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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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267. surely they will
Sat Apr 13, 2019, 12:19 PM
Apr 2019

cause we all know if bernie does win the nomination, 100% of dems will support him in the general. So the grudge is not that strong after all. Considering that most dems running this time adopted bernie’s political positions, it makes it even more plausible. By the way, we don’t yet know if Biden will be running. It is a very real possibility that he won’t. Would that make bernie’s win even more likely?
I think it is unhealthy to outright rule out a possibility or even a likelihood that bernie may secure the nomination. Better start weighing all options now to avoid divisions. All I can say is that all my Bernie supporting friends who annoyed me to no end in 2016, got reactivated again so I surely don’t want to relive 2016 drama with them again. Turns out they were correct about so many issues and the dangers of compramise. The reality is Bernie is much stronger now than he was in 2016. He is no longer facing a single viable contender, he is #1 in the polls right now among all dems who enetered the race.
Also, remember that Biden’s poll numbers are high right now buy they will likely go down if/when he starts campaigning. It has always happened to him, he could never get far in the process.

P.S. What’s with the nonsense, he is not a real democrat? Would you want him to run as independent? Would that help us in any way win in the general? Shouldn’t we be grateful he doesn’t?

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
I'm not sure he can win the South during primaries Shell_Seas Apr 2019 #1
he isn't. the plan is they will split among others JI7 Apr 2019 #4
and our nominee is not going to beat trump in the south rampartc Apr 2019 #278
We chose her because she was the most qualified person to ever run. MrsCoffee Apr 2019 #282
+1 betsuni Apr 2019 #283
+1,000,000 Kahuna7 Apr 2019 #284
Are you sure about that? Shell_Seas Apr 2019 #285
i would need to be convinced to allow myself such optimism rampartc Apr 2019 #287
That's a BIG assumption!! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #2
What's a big assumption? How do you think he will get Hillary voters to switch sides pnwmom Apr 2019 #3
Easy peasy... look no further than Bernie's progressive agenda. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #18
That doesn't answer my questions. I'll make it simpler. pnwmom Apr 2019 #24
Love Warren... could see voting for her myself. Just like Bernie slightly better... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #27
You know lots of people who supported Hillary over Bernie in the PRIMARIES, pnwmom Apr 2019 #35
No, Elizabeth is WAY more progressive than Hillary...and closer to Bernie on the political spectrum. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #40
So what you said makes even less sense. pnwmom Apr 2019 #49
Are you shocked that it makes no sense? BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #55
Because they got over it and moved on Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #124
They would have absolutely no reason to pick Bernie over a candidate pnwmom Apr 2019 #148
I'm over it.. here's the thing fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #165
Because many if not most people TheFarseer Apr 2019 #164
No, actually Elizabeth Warren is not more progressive than Hillary Clinton. lapucelle Apr 2019 #141
I don't care what ontheissues says... I'll go with what Hillary says, cuz no one knows InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #144
But even based on your argument, it would make no sense for a Hillary supporter pnwmom Apr 2019 #149
Thank you for finally showing Bernie proper respect by referring to him as a "Democratic Socialist" InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #154
Democratic socialists are a sub-group of socialists. And he freely describes himself pnwmom Apr 2019 #155
+1000 Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #166
What are you talking about? N/T lapucelle Apr 2019 #151
Or, they might see EW as more attractive a candidate than BS malchickiwick Apr 2019 #230
It doesn't make any sense mcar Apr 2019 #45
i voted HRC last time and am sticking with Joe this time..we need samnsara Apr 2019 #252
Yeah, same... l'd vote for Joe if he somehow managed to get the nom... but in the primary? Never. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #254
