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17. When did Democrats become Asshats?
Sat Jun 11, 2016, 02:34 AM
Jun 2016

I didn't get the memo I guess. Well resigning my membership and moving to a new home soon. I am shocked and appalled by the right turn my Party has taken.

Happening to many of us. elleng Jun 2016 #1
You'll find many better things to do. roody Jun 2016 #2
Go outside for a bit - the 840high Jun 2016 #3
Mahar tonight was really a disappointment. Jackilope Jun 2016 #4
Same here. It was quite strange after his terrific rant appalachiablue Jun 2016 #8
When Bill told Bernie folks Plucketeer Jun 2016 #23
Yeah that was effed up, and the look on his face was awkward when he said it too. appalachiablue Jun 2016 #31
I seem to remember that "New Rules' is written by a team floppyboo Jun 2016 #37
It may have been the way some people were feeling glowing Jun 2016 #5
Those positions don't bring the Benjamin's. Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #19
They are indeed "Republican lite". malletgirl02 Jun 2016 #29
I keep saying to my wife retrowire Jun 2016 #6
I've said the same thing to my son... RazBerryBeret Jun 2016 #35
For me it was Barack Obama BobSmith4152 Jun 2016 #7
I know that feeling hollysmom Jun 2016 #9
Indeed! ALittleBirdie Jun 2016 #10
Lee Camp of 'Redacted Tonight' on RT is still loyal, posting terrific shows appalachiablue Jun 2016 #15
Of those vying for Stewarts audience Plucketeer Jun 2016 #39
Love Lee Camp, followed him for a few years. Brit JONATHAN PIE does wildly appalachiablue Jun 2016 #58
We watch RT online or on Dish whose Customer Service is pretty good esp. appalachiablue Jun 2016 #61
Just watched Redacted Tonight OctOct1 Jun 2016 #56
Lee rocks, followed him for several years. appalachiablue Jun 2016 #57
Brit Jonathan Pie's comedy skits are wild! On YouTube and posted here at DU. appalachiablue Jun 2016 #59
Randi Rhodes will be back on air Update: Looking like First week in July Nictuku Jun 2016 #33
Listerning to Radioornot.com Plucketeer Jun 2016 #40
+100 Duppers Jun 2016 #42
Try the Young Turks Pharaoh Jun 2016 #11
They're a breath of fresh air Plucketeer Jun 2016 #41
me too Pharaoh Jun 2016 #45
Thanks OctOct1 Jun 2016 #51
I know what you mean. snot Jun 2016 #12
They lost my viewership. Duppers Jun 2016 #43
Maher's always been a fucking assweasel. Scootaloo Jun 2016 #13
I've totally switched to Iwillnevergiveup Jun 2016 #14
You are right, also ALittleBirdie Jun 2016 #49
I found her about a week ago OctOct1 Jun 2016 #54
could not agree more zorgin Jun 2016 #16
Never thought of it but wonder if Lee Camp was considered to replace Stewart. appalachiablue Jun 2016 #60
When did Democrats become Asshats? Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #17
yep, me too NJCher Jun 2016 #20
Money, corruption, desception, and filthy politics SmittynMo Jun 2016 #18
I'm gonna' break up this glum pity party NJCher Jun 2016 #21
Thank you so much SmittynMo Jun 2016 #24
I've never had cable, rarely watch political shows, and I'm grateful for everything Bernie has done Donkees Jun 2016 #22
Oh, I'm extremely grateful too. SmittynMo Jun 2016 #25
Bernie is as close Plucketeer Jun 2016 #26
I fear it's all coming to a close. American voters just love to vote against their RKP5637 Jun 2016 #28
As the democratic party continues to move new republican. n/t RKP5637 Jun 2016 #27
In the end, even these popular media figures beloved by Liberals ... Trajan Jun 2016 #30
Welcome Worldly Traveler Jun 2016 #32
What a great place!! THanks OctOct1 Jun 2016 #34
Thanks for that link - as someone there said, b4p seems infested with "Bernie buts" right now. djean111 Jun 2016 #36
Glad you posted. My exact sentiment about Bill Maher. Duppers Jun 2016 #38
Yep, The sharp right turn Bill Maher took makes me want to get out my tin foil hat OctOct1 Jun 2016 #44
You've wised up and your eyes are open to what's happening newfie11 Jun 2016 #46
It's catching! Stevepol Jun 2016 #47
Truer words were never spoken. erlewyne Jun 2016 #48
A quote from Adyashanti. GoldenThunder Jun 2016 #50
I removed Maddow and Sam Bee from my DVR TSIAS Jun 2016 #52
Nope, He never mentioned Nevada. I was waiting for it OctOct1 Jun 2016 #53
Oh no! Sam Bee, I love her. roody Jun 2016 #62
Please know that you are not alone OctOct1. Karma13612 Jun 2016 #55
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