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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Feb 24, 2020, 04:43 PM Feb 2020

Buckle up fellow Bernie supporters, it's time for the kitchen sink. [View all]

We see it here on DU, we see it on many of the news channels, and now Bloomberg is going to bankroll attack ads across the country. The kitchen sink is being thrown at Bernie Sanders to try and stop his momentum in the primary. Most of these attacks will be smears and attempts to destroy his character. It's going to get ugly, so don't get discouraged.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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It'll be just fine. David__77 Feb 2020 #1
Operation Slanders for Sanders. jmg257 Feb 2020 #2
You mean like facts that Sanders wanted to primary Obama? Yeah, time for that to come out uponit7771 Feb 2020 #3
What, NOBODY knew that before? ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #7
A few politicos did maybe, but time for the world to know now ... that's not going to sit uponit7771 Feb 2020 #9
Are you implying that southern states are uninformed? ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #10
Nah, just Sanders campaign manager referrences in 16 which a lot of people don't know about uponit7771 Feb 2020 #11
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #39
Maybe but its not socialized among the "southern states" that Sanders wanted Obama challenge... uponit7771 Feb 2020 #40
Sanders supporters didn't just start struggling when Trump became president. dbolski Feb 2020 #14
Might as well get used to it relayerbob Feb 2020 #4
I dunno, Bloomberg already used a couple "talking points" I've seen circulating... HerbChestnut Feb 2020 #8
They will use everything Bloomie can come up, and then make up some of their own relayerbob Feb 2020 #12
And, TBH relayerbob Feb 2020 #15
"I'm sure Bloomberg is just getting warmed up." HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #17
Yeah, I noticed that. LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #26
Exactly democrattotheend Feb 2020 #47
Unless they're false, they're not "kitchen sinks" or attacks or smears. George II Feb 2020 #5
you mean like this: Kurt V. Feb 2020 #28
Clever - where's the rest of the tweet and the one introducing that? Definitely NOT what.... George II Feb 2020 #32
Isn't it obvious I'm not that savvy. lol. anyway the tweet says Bernie on despots. Kurt V. Feb 2020 #38
It actually says it in the tweet. lapucelle Feb 2020 #50
Unless an incumbent is running, it's always ugly. Kaleva Feb 2020 #6
Bloomberg is going to dump so much money against Bernie but ultimately Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #13
+1000 bluewater Feb 2020 #16
Spring training if he's to be the nominee BeyondGeography Feb 2020 #18
Haha Zeus69 Feb 2020 #20
This is very true cherryinpa Feb 2020 #24
absolutely... myohmy2 Feb 2020 #19
...you mean the "establishment" that allows him to run on the Democratic ticket?.... ehrnst Feb 2020 #49
I honestly feel like this forum has been invaded by Russians. OliverQ Feb 2020 #21
I thought Russia supported Bernie? n/t zackymilly Feb 2020 #25
No, Russia supports Trump and sowing chaos. OliverQ Feb 2020 #43
So you want to dismiss the intelligence community when it reports something that ehrnst Feb 2020 #48
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #29
You mean the whole site, or just this forum? Interesting. YOHABLO Feb 2020 #34
Just the primary forum. OliverQ Feb 2020 #41
Good. Get the oppo out of the way now. Yavin4 Feb 2020 #22
I just need him to explain ... cherryinpa Feb 2020 #23
Its called vetting. honest.abe Feb 2020 #27
I'd like Bernie to explain why he sat on the Russia helping him story for a month DonaldsRump Feb 2020 #30
It was classified information that got leaked. HerbChestnut Feb 2020 #33
Ok. If he couldn't reveal it until it was leaked, that is reasonable. n/t DonaldsRump Feb 2020 #35
Why did president Obama sit on the information that Russia was messing with our SamKnause Feb 2020 #36
There's a better answer posted. DonaldsRump Feb 2020 #37
Bring it on. SamKnause Feb 2020 #31
Um... if Bloomberg really attacks Sanders and not Trump, then he is an idiot. McCamy Taylor Feb 2020 #42
It's his plan. I think it's going to backfire badly. Bloomberg has tons of baggage and he's not Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #45
Bloomberg should focus his ire and money on Trump. Turin_C3PO Feb 2020 #44
Bernie should have kept his word on the release of his private info. oasis Feb 2020 #46
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