exactly..there are a lot of other candidates with progressive agendas.. samnsara Apr 2019 #251
What Agenda? Me. Apr 2019 #29
Slogans, Platitudes and Photo-ops nt BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #56
Wow, I did not know that. You should make that an op. Tipperary Apr 2019 #92
I do believe that it is in the mainstream from 2016, but good to be on the surface for 2020 Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #170
And BS's record is less progressive than that of Warren, Harris, Booker, and Gillibrand. lapucelle Apr 2019 #142
Seems Like A Not Trump Form Of 'Illlusion' Going On Here Me. Apr 2019 #162
It's remarkable that some of his supporters are not even aware of his record lapucelle Apr 2019 #194
Awhhh the truth of it!! Painful as it may be Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #168
Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, and Booker all have stronger progressive records than BS. lapucelle Apr 2019 #139
+1000 Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #201
a lot of us felt yelled at last time.. samnsara Apr 2019 #250
Yes, and the time before that... and we moved on. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #253
He doesn't need anyone to switch sides FBaggins Apr 2019 #90
Bernie wasn't even close to having a majority of pledged delegates last time, pnwmom Apr 2019 #169
So? Have you not seen a primary before? FBaggins Apr 2019 #172
So? We've already hit peak-Bernie. He's loved now by the same people who loved him last time, pnwmom Apr 2019 #173
Dems don't have winner-take-all primaries thesquanderer Apr 2019 #279
Thank you for the correction FBaggins Apr 2019 #286
re: "when a dozen or more candidates are splitting the remaining delegates" thesquanderer Apr 2019 #288
I also don't think that he'll keep "his" voters FBaggins Apr 2019 #290
How? He didn't even come close the last time. What has changed? Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #176
I don't think he will FBaggins Apr 2019 #183
Polls show Bernie Sanders' popularity among all voters is plummeting Gothmog Apr 2019 #234
Sounds more like wishful thinking! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #257
Denial is not just a river in Africa Gothmog Apr 2019 #259
Glad you show Bernie proper respect by recognizing him as "frontrunner"...at least that's progress!! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #261
In the real world, these numbers show that sanders is NOT electable Gothmog Apr 2019 #263
A significant portion of sanders support were really non-democrats who will not be back Gothmog Apr 2019 #241
They won't pick BS. Hillary should have been potus- he should have been out there campaigning Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #163
Hillary graciously took responsibility for her heart-wrenching loss... you should accept that. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #221
Many real democrats have very long memories Gothmog Apr 2019 #273
True, Hillary should've... soon it'll be Bernie, did've!! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #291
So booing Congressman John Lewis will help win Clinton voters in the real world? Gothmog Apr 2019 #218
You can keep saying that over and over and over again... won't make your dreams come true. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #220
Have any significant number of African American voters shown up to a sanders event yet? Gothmog Apr 2019 #233
Have you found video of any significant number of African Americans attending a sanders event yet? Gothmog Apr 2019 #239
From my Twitter feed Gothmog Apr 2019 #289
I supported Bernie in 2016; I don't now. This is nonsense. RDANGELO Apr 2019 #5
What is nonsense? Why do you think millions of Hillary voters would switch to Bernie pnwmom Apr 2019 #7
What is the rational reason for Hillary supporters to hold a grudge against Bernie? RDANGELO Apr 2019 #25
Most Hillary supporters I know are reasonable, rational, and fair... they don't hold grudges... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #30
... BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #57
I will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee. But I don't know a single Hillary supporter pnwmom Apr 2019 #72
There are many. MrsCoffee Apr 2019 #38
+∞ LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #47
lol melman Apr 2019 #63
+ 100 Me. Apr 2019 #97
It's not a matter of holding a grudge. He didn't interest them before and there's no reason pnwmom Apr 2019 #71
That's a reasonable analysis since Hillary supporters would tend to be more moderate. RDANGELO Apr 2019 #79
