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49. The ACA is not a program
Thu Aug 1, 2019, 07:33 PM
Aug 2019

It is a law that mandates certain levels of coverage but does not guarantee access to care. Even those who are buying individual insurance from exchanges may find all they can afford is plans with outrageous out of pockets. And there are employers who only offer crap like this

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
poll - 'Medicare For All' [View all] left-of-center2012 Jul 2019 OP
Yes. My insurance marybourg Jul 2019 #1
I find it humorous that there might be people out there that 'love' their private insurance. aidbo Jul 2019 #2
Really? BlueIdaho Jul 2019 #14
Really ? drray23 Aug 2019 #26
Do you have any openings? OhZone Aug 2019 #39
I've always been happy with my insurance options. brooklynite Aug 2019 #36
Really? You're describing a majority of the US population Recursion Aug 2019 #38
Honest question, because I'm not all that well read on the issue and haven't seen credible LincolnRossiter Aug 2019 #41
my private insurance is pretty darn good, but i support Medicare-for-All solutions 0rganism Aug 2019 #42
"people out there 'love' their private insurance." mitch96 Aug 2019 #51
Since I have to explain -- What I'm not willing to do is increase the risk of losing ACA, election Hoyt Jul 2019 #3
yep. My employer-based insurance is more stable than the ACA wyldwolf Jul 2019 #5
This.. the gop would luv the Dems to run m4a. If you disagree, show me a race where raising taxes Thekaspervote Aug 2019 #27
Yes in a heartbeat. I like the one that will offer dental, eye and hearing aids. Autumn Jul 2019 #4
Except one exists now and we don't know what will get comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #22
If we don't try we will never know. nt Autumn Aug 2019 #45
That would be great. JudyM Aug 2019 #44
Details DownriverDem Jul 2019 #6
I've had Medicare since 2013 because of disability TexasBushwhacker Jul 2019 #7
The plan where everything is FREE?!? GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #8
How fortunate for you that your employer provides good health insurance. dflprincess Jul 2019 #11
Sorry, not buying it. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #19
The maximum out pockets allowed by the ACA for 2019 dflprincess Jul 2019 #20
Agreed. But none of the people covered by the ACA GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #23
The ACA is not a program dflprincess Aug 2019 #49
Generally agree about the ACA. But it's here, it popular and it's a start... GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #50
You have a nice evening too! dflprincess Aug 2019 #52
The cost of your health insurance is the raise DeminPennswoods Jul 2019 #17
Oh I'm calling BS! You think the day my employer GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #18
Since you seem determined to love your employer provided DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #32
I'm aware of everything you just stated. GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #35
There is an actual bill in the Senate you can read DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #40
I don't have my own private health ins. Starry Messenger Jul 2019 #9
Covered under FEHB DeminPennswoods Jul 2019 #10
Do I want to give THESE people MY money? wellst0nev0ter Jul 2019 #12
WOW!!! mysteryowl Jul 2019 #13
Voted no because employer pays for it. Can employer Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2019 #15
The tally so far of how supporters voted Kaleva Jul 2019 #16
I'm on medicare now and I wouldn't want to give up comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #21
Well said. GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #24
All the M4A candidates- including Sen Harris - are promising no coinsurance/deductibles, Hoyt Aug 2019 #28
Can they deliver on those promises? Color me skeptical. comradebillyboy Aug 2019 #29
Yes. Those words "give up" are deceptive. Claritie Pixie Aug 2019 #25
Depends on the employer. My employer, admittedly the state, paid all but sixty dollars of my emmaverybo Aug 2019 #31
A better poll question would be should we start by adding a Reece2076 Aug 2019 #30
Define "public option" DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #33
I will not seriously consider Skidmore Aug 2019 #34
There is a very simple response to both Republicans...and MFA advocates: "Prove It" brooklynite Aug 2019 #37
Uninsured sick people would sign up if its more affordable IronLionZion Aug 2019 #46
What difference does it make because Medicare for All elocs Aug 2019 #43
No candidate has been able to explain how they are going to get ANY proposal passed by Congress. Kaleva Aug 2019 #47
I have VA and Medicare so I have no private insurance to give up. I'm very happy with what I have. Kaleva Aug 2019 #48
fighting over the details of their healthcare proposals won't help them beat Donald Trump Gothmog Aug 2019 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author Gothmog Aug 2019 #54
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