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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!

Democratic Primaries

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7. Lower the tuition's (not free) so that people can work part time and still pay off their
Thu Apr 4, 2019, 12:04 PM
Apr 2019

college costs as they go along... Reagan took away the grants colleges got.. When we were young in the late 60's and early 70's our tuition was just a little over 100.00 dollars a quarter at the University of Minnesota (yes we had quarters then)..It is in the country's interest to invest in our people.. not everyone needs four year schools... and we do not really do apprentice programs anymore.. Community Colleges have taken that over.. so 100.00 now probably would be more like 4 or 5 hundred dollars.. but we were able to pay it off as we went.. made 1.65 an hour.. we did not have the same needs for cars internet cable computers cell phones.. how we relate to one another has completely changed and those have to be considered in our pay rates.. the minimum wage needs to reflect those needs.. but again.. the republicans were so jealous that the average person was getting an education that the cut the life line of grants to colleges, and predatory schools popped up to take advantage of people who got loans..

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Either free Turin_C3PO Apr 2019 #1
Gotta do something to remain competitive in a Global Economy when competing countries do it. TheBlackAdder Apr 2019 #23
nothing is free, but the student debt is oppressive rampartc Apr 2019 #2
TANSTAAFL WheelWalker Apr 2019 #3
I am hoping that handmade34 Apr 2019 #51
I'm not in favor of my tax dollars paying for Bill Gates kids college mcar Apr 2019 #4
Your thoughts mirror mine. NurseJackie Apr 2019 #8
It was HRC's position too mcar Apr 2019 #10
Harvard won't be free zipplewrath Apr 2019 #27
Plenty of well off families send their kids to public colleges mcar Apr 2019 #32
UC used to be free zipplewrath Apr 2019 #34
It has gotten harder to get into UF mcar Apr 2019 #35
4 year institutions should offer "trades" zipplewrath Apr 2019 #37
Also, Classical Liberal Arts in Jeffersonian Tradition - the love of all Knowledge n/t MarcA Apr 2019 #42
Yes to both! mcar Apr 2019 #43
Harvard has made itself free for students from families making less than $150K Recursion Apr 2019 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Apr 2019 #38
All the Ivies have done this mcar Apr 2019 #44
100% agree Freddie Apr 2019 #29
Ridiculous argument. The wealthy will always send their kids to elite private schools. Hassin Bin Sober Apr 2019 #31
See my post #32 mcar Apr 2019 #33
Howard Dean: "Bill Gates deserves free health care" brooklynite Apr 2019 #46
I take his point mcar Apr 2019 #48
Labeling anything like this "free" will open the Democrats to ridicule from the GOP Freethinker65 Apr 2019 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #6
It's still a rather non-strategic nomenclature, as is 'Medicare-For-All' mr_lebowski Apr 2019 #14
+1 Freethinker65 Apr 2019 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #22
No, because I'm not asking for 'free' and it never could be 'free' so it's a dumb rallying cry mr_lebowski Apr 2019 #26
But in this case, the GOP is correct. Freethinker65 Apr 2019 #20
Agree..... pangaia Apr 2019 #15
Lower the tuition's (not free) so that people can work part time and still pay off their Peacetrain Apr 2019 #7
Agree...add trade schools to for folks who don't want college like in Germany WA-03 Democrat Apr 2019 #9
There is no money in trade these days. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #40
As late as the early 90's I was paying $325/quarter in tuition at a Cal State college ... mr_lebowski Apr 2019 #17
It isn't necessary to be free to be fair genxlib Apr 2019 #11
neither would be 'free' to begin with. TAXES ...... pangaia Apr 2019 #13
I really am tired of hearing the phrase. "FREE" college for all. or.... pangaia Apr 2019 #12
Nothing is free. LisaM Apr 2019 #16
Free college for all is a stupid idea BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #18
After looking recently at what it costs today to go where I went in late 60s, I don't see how people Hoyt Apr 2019 #19
Free college without income limits is a disaster... community college can be be free in fact some Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #24
If they can pass the entrance exams...ok... Maxheader Apr 2019 #25
That is a given ... I got into it w/a RWNJ who insisted 'free college' mr_lebowski Apr 2019 #28
And with some shitty schools in poor neighborhoods who do you think will pass the tests? You will Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #39
The social benefits of treating education (knowledge) as a public good seem obvious to me. nt PETRUS Apr 2019 #30
Not everyone is cut out to be a academic. marylandblue Apr 2019 #41
I would favor it with a couple caveats right off the top of my head.... DaGimpster Apr 2019 #45
"Free College for All" implies that there is college for all... brooklynite Apr 2019 #47
Exactly Recursion Apr 2019 #49
That's been the case in tech (where I work) for a while now. DaGimpster Apr 2019 #50
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