Yes, why Hillary supporters are more likely to go for Joe. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #255
It has little to do with him running against her radical noodle Apr 2019 #75
You nailed it! Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #182
Many MANY reasons, but not allowed to be posted. Amimnoch Apr 2019 #93
I don't think they're holding a grudge. lapucelle Apr 2019 #150
We didn't pick him the first time and now with even more choices we ain't gonna pick him now. UniteFightBack Apr 2019 #157
The rationale is he said he wouldn't play dirty in 2016.. he did. For 2020 he's hired attack dogs Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #181
That is not it. Many including me feel he did not support her properly in the general. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #205
Absolutely; "because he ran against her" doesn't even come close to describing the issue. LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #211
I am surprised that folks don't understand how horrifying the2016 general election was ... Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #212
I'm not, but getting into it is frowned upon LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #213
I said election not primary...the election of 16 was heartbreaking Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #223
Two things are different this time thesquanderer Apr 2019 #280
There won't be enough new voters to make up for the 4 million edge Hillary last time. pnwmom Apr 2019 #281
Post removed Post removed Apr 2019 #42
+∞ LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #48
I don't know, and I supported him in 2016 before switching to Hillary at the convention, The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #6
I totally agree. I voted Bernie in primary, then ended up with Hillary. Irishxs Apr 2019 #13
In my view the most intelligent candidate in the whole group is Warren, especailly in regard to her still_one Apr 2019 #19
I like Warren a lot, too. And I think she'd do much better in the general than Bernie would. pnwmom Apr 2019 #73
I agree. still_one Apr 2019 #77
There are many who are not that hung up on the past. dogman Apr 2019 #8
Why would a Hillary voter pick Bernie over one of the others? He's the same candidate pnwmom Apr 2019 #10
They might be sick of t-Rump and want to win. dogman Apr 2019 #15
That would be true in the general. But I don't know any Hillary supporters who think pnwmom Apr 2019 #20
I don't know any Hillary supporters at all, so I don't know what they think. dogman Apr 2019 #26
I know lots of Hillary (and Bernie) supporters, and I don't know a single Hillary supporter pnwmom Apr 2019 #37
There's this. dogman Apr 2019 #44
That's nothing but name recognition at this point. In 2015 very few people would have said pnwmom Apr 2019 #52
Yep, I'm so over the 2016 bickering, its a whole new ballgame now with a ton of good, progressive yaesu Apr 2019 #69
I think that's the point of the OP radical noodle Apr 2019 #78
I was a Hillary supporter True Blue American Apr 2019 #102
No... the past is so yesterday. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #59
Past is prologue. lapucelle Apr 2019 #195
Easy. He will appoint Briahna Joy Gray, David Sirota, and Nina Turner to high positions in his still_one Apr 2019 #9
Yep LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #51
I also believe Biden can win a general election still_one Apr 2019 #61
Those names hired by BS awesomerwb1 Apr 2019 #80
........................................................................................... still_one Apr 2019 #82
100% True Blue American Apr 2019 #103
Why should he? If he appeals to folks with his messaging, they'll vote for him. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2019 #11
Because he can't win the nomination without a MAJORITY of delegates. pnwmom Apr 2019 #12
Point being, I just don't think he cares. A brokered convention will winnow the field. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2019 #23
Holy Moses! The return of the fabled "BROKERED CONVENTION" Maru Kitteh Apr 2019 #89
I mean I think it's a real possibility this time qazplm135 Apr 2019 #132
Well, golly, how did an electorate which voted for Barack Obama jberryhill Apr 2019 #14
Do you personally know any Hillary voters who are supporting Bernie now? pnwmom Apr 2019 #16
This may come as a shock jberryhill Apr 2019 #21
There's one on this board. But, there are Cha Apr 2019 #22
Wouldn't be me. calimary Apr 2019 #198
