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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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75. I don't know how many times I have said this on DU,
Sat Jun 1, 2019, 08:35 PM
Jun 2019

but I'm going to keep repeating it. And others in this thread have said pretty much the same thing.

This country is in crisis, a crisis I don't think we have seen since the Civil War. And if you don't think it's that bad, you are not paying attention.

If there was ever a time for experience, it is now.

Yes, Barack Obama took office as a young man, without the experience that Joe Biden now has. And yes, President Obama did an incredible job. President Obama inherited Bush's mess, but the next president will be walking into a minefield.

Trump has disgraced us at every turn. He has made our country a laughing stock. He is tearing up our justice system, and he is fanning the flames of hatred as fast as he possibly can. He is destroying everything he touches.

There are a number of Democratic candidates who are incredible in so many ways, and I would love to see any number of them as vice president, and then in the future as president.

But right now, this country needs the respect that Joe Biden will bring to the office, the knowledge he will bring to the office, the goodwill he already carries with him, to deal with countries and leaders all around the world.

It isn't just going to take the experience of our president, but the experience of leaders around the world to help us heal this country. We are going to need their help, and I think they would all reach out their hand to Joe Biden.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
I hope it is not Biden [View all] extvbroadcaster Jun 2019 OP
I hope it is. So there. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2019 #1
The country wants DownriverDem Jun 2019 #51
Did you mean to respond to the OP? The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2019 #52
You mean more of the "wisdom" of the Democratic establishment not_the_one Jun 2019 #91
What got us into this mess was people refusing to vote for the Democratic nominee in the election... Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #92
Who specifically are you talking about when you say "the Democratic establishment?" ehrnst Jun 2019 #98
Ummmmmm lamp_shade Jun 2019 #2
Ditto. Dem2theMax Jun 2019 #62
I don't think Trump will even do debates Indygram Jun 2019 #3
Trump will redefine the phrase "October Surprise" sop Jun 2019 #8
not debating would probably help him more than hurt so it wouldn't surprise me. I knew people yaesu Jun 2019 #26
I've got money on it! Brainstormy Jun 2019 #29
We need someone snowybirdie Jun 2019 #4
Plus PatSeg Jun 2019 #24
Precisely why Bernie is the perfect fit for the job!! And he's right on the issues to boot!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2019 #36
too old trueblue2007 Jun 2019 #86
Look at the job Obama did from day one, despite unprecedented opposition, pnwmom Jun 2019 #58
i prefer Beto, but Biden Destroyed Young Paul Ryan JI7 Jun 2019 #5
Yes, I agree especially on the debate issue; Biden will be great More_Cowbell Jun 2019 #12
I saw Biden speak to college voters. LakeArenal Jun 2019 #27
So Trump skips the debates. Out come Eastwood,....... 3Hotdogs Jun 2019 #73
Nice try. All in for Biden! Dream Girl Jun 2019 #6
Biden is very savvy. Callalily Jun 2019 #7
Ageism pandr32 Jun 2019 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author emmaverybo Jun 2019 #50
How so? pandr32 Jun 2019 #56
Meant reply for OP. Sorry. Not you! This argument against Biden. nt emmaverybo Jun 2019 #71
Thanks for letting me know! pandr32 Jun 2019 #88
Sorry again. And 👋 emmaverybo Jun 2019 #89
Yes... Nice try... LakeArenal Jun 2019 #10
This lamp_shade Jun 2019 #20
Good one. Say hello to your luncheon friend for me. emmaverybo Jun 2019 #48
I'd tell you why I disagree with your arguments, madamesilverspurs Jun 2019 #11
Funny old person you! LakeArenal Jun 2019 #25
... nolabear Jun 2019 #43
Lol. Dem2theMax Jun 2019 #64
I never said Joe was not good extvbroadcaster Jun 2019 #13
oh yeah, you sure made that clear in your OP. Do you have some swamp land for sale in Arizonia also still_one Jun 2019 #21
if he wins the nomination he would have energized more to vote for him JI7 Jun 2019 #31
If Beto is the nominee, he better pick somebody as VP that can energize voters Fresh_Start Jun 2019 #35
Sadly Beto, who I like, is not generating much enthusiasm redstateblues Jun 2019 #47
