #82
Ridiculous and sad. The convention is in JULY. Land of Enchantment May 2016 #9
Shoutout to everyone who fought the good fight here Hydra May 2016 #11
We'll just pack our bags and move. jillan May 2016 #12
Heavens to Murgatroyd! Berners silenced... snagglepuss May 2016 #15
I think I understand how you feel but respectfully disgree with the sentiments shireen May 2016 #13
I won't vote for Trump, that's for sure. But I live in Az so I do have the opportunity to jillan May 2016 #14
Thankfully I don't have to vote for her. I don't think I could do it even if I were in a non-safe cui bono Jun 2016 #18
I live in VA TrueDemVA Jun 2016 #27
I can't do it anymore either - the cognitive dissonance is too much LiberalElite Jun 2016 #28
For a second I thought I was reading my own post. lagomorph777 Jun 2016 #54
I LITERALLY don't know anyone who is... dchill Jun 2016 #60
We just moved to Florida and she won't have the vote of my wife or myself. Matt_in_STL Jun 2016 #38
My husband and I aren't voting for her either MissDeeds Jun 2016 #41
Six in my family aren't voting for her either. in_cog_ni_to Jun 2016 #43
Exactly MissDeeds Jun 2016 #73
My husband and I won't be voting for her either... findrskeep Jun 2016 #66
Hillary is apples and Bernie is oranges.... bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #61
What would happen here felix_numinous Jun 2016 #16
What would be awesome is if we are silenced - prematurely, I might add since the convention isn't cui bono Jun 2016 #17
The convention is July 25-28 nt LiberalElite Jun 2016 #30
Oops. Thanks! Was thinking of June 7 when I get to vote FOR Bernie!!! cui bono Jun 2016 #45
Silenced? Left Coast2020 Jun 2016 #19
Read the link I posted in the OP. We are being told to fall in line. jillan Jun 2016 #20
Bernie Sanders continues to state it will be a CONTESTED CONVENTION deepestblue Jun 2016 #22
I think so, too. nt IdaBriggs Jun 2016 #49
There is no way in hell I will ever vote for Hillary. Scruffy1 Jun 2016 #23
Sell the god damn house and leave the USA is where my mind is at too. bjo59 Jun 2016 #24
^^^^THIS^^^^ LiberalElite Jun 2016 #31
Hillary will corrupt the party beyond redemption. The only hope is for... AZ Progressive Jun 2016 #53
You think Hillary will corrupt the party? hollysmom Jun 2016 #67
Its already corrupt, but she's taking it to new depths AZ Progressive Jun 2016 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author deepestblue Jun 2016 #25
Imagine this... Peace Patriot Jun 2016 #29
What an INCREDIBLE post! Didn't know I'd need my hankie when snagglepuss Jun 2016 #40
YES!! findrskeep Jun 2016 #65
I just posted on ATA - what's the policy on pro-rated refunds? - but the more important question is LiberalElite Jun 2016 #32
All 12 of them will spend their time truebluegreen Jun 2016 #76
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #33
I LOLd Califonz Jun 2016 #34
K&R Scuba Jun 2016 #35
Get it out of our system DI Freighter Watcher Jun 2016 #39
The convention isn't until July 25th. No nominee is chosen until then. Super Delegates don't vote in_cog_ni_to Jun 2016 #42
In support jpmonk91 Jun 2016 #44
Yay! Thank you jillan! Good on you! KPN Jun 2016 #46
and pro-Bernie threads generally get more recs than pro-Hillary threads nilram Jun 2016 #47
So DU is calling it now? Just like MSNBC? Lifelong Protester Jun 2016 #48
More like how Rove was desperate to call Ohio for Romney in 2012. Ikonoklast Jun 2016 #78
Yep. Lifelong Protester Jun 2016 #89
I'm definitely leaving DU by then AZ Progressive Jun 2016 #50
Silencing those who don't follow the party line avebury Jun 2016 #51
June 16th - the day DU and the Democratic party... dchill Jun 2016 #52
The party has been shrinking rapidly since 2010 AZ Progressive Jun 2016 #55
Soon... dchill Jun 2016 #57
so does that mean no candidate can be criticized? hollysmom Jun 2016 #56
That's why we're "discussing" this malodorous policy. dchill Jun 2016 #58
So, I guess on June 16 I will finally get to speak my mind about what I really think. [n/t] Maedhros Jun 2016 #62
Anyone remember when censorship was a Republican thing? AZ Progressive Jun 2016 #63
I remember, and it still is. -none Jun 2016 #70
Just a suggestion - DI Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2016 #64
NO just NO azurnoir Jun 2016 #83
Time to fid a new home? BerniecraticUnderground.com Pryderi Jun 2016 #68
censorship is not american undergroundpanther Jun 2016 #69
Skinner should also have announced that after LibDemAlways Jun 2016 #74
DU has changed as has it's needs and focus IMO Skinner is prepared and possibly wants a mass exodus azurnoir Jun 2016 #84
I disagree. Skinner gave some DU members amnesty because he has read the writing on the wall. Major Hogwash Jun 2016 #85
Has there ever been a Democratic candidate for POTUS that was under FBI investigation azurnoir Jun 2016 #86
What will happen to this Bernie group? Will it be shut down on the 16th? totodeinhere Jun 2016 #80
Haha! I x-posted your graphic in GDP and it was hidden. Lodestar Jun 2016 #87
And I was *Shocked* that mine wasn't. jillan Jun 2016 #88
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