A huge factor was the economic collapse that occurred. That helped President Obama tremendously. still_one Apr 2019 #28
From what I've seen on Twitter Cha Apr 2019 #17
You can plug in any of the candidates names Voltaire2 Apr 2019 #32
Riiiiiiight... that's why Bernie leads in the polls among all the declared candidates. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #64
If sanders is the nominee, trump wins Gothmog Apr 2019 #274
I trust the voters... who trust Bernie!! Eventually, you'll realize you're wrong about Bernie... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #276
How can sanders get the nomination without African American voters? Gothmog Apr 2019 #277
You seem concerned. aidbo Apr 2019 #31
We all are "concerned" about getting Cha Apr 2019 #34
Totally agree. democratisphere Apr 2019 #43
And I don't know it's ... cannabis_flower Apr 2019 #46
Yes, I am. I think a brokered convention is a large possibility, and that will greatly reduce pnwmom Apr 2019 #39
I totally agree that a broakered could nvention will be the death of D win. Social media will Ninga Apr 2019 #256
More like SCARED...not sure why. Bernie's progressive agenda is extremely popular with likely voters InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #62
He doesn't stand out as progressive anymore. Not against people like Elizabeth. pnwmom Apr 2019 #74
Why mischaracterize Bernie's message? You know full well he doesn't label himself a "socialist"... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #91
Democratic socialists are still socialists. You are thinking of "social democrats," like the pnwmom Apr 2019 #108
Nope, BIG difference... please stop mislabeling Bernie, you're being disrespectful to him. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #112
I'm not mislabeling him. You are. Democratic socialists ARE socialists, pnwmom Apr 2019 #114
You might want to follow Obama's advice and stop with the circular firing squad... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #116
Bernie's already filed to run as an Independent for the Senate in 2024. pnwmom Apr 2019 #117
Yup, change the subject... I don't blame ya. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #119
Right. When tens of millions of Hillary supporters decide he's a better candidate pnwmom Apr 2019 #120
Hillary isn't running Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #131
She ran in 2016, in case you didn't notice. And the people who chose her over him, pnwmom Apr 2019 #134
that's not changing the subject! It points out the fact that he does not see himself as a dem Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #184
Obama was talking about attacks on Biden by a 2016 Sanders supporter Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #206
Labels over substance for 100, Alex Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #126
Right. That's exactly what Bernie is doing when he insists on the socialist pnwmom Apr 2019 #147
Democratic socialism is heavily regulated capitalism Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #125
I suppose you can make up your own definition for words, comradebillyboy Apr 2019 #143
Not according to the Democratic Socialists of America. pnwmom Apr 2019 #146
No it is not. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #207
Thanks pnwmom. I get so tired of people telling me better social services comradebillyboy Apr 2019 #140
Polls show Bernie Sanders' popularity among all voters is plummeting Gothmog Apr 2019 #236
in a very crowded primary, bernie can win the nomination AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #33
How? What makes you think he would win in a brokered convention with only 30% pnwmom Apr 2019 #36
Not only CAN Bernie win the nomination, but he WILL win it... the writing's on the wall. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #58
He had huge rallies in '16. Thousands and thousands of people who didn't vote lunamagica Apr 2019 #67
"Rallies are meaningless"... ohhh okayyyyy, whatever you say. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #118
I'll tell that to anyone. Crowds are miningless. Just ask President Romney lunamagica Apr 2019 #121
A lot of writing on walls is just graffiti. MineralMan Apr 2019 #95
He is not winning in New Hampshire. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #209
I think Biden puts an end to this plan. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #208
Not in the real world Gothmog Apr 2019 #264
surely they will AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #267
I will support the nominee Gothmog Apr 2019 #268
