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40. There is an actual bill in the Senate you can read
Thu Aug 1, 2019, 01:42 PM
Aug 2019

It's quite detailed.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
poll - 'Medicare For All' [View all] left-of-center2012 Jul 2019 OP
Yes. My insurance marybourg Jul 2019 #1
I find it humorous that there might be people out there that 'love' their private insurance. aidbo Jul 2019 #2
Really? BlueIdaho Jul 2019 #14
Really ? drray23 Aug 2019 #26
Do you have any openings? OhZone Aug 2019 #39
I've always been happy with my insurance options. brooklynite Aug 2019 #36
Really? You're describing a majority of the US population Recursion Aug 2019 #38
Honest question, because I'm not all that well read on the issue and haven't seen credible LincolnRossiter Aug 2019 #41
my private insurance is pretty darn good, but i support Medicare-for-All solutions 0rganism Aug 2019 #42
"people out there 'love' their private insurance." mitch96 Aug 2019 #51
Since I have to explain -- What I'm not willing to do is increase the risk of losing ACA, election Hoyt Jul 2019 #3
yep. My employer-based insurance is more stable than the ACA wyldwolf Jul 2019 #5
This.. the gop would luv the Dems to run m4a. If you disagree, show me a race where raising taxes Thekaspervote Aug 2019 #27
Yes in a heartbeat. I like the one that will offer dental, eye and hearing aids. Autumn Jul 2019 #4
Except one exists now and we don't know what will get comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #22
If we don't try we will never know. nt Autumn Aug 2019 #45
That would be great. JudyM Aug 2019 #44
Details DownriverDem Jul 2019 #6
I've had Medicare since 2013 because of disability TexasBushwhacker Jul 2019 #7
The plan where everything is FREE?!? GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #8
How fortunate for you that your employer provides good health insurance. dflprincess Jul 2019 #11
Sorry, not buying it. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #19
The maximum out pockets allowed by the ACA for 2019 dflprincess Jul 2019 #20
Agreed. But none of the people covered by the ACA GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #23
The ACA is not a program dflprincess Aug 2019 #49
Generally agree about the ACA. But it's here, it popular and it's a start... GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #50
You have a nice evening too! dflprincess Aug 2019 #52
The cost of your health insurance is the raise DeminPennswoods Jul 2019 #17
Oh I'm calling BS! You think the day my employer GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #18
Since you seem determined to love your employer provided DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #32
I'm aware of everything you just stated. GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #35
There is an actual bill in the Senate you can read DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #40
I don't have my own private health ins. Starry Messenger Jul 2019 #9
Covered under FEHB DeminPennswoods Jul 2019 #10
Do I want to give THESE people MY money? wellst0nev0ter Jul 2019 #12
WOW!!! mysteryowl Jul 2019 #13
Voted no because employer pays for it. Can employer Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2019 #15
The tally so far of how supporters voted Kaleva Jul 2019 #16
I'm on medicare now and I wouldn't want to give up comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #21
Well said. GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #24
All the M4A candidates- including Sen Harris - are promising no coinsurance/deductibles, Hoyt Aug 2019 #28
Can they deliver on those promises? Color me skeptical. comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #29
Yes. Those words "give up" are deceptive. Claritie Pixie Aug 2019 #25
Depends on the employer. My employer, admittedly the state, paid all but sixty dollars of my emmaverybo Aug 2019 #31
A better poll question would be should we start by adding a Reece2076 Aug 2019 #30
Define "public option" DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #33
I will not seriously consider Skidmore Aug 2019 #34
There is a very simple response to both Republicans...and MFA advocates: "Prove It" brooklynite Aug 2019 #37
Uninsured sick people would sign up if its more affordable IronLionZion Aug 2019 #46
What difference does it make because Medicare for All elocs Aug 2019 #43
No candidate has been able to explain how they are going to get ANY proposal passed by Congress. Kaleva Aug 2019 #47
I have VA and Medicare so I have no private insurance to give up. I'm very happy with what I have. Kaleva Aug 2019 #48
fighting over the details of their healthcare proposals won't help them beat Donald Trump Gothmog Aug 2019 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author Gothmog Aug 2019 #54
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