Define "energize" because HRC got more votes than any POTUS candidate not named Obama.(nt) ehrnst Jun 2019 #99
Why not talk UP your candidate instead of talking down others? George II Jun 2019 #14
poll numbers lol nt msongs Jun 2019 #16
Like Valerie Jarrett said.. Cha Jun 2019 #30
Respect!! Glad to hear you won't be talking down Bernie anymore... tip of the hat to you!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2019 #39
bwahahahahaha!!!! George II Jun 2019 #42
HA HA! rgbecker Jun 2019 #83
Like it or not, you'll see that I have a lot of good things to say about.... George II Jun 2019 #84
+1000 HA. great reply. dang hypocrites. Kurt V. Jun 2019 #46
Who? What? George II Jun 2019 #85
You mean fact check him? ehrnst Jun 2019 #104
Well I knows this lawyer friend of mine downtown, who told me in no uncertain terms, told me to still_one Jun 2019 #15
completely agree on all counts. debsy Jun 2019 #17
What America needs right now Green Line Jun 2019 #18
Biden is the one trump can't lay a glove on EveHammond13 Jun 2019 #19
You're a terrible advocate for your candidate. Cha Jun 2019 #22
Beto O'Rourke is young. guillaumeb Jun 2019 #23
I agree and I'm a Beto supporter MustLoveBeagles Jun 2019 #55
Mahalo, MustLoveBeagles.. Nothing against Beto.. Cha Jun 2019 #61
Oh I know Cha MustLoveBeagles Jun 2019 #81
I think you are way off PatSeg Jun 2019 #28
I'm not for biden but would rather not say much about him. warren is gaining momentum Kurt V. Jun 2019 #32
Warren is DEFINITELY one to watch!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2019 #41
Not My First Choice Either colsohlibgal Jun 2019 #33
Well I don't know much Butterflylady Jun 2019 #34
Yeah, because if the nominee is anyone but Joe Biden Mr.Bill Jun 2019 #37
Malarkey. WheelWalker Jun 2019 #38
Malarkey. Dem2theMax Jun 2019 #68
This OP was alerted on for bashing and insensitivity, BTW Auggie Jun 2019 #40
Good. OP's ageist rant really contributes nothing but...ageism. emmaverybo Jun 2019 #90
I'm surprised ... Auggie Jun 2019 #94
We've apparently entered the "anything goes" portion of the primary. BannonsLiver Jun 2019 #96
me too gristy Jun 2019 #44
Look at the video of Joe's speech, at HRC, just posted on DU and tell me if that was underwhelming. Skya Rhen Jun 2019 #82
You can see it in the way he speaks Renew Deal Jun 2019 #45
According to the polls, the voting public think he's the very best candidate for the job at hand Thekaspervote Jun 2019 #49
Okay. We're all in this for the long run, so stay cool? Hortensis Jun 2019 #53
you change my mind about Biden ...... stonecutter357 Jun 2019 #54
Nkki Haley is in Iowa now. She has been ant-Russia, pro Ukraine delisen Jun 2019 #57
On behalf of everyone over the age of 50 . . . colorado_ufo Jun 2019 #59
Bravo! lunatica Jun 2019 #66
+1,000,000 highplainsdem Jun 2019 #72
I really don't care. patphil Jun 2019 #60
This is an offensive OP lunatica Jun 2019 #63
Many of the OP's about Sanders are a thousand times more offensive and come on a daily basis mtnsnake Jun 2019 #105
I hope it is Biden chillfactor Jun 2019 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Jun 2019 #67
Trump isn't going to debate anyone he can't bully. That includes Biden. ucrdem Jun 2019 #69
All the anti-Biden smears in one OP - Bravo. nt LibFarmer Jun 2019 #70
Get off my lawn. Scurrilous Jun 2019 #74
I don't know how many times I have said this on DU, Dem2theMax Jun 2019 #75
Your post says it all - thank you! Skya Rhen Jun 2019 #87
I wonder if part of Biden's appeal is that he is a decent human being. Lonestarblue Jun 2019 #76
Congratulations- you've dealt out every single anti-Biden card, face up. Did you stack that deck? NBachers Jun 2019 #77
Concern... Noted... nt Xipe Totec Jun 2019 #78
Unrec. Tipperary Jun 2019 #79
Keep in mind that the GOP microtargets swing voters on social media. ucrdem Jun 2019 #80
He won't be. blue cat Jun 2019 #93
Don't care. Voting for the Dem. (n/t) Iggo Jun 2019 #95
-1 (nt) ehrnst Jun 2019 #97
Joe Biden is the most electable candidate that the Democratic Party has available Gothmog Jun 2019 #100
Me neither BeyondGeography Jun 2019 #101
Opinion: Which progressive could topple Biden? Gothmog Jun 2019 #102
If only we expended this much energy attacking Republicans TheRealNorth Jun 2019 #103
Gutsy post! mtnsnake Jun 2019 #106
Age discrimination Prosper Jun 2019 #107
You sound like you admire the asshole in the White House?? honest.abe Jun 2019 #108
Biden will rock in the debates flamingdem Jun 2019 #109
I do not care about Anita Hill. MicaelS Jun 2019 #110
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