Simple Answer. democratisphere Apr 2019 #41
Everything right now is speculation. Let's cross that road when we come to it. YOHABLO Apr 2019 #50
I was a Hillary voter BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #53
Maybe not you, but many will jump on the "Bernie bandwagon" InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #60
... BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #65
But you were always a Sanders supporter. You can't talk for Hillary supporters lunamagica Apr 2019 #68
Why not. That seems to be what they are best at. NT WeekiWater Apr 2019 #128
Runaway with the nomination? Naaa Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #186
No or few Clinton voters will support sanders during the primaries Gothmog Apr 2019 #265
Agree. He will not be the nominee. apcalc Apr 2019 #129
Has he changed his party affiliation yet? dhol82 Apr 2019 #54
It's too early to be certain of much. A lot can happen. Jarqui Apr 2019 #66
Agree with every word! This needs to be said. R B Garr Apr 2019 #70
The same way they got millions of Hillary voters to vote for Obama. vsrazdem Apr 2019 #76
Obama didn't make Hillary lose BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #136
+++++++ comradebillyboy Apr 2019 #145
+1000 Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #187
LOL vsrazdem Apr 2019 #197
You might want to check your facts, and stop living in a fantasy world. vsrazdem Apr 2019 #199
+1 very good list treestar Apr 2019 #262
Too bad so many BS voters didn't vote for Hillary in the GE.. Cha Apr 2019 #81
Too bad so many Hillary voters didn't for for Obama in the GE vsrazdem Apr 2019 #200
That has nothing to do with the Cha Apr 2019 #224
The implication is that Bernie voters cost Hillary the election, which is untrue. vsrazdem Apr 2019 #225
Jill Stein is now officially the Ralph Nader of 2016. Cha Apr 2019 #238
With slogans. betsuni Apr 2019 #83
Same way any other candidate would have to quakerboy Apr 2019 #84
Here's the difference: pnwmom Apr 2019 #85
Then you have no worries quakerboy Apr 2019 #87
My concern is that it will be like last time. pnwmom Apr 2019 #88
Since that didnt actually happen last time quakerboy Apr 2019 #244
Actually, it did. There were protesters at the convention, who had arrived there pnwmom Apr 2019 #245
Except it didnt quakerboy Apr 2019 #246
Hillary would have lost fewer Democrats if some of them hadn't walked away after the convention. pnwmom Apr 2019 #247
I doubt even one was lost after the convention quakerboy Apr 2019 #269
Then why did Bernie campaign for Hillary at all if he didn't think it would make a difference? pnwmom Apr 2019 #270
He can't. There's a huge difference between those who Hortensis Apr 2019 #86
Same as it ever was. Picking up enough support from others as they drop out Tom Rinaldo Apr 2019 #94
Thanks for your posting, Tom! RobertDevereaux Apr 2019 #99
With all the qualified candidates out there he's going to have a difficult time... George II Apr 2019 #96
He REALLY should not have left the Democratic Party after 2016...but he did Baltimike Apr 2019 #98
He joined the party again Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #110
He did? When? nt Baltimike Apr 2019 #122
March 5th Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #123
But he ran as a Democrat for the Senate and then changed back after he won... Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #210
It really does feel like he was 'kicking us when we were down" when he left in 2016. nt Baltimike Apr 2019 #248
Yes. I will never get over the 16 election and hope we can stop fascist Trump. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #266
It's now convenient for him Cha Apr 2019 #242
It's about the policy Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #100
I don't know that he does think that, and he certainly won't. KPN Apr 2019 #101
Do you think winning the nomination is his goal? MH1 Apr 2019 #104
+1 LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #105
Yet he is Miles Ahead of every other declared candidate Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #111
If he gets the nomination, I'll work to see that he wins. But, I'll do everything I can to prevent LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #113
I'll vote for the nominee in the general election. It won't be Sanders. nt MH1 Apr 2019 #115
Miles ahead? apcalc Apr 2019 #127
he isn't miles ahead, And an undeclared is ahead of him JI7 Apr 2019 #135
Hopefully better than his supporters did in 2016. namahage Apr 2019 #204
