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Hometown: Midwest
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Dec 6, 2020, 01:25 PM
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Please post more parodies of Trump never surrender.

My daughter lives in a1 horse town and at the only store in town the guy is selling never surrender t shirts. Him and I have an ongoing thing with politics. I want to to inundate him with other t shirt ideas. Everything I Google takes me to tfg's bullshit sites.

I wonder if anyone else loves Playing for Change as much as I do.


July 4th

Re the radical right wing court decisions this week:
The English are not looking so bad right now.

I've been reading James Nestor's book, Deep.

I am in love with the part where he is diving with humpback whales. The guy he dives with was trying to decode the language and better understand echo location. Have there been more studies, or can anyone recommend more books like this? There was a blind man he met who could paint a picture in his mind about his surroundings by making clicking sounds. I knew cane travel kind of worked like that but this was much more detailed.

Nebraska senator Megan Hunt introduces Bill to ban vacation bible camps.

I'm so proud. I live in NE and didn't know about her. Well, I'm not proud of not knowing about her, but proud she is in our legislature fighting the good fight!

How do I post a picture or a web site on DU?

forgotten lessons

My Grandparents raised 3 boys on a farm in rural Nebraska. Grandma's heart broke the day all three of her boys said they were going to go fight in WWII. Pearl Harbor had just been attacked and there was nothing a mother could do to keep her boys from leaving. As luck had it, they all made it back. If you have grown up in a home where a parent was on active duty, then you know the war doesn't stop when the soldiers come home. All three boy's lives were forever awash in a river of alcoholism. And every Memorial day that came around, my dad was there to commemorate the friends he lost and the bad memories that never went away. I was there too because the whole family made a day of it. We were taught from a very early age that our American democracy was precious. Fascism was not funny. Maybe when you watched Hogan's Heroes it was funny, but fascism was not something to be flirted with. And here we are in an America where half the country seems to have forgotten that horrible lesson. Please, don't be fooled by the rhetoric of people who never served, like Donald Trump and his entourage. They have no game plan for what to do after they destroy democracy. They are spoiled and greedy and only care about power. And Putin and his entourage smile and quietly plan their next move.

Letter to the editor sent to Lincoln Journal Star
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