He's the frontrunner Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #133
Sorry, no he's not. revmclaren Apr 2019 #137
Attend one of his events, and roody Apr 2019 #106
This was the argument last time, but his events never translated into votes. LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #109
His events were covered on TV. Most of us don't need to see any more of them. pnwmom Apr 2019 #152
In this primary, how many are planning to vote for Hillary? Nt hughee99 Apr 2019 #107
Good question melman Apr 2019 #138
The real question is how many of Hillary primary voters will switch to Bernie, allowing him pnwmom Apr 2019 #177
I didn't think he would win last time, and I don't think he'll win this time. hughee99 Apr 2019 #189
The problem is that last time he led his followers to think he was going to win pnwmom Apr 2019 #190
His supporters thought they were getting robbed long before the convention, and hughee99 Apr 2019 #191
He doesn't really need to win over Hillary voters in the primary. Ace Rothstein Apr 2019 #130
Wrong. He can't win with just the plurality he got last time. It wasn't enough then pnwmom Apr 2019 #158
If Bernie has the highest delegate count then he should get the nomination. Ace Rothstein Apr 2019 #159
That's not how it works. It won't go to someone who only has 30 or 40% of the delegates pnwmom Apr 2019 #160
"actual Democrats" melman Apr 2019 #167
Actual Democrats don't file as Independents for the Senate in 2024 at the same time pnwmom Apr 2019 #171
But you weren't referring to him melman Apr 2019 #185
Thx.. so true Thekaspervote Apr 2019 #188
That would ensure a Trump victory and tear the party apart. Ace Rothstein Apr 2019 #192
It's looking like a likely possibility. That's why I was grateful that Hillary wasn't running again pnwmom Apr 2019 #193
You keep confusing delegates with voters FBaggins Apr 2019 #202
This is why Superdelegates are necessary LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #214
They certainly helped Clinton lock things up early last time around FBaggins Apr 2019 #215
Not going to get lured into "re-fighting the primary" LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #219
I have no intention of re-fighting anything FBaggins Apr 2019 #222
There is no reason to think that Bernie will. nt pnwmom Apr 2019 #229
I don't think he will either FBaggins Apr 2019 #232
I can't stand Bernie! leftieNanner Apr 2019 #153
This is likely his last chance at the WH, i am sure he will run 3rd party if he doesnt get D Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #226
Well that would suck! leftieNanner Apr 2019 #227
Oh yeah, I am not wrong. Sadly. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #228
A few points TheFarseer Apr 2019 #156
Now he's got a ton of name recognition, and voters have already made up their minds about him, pnwmom Apr 2019 #161
If you said TheFarseer Apr 2019 #179
Some of Bernie voters just didn't like Hillary. There's no telling who they might vote for, pnwmom Apr 2019 #180
Some just didn't like Hillary TheFarseer Apr 2019 #196
If he's the nominee, I will support him... cynatnite Apr 2019 #174
The OP was about the primaries, not the general. n/t pnwmom Apr 2019 #175
I was trying to be polite. :) n/t cynatnite Apr 2019 #178
Does anyone have data that shows how many people Bernie is attracting? Politicub Apr 2019 #203
I agree. The short answer is...no they won't vote for him. Apple Fritter Apr 2019 #216
Polls show Bernie Sanders' popularity among all voters is plummeting Gothmog Apr 2019 #237
There are a large number of real democrats who will not support sanders for that reason Gothmog Apr 2019 #217
k and r nt Stuart G Apr 2019 #231
If we end up with a trump-Sanders election, Bernie will get my vote. Paladin Apr 2019 #235
The Russian effort to target Bernie Sanders supporters in 2016 was more than previously known Gothmog Apr 2019 #240
The Russian push for BS won't be anywhere near as successful this time. SFnomad Apr 2019 #243
i kind of felt yelled at by him during the last election.... samnsara Apr 2019 #249
He won't win PA in the general against Trump and ebbie15644 Apr 2019 #258
Bernie pamdb Apr 2019 #260
a lot of people voted for her due to perceived electablity KayF Apr 2019 #271
From the Hoarse Whisperer Gothmog Apr 2019 #272
Washingont Post-Can Bernie Sanders really win over Trump voters? Gothmog Apr 2019 #275
He won't NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #292
I doubt that sanders will convert many Clinton voters due to stunts like this Gothmog Apr 2019 #293
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